MT: November 2-8, 1998

VOLUME: 11 / ISSUE: 308 / Monday – November 2, 1998
Do you know anything about Chinese vaudeville magician Long Tak Sam? His great granddaughter is an independent filmmaker and wants to supplement the footage from his 1927 world tour into a film about his life. If you have any helpful information you may e-mail Ann Marie Fleming at:

Mark Haslam, John George, Peter Tappan, Bob Jardine, Chris Mitchell, The Wilsons, and Tom Ogden appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Nov. 2-8. Peter Tappan lectures on Sunday Nov. 8.(11/2)

Marcelo Contento, Steve Kradolfer, Jay McMahon, David Oliver, and Jon Stetson appear in “Magicians & Spirits” at The Green Street Grill in Cambridge, MA on Tuesday Nov. 3. Show starts at 10pm, bar magic at 9pm. All seats $10. For more info phone: 617-876-1655.(11/2)

Special-effects pioneer and magician Georges Melies on the “Special Effects: Titanic and Beyond” episode “NOVA” on Tuesday Nov. 3 at 8pm, Thursday Nov. 5 at 12am and Saturday Nov. 7 at 5am ET on PBS-TV (US). These dates and times are for New York, check local PBS stations for dates and times in your area.(11/2)

Comic magicians Pavlovcs & Friends on the “Oak Ridge Boys Live from Las Vegas” on Tuesday, Nov. 3 at 8pm and Wednesday Nov. 4 at 2am ET on TNN-TV (US-cable).(11/2)
VOLUME: 11 / ISSUE: 309 / Tuesday – November 3, 1998
The Oct. 22 issue of The Boston Globe’s “Calendar” magazine had a three page cover-story on “Hocus Pocus around the Hub (Boston).” It featured at The Green Street Grill, Hank Lee’s Magic Factory, Ray Goulet’s Magic Museum, Le Grand David, the local SYM, SAM, IBM, and upcoming magic shows and events including the Magic on Amtrak promotion. A day earlier The Cambridge Chronicle did a two-page cover-story on the “Magicians & Spirits” show titled “Some Enchanted Evening.”(11/3)

Penn & Teller’s November appearances are: Centennial Hall in Tucson, AZ on Nov. 4, Scottsdale Center for the Arts in Scottsdale, AZ on Nov. 5-7 and Bally’s Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV on Nov. 12-18.(11/3)

Seth Kramer and Danny Orleans will be performing at the Embedded Systems Conference, representing businesses at a trade show attended by Information Technology Officers of companies interested in building customized computers on Nov. 3-5 in San Jose, CA.(11/3)

“The Mad Magician” a 1954 Black & White movie starring Vincent Price as a magician on Wednesday Nov. 4 at 1pm ET on AMC-TV (US-cable).(11/3)

A magic themed episode of “Quantum Leap” titled, “The Great Spontini — May 9, 1974” airs on Wednesday Nov. 4 at 6pm ET on SCIFI-TV (US-cable).(11/3)

A magic themed episode of “Touched by an Angel” on Wednesday Nov. 4 at 8pm on PXN-TV (US).(11/3)

A magician tries to keep a man away from his daughter on the “Love Boat” on Wednesday Nov. 4 at 10am and 7pm ET on NOST-TV (US).(11/3)
VOLUME: 11 / ISSUE: 310 / Wednesday – November 4, 1998
David Oliver, Jon Stetson, Peter Samelson, Michael Chaut, Rich Marotta, Steve Bedwell and Jeff Moche performed on Friday Oct. 30 on Amtrak’s “Twilight Shoreliner” to conclude the month long “Amazing Things Are Happening On Amtrak” promotion. During the ride Robin Leach was involved in a multiple prediction and Eric Mead performed a Houdini Seance, also on board were Houdini artifacts from the Roger Dryer collection.(11/4)

Dan Witkowski featured in an article by Amy McRary about his Halloween book. Article also gives lots of advice on how to seemingly haunt a house. To read the Oct. 30, San Jose Mercury News article click: HERE.(11/4)
VOLUME: 11 / ISSUE: 311 / Thursday – November 5, 1998
John Booth is the guest of honor at the Yankee Gathering VII held in Salem, MA. The event is held by The New England Magic Collectors Association every two years and is produced by Ann and Ray Goulet. Close to 200 invited guests will attend the Nov. 5-7 festivities which include, a banquet, a flea market, auction, exhibits, dealers, shows and many fascinating lectures.(11/5)

Jack Carpenter, Mike Gallo, Joshua Jay, Gary Kurtz, and Mike Powers booked for John Luka’s 2nd Motor City Close-Up Conference on Nov. 6-7 at the Ramada Inn of Taylor, MI (734-283-2200). Registration is $65.00 in advance, $70.00 at the door. For more info. Phone: 734-467-0165, e-mail:, or visit their website by clicking: HERE.(11/5)

The Amazing Randi tests the claims of mind readers, fortunetellers and faith healers on “Secrets of the Super Psychics” on Thursday Nov. 5 at 10pm, Friday Nov. 6 at 1am, and Sunday Nov. 8 at 1pm ET on TLC-TV (US-cable).(11/5)

Valentino on “Howie Mandel” on Friday Nov. 6 at 3pm ET on CBS-TV (US). This show is syndicated and may appear at different times and stations depending on where you live.(11/5)
VOLUME: 11 / ISSUE: 312 / Friday – November 6, 1998
The Great Houdini is a new play by Stacy D. Tanner, executive producer and story by Alan L. London, directed by Jerry Vasilatos, music by Mark Galliher, and production designer Katherine Bulovic. It is scheduled to open on Feb. 25 and will run through Apr. 4 1999. Produced by the London Theater Works and held at the Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood, CA. For more info phone 323-465-4446 or visit their website by clicking HERE.(11/6)

Bob Friedhoffer is presenting his live show/lecture “Magic Tricks – Science Facts” at Hunter College (East 68th Street and Lexington Avenue) in New York City on Saturday Nov. 7 at 1pm. The performance is open anyone over the age of six. To reserve tickets phone: 212 650 3850.(11/6)
VOLUME: 11 / ISSUE: 313 / Saturday – November 7, 1998
“Merlin: The Magic Begins” is the movie which is supposed to launch a new series starring Jason Connery (Sean Connery’s son), and Deborah Moore (Roger Moore’s daughter). It airs on Sunday Nov. 8 at 2pm ET on ABC-TV (US).(11/7)

French Stewart, Katherine Stewart, Carmen Electra, Richard Grieco, Frank Gorshin, Clarence Clemons, Diamond Rio, Mach Five, Katzen, and Brad Cummings. appear on “Penn and Teller’s Sin City Spectacular” on Sunday Nov. 8 at 10pm and Monday Nov. 9 at 9pm ET on FX-TV (US-cable).(11/7)

The classic 1953 Houdini movie starring Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh airs on Sunday Nov. 8 at 8am ET on MAX-TV (US-cable).(11/7)
VOLUME: 11 / ISSUE: 314 / Sunday – November 8, 1998
The Singers Midgets, Ben Hur, Otis Skinner and Rebecca lithographs, all are Strohbridge three-sheeters, were stolen from the Magic Castle premises. They were taken out of frames that are not easy to dismantle. If anyone has information about this, contact Milt Larsen at 213-851-3443.(11/8)

Jeff Moche and Gerry McCambridge appear at Monday Night Magic on Nov. 9 in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: (212) 307-4100. (11/8)
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