MT: August 19-25, 2002

VOLUME: 56 / ISSUE: 1,694 / Monday – August 19, 2002
Criss Angel to attempt escape from water torture cell after record breaking twenty-four hour under water submersion. “I’ll leave the water torture cell in one of two ways. Either on my own or in a body bag,” Criss Angel commented to MagicTimes as he took a break from his grueling schedule to talk about his upcoming 24-hour televised stunt and other impending projects. Angel has gone from strength to strength and now stands poised to make his bid for the next strata of international recognition. His live show, “Mindfreak” has progressed from a three month limited engagement at The World, in the heart of New York’s Times Square to an extended run through January 6th, 2003 that will take Mindfreak beyond 600 performances and one year on Broadway. …Go to full story.(8/19)

Jon LeClair’s “World Magic” show is reviewed in the Sun Herald where they report that “…cramming geography, history, and language lessons while doing rope tricks and practicing the ancient art of alchemy: that’s Jon LeClair’s forte.” To read the Aug. 18 article by Anu Varma titled “Magic at the Library” click: HERE.(8/19)

“Illusion 2002, Montreal Festival of Magic” which takes place on Aug. 30-31 is in a Montreal Gazette article that speaks to Patrice Meunier about magic, Canadian magicians and the festival. Also mentioned in the article are” Patrick Reymond and Guillaume Charron. To read the Aug. 17 article by Anne Sutherland titled “Village conjures a magic festival” click: HERE.(8/19)

Houdini biographies for children to read are mentioned in a Manhattan Mercury article that also gives a brief Houdini bio. To read the Aug. 18 article by Jennifer Bergen titled “‘Houdini’ and other bios” click: HERE.(8/19)

A photo of David Blaine frozen in ice appears in the Aug. 18 issue of the New York Post as part of Beth Piskora’s article “Shielding Your Money From IRS.” To view the photo click: HERE.(8/19)
VOLUME: 56 / ISSUE: 1,695 / Tuesday – August 20, 2002
The special August 26, double issue of the U.S. News & World Report magazine is themed “The Art of Hoaxes” and features many articles of interest to magicians. The two that stand out are the one about “The Turk” automaton that played chess and the article about James Randi. The James Randi portrait points out that “Randi has devoted the past 20 years to helping people. Of course, Randi’s idea of ‘helping’ is to fiercely debunk modern-day fairy tales.” Carl Sagan’s widow, Ann Druyan, said that “Randi is one of the very, very few left willing to stand up and challenge the not-very-well-thought-out but well-accepted assumptions of society.” In the article Randi takes shots at the “Quackery” of chiropractors, magnetic shoes, talking to the dead, and much more. Randi also pointed out that “…as often as he succeeds, he admits he may not be making a big dent in the overall level of hokum.” Magicians mentioned in the articles include: Michael Edwards, John Gaughan, Mike Caveney and Uri Geller.(8/20)
–To read the “Schooled not to be fooled” article by Kim Clark click: HERE.
–To read the “In 1770, a robot was king of chess” article by Nell Boyce click: HERE.
–To see the index to all the Hoax articles click: HERE.(8/20)

A visit to Caesars Magical Empire and a description of what to expect is described in a Las Vegas Review-Journal article that concludes, “…for families with older children — or adults in the mood to feel like one — it remains one of the best-kept secrets on the Strip.” To read the Aug. 16 article by Mike Weatherford titled “Caesars Magical Empire survives rocky upbringing” click: HERE.(8/20)

The “Melinda, The First Lady of Magic” show at the Venetian in Las Vegas is scheduled to close on Sunday Sep. 8 after a long and successful run.(8/20)

Jeremiah Hale who is billed as “Jeremiah the Juggling Magician” and will be performing at the Colorado State Fair is featured in The Pueblo Chieftain. To read the Aug. 19 article by Patrick Malone titled “By hard work, Jeremiah’s magic gains exposure” click: HERE.(8/20)

Award winners at the recent Abbott’s Get-Together Chris Capehart who won the Senator Crandall Award for Comedy and Devlin who won the Jack Gwynn Excellence in Presentation Award. (Photo: George Schindler).(8/20)
VOLUME: 56 / ISSUE: 1,696 / Wednesday – August 21, 2002
Magic TV is a weekly magic show produced by New York magicians Igor and Danny T. for Manhattan Cable (Public Access). It debuted on Jul. 22 and continues to air every Monday at 9:30pm. The show features local magicians, but what makes this different is that several times a month they hold live tapings where anyone who can do as little as a single effect or gag is welcomed and videotaped. The footage is then edited into a cohesive program. The crew also taped spots with many magicians during the Society of American Magician’s 100 Anniversary Convention in July. Currently the show is only available in Manhattan, NY on Time Warner channel 57 and RCN channel 109. The next tapings will take place on Sep. 8, 15 and 22 at the COZ Bar & Lounge (511 E 6th St). For more information click: HERE.(8/21)

Criss Angel’s upcoming stunt is mentioned in a New York Post article that reported, “Criss Angel, who has been amazing crowds at his “Mindfreak” show at The World in Times Square, is staging his biggest stunt yet there on Aug. 26.” To read the Aug. 20, Page Six news item captioned “Magic Menace” click: HERE.(8/21)

Criss Angel’s Submerged is in a Press Release from his sponsors who point out that, “Online casino seems to have a knack for backing winners.  They have sponsored several champion boxers over the past year including the Undisputed Middleweight Champion Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins.  Now they will be sponsoring illusionist Criss Angel’s attempt to beat history’s greatest escape artist at his own game.” To read the Aug. 20 Presswire titled “Renowned Illusionist to Risk Life in Water Torture Chamber” click: HERE.(8/21)

Majinx perform at the Canadian National Exhibition (Lakeshore Blvd.) in Toronto on Aug. 24-Sep. 2. Showtimes are daily at 2pm and 6:30pm. For more information phone: 416-263-3607.(8/21)
VOLUME: 56 / ISSUE: 1,697 / Thursday – August 22, 2002
Marc Salem’s show, Mind Games, is said to verge on the supernatural in a Guardian article that also points out that, “The tubby, sardonic professor assures me that nothing he does on stage is ‘supernatural, or occult’.” A further observation by the writer points out that, “Salem is both proud of his skills and strangely diffident. He maintains that much of what he does can be learned, and that other people have the same talents. ‘There are doctors who shake your hand and know what’s wrong with you,’ he enthuses.” The article also gives good biography of Salem both before and after he decided to put together his show. Salem’s show continues its run at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh through Aug. 26. To read the Aug. 21 article by Gareth McLean titled “He knows, you know” click: HERE.(8/22)

The Abracadabra show at the Cincinnati Playhouse and the special events surrounding it are reported in a Cincinnati Post article that mentions magicians: Pat Hazell, Hobson, Goldfinger & Dove, Greg Frewin, Tom Frank, Jason the Great, Ron Lawson, Robert O’Brien, Sean Owens, and Ryan Siebert. To read the Aug. 20 article titled “Magical night at Playhouse” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(8/22)

Fiberglass cows depicting Siegfried & Roy and titled “Moogicians of the Century” will be part of the CowParade Las Vegas 2002. An article in the Las Vegas Sun reported, “Their specially made bovines will be costumed like the magicians doing part of their show.” To read the Aug. 21 article by Desiree Hunter titled “Fiberglass cows come a ‘callin in Las Vegas” click: HERE.(8/22)

VOLUME: 56 / ISSUE: 1,698 / Friday – August 23, 2002
Tony Shelley who is a past national president of the International Brotherhood Of Magicians is profiled in the Express and Star which reported that “He’s been a magician for more than 40 years, joining Wolverhampton’s Circle of Magicians at 17. Now 64, he has been in it ever since.” Recapping some of the highlights of his career the article explained that, “Tony Shelley may never have become quite such a big name as Paul Daniels, but in magical circles he rose higher than most. Back in 1969, he won the International Brotherhood of Magicians’ British ring shield, which put him well and truly on the ladder. …During the 1970s and 1980s, he appeared on variety shows at the London Palladium, the Raimund Theatre in Vienna, and the Theatre de Champs Elysees in Paris among others.” To read the Aug. 22 article by Rob Davies titled “Magic man with a license to thrill” click: HERE.(8/23)

“It’s Magic! Under the Stars” starring Gregory & Kristi Gleason, Chuck Jones & Co., Goldfinger & Dove, Jay Scott Berry, Willie Tyler & Lester, and Nick Lewin takes place on Saturday Aug. 24 at 8pm at the John Anson Ford Amphitheater (2580 Cahuenga Boulevard) in Los Angeles, CA. Tickets are $25-$30 per person and are available by phoning: 323-461-3673.(8/23)

Jeff McBride’s show is described in a Santa Cruz Sentinel article as, “This Las Vegas-based magician combines illusion, martial arts, kabuki, costuming, shamanism–and a lot of fire–in his techno-tribal magic shows.” McBride will present his Firedance Trance-Formance show on Friday Aug. 23 at the Vets Hall (846 Front St.) in Santa Cruz, CA. To read the Aug. 22 article titled “Magician taps into myth, technology of performance” click: HERE.(8/23)

Criss Angel is called the “New David Blaine” in a GQ Magazine UK article that also gives many of the details to his upcoming exploit. To read the Aug. 21 article titled “The New David Blaine” click: HERE.(8/23)

Greg Wilson, Mike Caveny, Tina Lennart, and Johnny Ace Palmer are among the performers featured in the annual Big Bear show on Aug. 24-25 at the Performing Arts Center in Big Bear Lake, CA. For more information and tickets phone: 909-866-4970.(8/23)
VOLUME: 56 / ISSUE: 1,699 / Saturday – August 24, 2002
Dirk Arthur who stars in his own show, “The New Art of Magic,” at the Silverton Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas is profiled in a Las Vegas Review-Journal article. The show is said to be “Arthur’s first self-produced star vehicle.” Asked what makes his show standout among the many other magic shows in Las Vegas? Arthur said, “The thing that sets my show apart, I always try to invent original tricks…Most of the show is original tricks or my original variations of other tricks.” He also pointed out that, “the presentation is superfast. It’s basically all magic. One illusion, one trick right after the other.” Also the show does not contain any of the standard fare, “no dance numbers, no filler or anything like that.” To read the Aug. 23 article by Mike Weatherford titled “Animal House” click: HERE.(8/24)

Criss Angel “acknowledges being worried” about his Submerged stunt next week. A Newsday article quotes him, “What ultimately could happen… is death.” To read the Aug. 23 article by Robert Kahn titled “Tricks Up His Sleeve” click: HERE.(8/24)

Criss Angel in a article about his upcoming Submerged. The article describes the event, “With his arms and legs secured in shackles, Angel will remain in the water chamber without eating, sleeping, or going to the bathroom.” To read the Aug. 23 article by James Sims click: HERE.(8/24)

The Amazing Johnathan in a Las Vegas Review-Journal article that reported that due to popular demand he “will continue performing regularly at the Golden Nugget Theatre Ballroom, 129 Fremont St., throughout the remainder of the year.” To read the Aug. 23 article titled “Amazing Johnathan continues to perform at Golden Nugget” click: HERE.(8/24)

Paul Royter who performs as a hypnotist is featured in a Bermuda Sun article that asked about how he became a hypnotist after his career as a magician, “I became impressed with hypnosis after witnessing the Great Australian hypnotist Peter Reveen and patterned my original shows around him until I eventually developed my own style. Having years of experience as a professional magician helped me to develop the ability to perform hypnosis.” To read the Aug. 23 article by Laura Bell titled “Hilarious hypnosis” click: HERE.(8/24)

Michael Chaut, Chris McDaniel, and Peter Samelson headline at Monday Night Magic on Aug. 26 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(8/24)

CALIFORNIA: The “San Francisco Conjurors 6th Annual Stage Magic Competition” will be held on Friday Aug. 30 at 7:30pm at the James Lick School Auditorium (1220 Noe St.) in San Francisco. Competitors include: Dan Chan, Chin-Chin, Henry Cocachvilla, Fitzpatrick & Vanessa, Allen Gittelson, Alex Gonzales, David Hirata, Imaginque, Gerald Joseph, David Lowenstein, Peter Morrison, Richard Myer, Safire, Shadowman, Great Sparacino, and Calvin Yee. The show will be emceed by Jay Alexander and will feature the 2001 winner Brett Schneider. For more information phone the Misdirections Magic Shop at: 415-566-2180.(8/24)
VOLUME: 56 / ISSUE: 1,700 / Sunday – August 25, 2002
Eric DeCamps and David Roth are featured as the best “Professional Magicians” in Manhattan in the August issue of Quest magazine. “The Essentials of Manhattan” issue tries to name the best in each of the various categories available in New York City. DeCamps is said to “create magic that establishes both a physical and emotional connection with the audience.” Roth is described as, “a professional magician for over 30 years [who] has performed throughout the world at major corporate events and private parties.” They are said to be two of Alan Greenberg’s favorite magicians. Benjamin Levy is listed under the category of best in “Music and Entertainment” and is described as “His act involves sleight-of-hand magic, mind reading, and pick-pocketing, and a finale in which he recalls the names of all the guests in attendance.”(8/25)

Jewel Aich who did a benefit to raise money for “Shawon, who had been diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML)” is featured in a Daily Star News article that describes some of his routines. To read the Aug. 24 article by Harun ur Rashid titled “Magician Jewel Aich holds charity show for Shawon’s treatment” click: HERE.(8/25)

Geoffrey Durham who will be appearing at the Harrogate Theatre on Friday Aug. 30 is in a Leeds News article that pointed out that the last time he was to perform there the show was cancelled “because the ceiling fell in!” To read the Aug. 24 article by Howard Williamson titled “Theatre audience won’t miss a trick” click: HERE.(8/25)

Larry Wilson & Co., Chef Anton, Gregory Gleason, Michael Grandinetti, David Avadon, David Zirbel, and Jim Skaggs appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Aug. 26-Sep. 1.(8/25)
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