MT: June 5-11, 2000

VOLUME: 30 / ISSUE: 889 / Monday – June 5, 2000 
Akron Magic Club members Paul Burdick, Bob Marquis, and Bob Rees are featured in an Akron Beacon Journal article. Magic is described as, “…a world where you don’t earn a degree or get certified or licensed. Secrets are a tool of the trade. Newcomers have to learn what they can by observing the pros, cozying up to magic store owners and reading as much as they can.” We also learn what these semi-pro magicians do outside of magic, how they got into magic and several rules on being a better magician. To read the Jun. 4 article by Carol Biliczky titled “Magicians know all the tricks of the trade: They amaze their friends, and a few even make some money” click: HERE.(6/5)

Penn & Teller are scheduled to appear on the Jay Thomas show on June 5 at 7:30am on 105-FM radio in New York.(6/5)

Billy McComb, Jody Baran & Kathleen, Rich Bloch, Ivan Amodei, Andrew Goldenhersh, Allan Hayden, and Jeanine Anderson appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Jun. 5-11. Allan Hayden lectures on Sunday Jun. 11.(6/5)

CALIFORNIA: Barrie Richardson lectures for the Misdirections Magic Shop at the Laurel School (350-9th Ave) in San Francisco on Thursday Jun. 8 at 7:30pm. For more information phone: 415-566-2180.(6/5)
VOLUME: 30 / ISSUE: 890 / Tuesday – June 6, 2000 
Rev. William Rauscher’s recent lecture, at the Parapsychology Foundation, based on his new book “The Houdini Code Mystery” was featured in the New York Times. The main point of the lecture and book was to discuss whether Houdini communicated a secret message to his wife after his death. As Linda Richardson pointed out in the article, “William Rauscher, a retired Episcopal priest and psychic researcher, did not keep the audience in suspense for long. He said that it was all a hoax and that the medium, Arthur Ford, had conspired with Houdini’s widow. Mr. Rauscher told the audience that he believed Mr. Ford did have psychic abilities, just not in this instance.” The funniest moment of the night was when a man asked Ruauscher why Houdini failed to communicate from the grave — Rauscher answered, “Because he was dead.” To read the Jun. 5 article titled “Gatherings Ponder Other Worlds” click: HERE. Note that you must join the NY Times website to read the article — subscription is free.(6/6)
–The story was also picked up in the Jun. 7 San Francisco Chronicle, click: HERE.(6/9)

The Operation Underground Video Series has just been announced by Reel Magic – they are planning on finding a group of relatively unknown performers with outstanding material and releasing their videos to the magic fraternity – helping launch their careers in magic. Performers will gain worldwide exposure and receive compensation for their services. Anyone who is interested in being a part of this series is requested to e-mail Tim Trono at: or Kevin King at:

Penn & Teller in New York City with a limited Broadway run at the Beacon Theater (Broadway at 74th St.) from Jun. 6-11. Tickets range from $29-52.50 and are available through the box office at: 212-496-7070 or ticket master at: 212-307-7171. For more information click: HERE.(6/6)
VOLUME: 30 / ISSUE: 891 / Wednesday – June 7, 2000 
The Phoenix Gathering organized by Alain Nu on June 1-4 received quite a bit of press in the Washington, DC area. Their public show titled “The Future of Magic and Wonder Show” drew more than 400 attendees which was an attendance record for an outside event at the Cedar Ridge Conference Center. Attending and performing at the event were Max Howard, Margaret Steele, John Tudor & Rebecque, Just Alan, Kevin Dunn, and Tanya Tilka. In describing his magic Nu said, “The magic I do is very deep …It’s designed for hardcore skeptics to enjoy and puzzle over. The beauty of what I do is that not only do they end up with the feeling that something impossible has happened, but also that they’ve been taken care of by me…”
–To read the May 31 story by Sara K. Taylor click: HERE.
–To read Jun. 2 Washington Post story by Eric Brace click: HERE.
–To read the Feb. 18 press release click: HERE.(6/7)

Melinda Saxe (Melinda: The First Lady of Magic) got married on Thursday Jun. 1 to Mark Evensvold. To read the Jun. 4 Las Vegas Sun story by Kate Maddox titled Saxe wedding is pure magic” click: HERE.(6/7)

Penn & Teller who began their eight show stint at the Beacon Theatre are featured in the New York Post. When Penn was asked about Siegfried & Roy he said,  “I love Siegfried and Roy – maybe not for the purest of reasons. I love them because they have no touch with reality; they have no idea how they’re seen…” To read the Jun. 6 article by Megan Turner titled “Don’t Call Penn & Teller Magicians” click: HERE.(6/7)

ILLINOIS: Max Maven lectures at Midwest Magic in Franklin Park on Saturday Jun. 10 at 7pm. Cost is $20 per person. For more information phone: 847-455-4288.(6/7)

VOLUME: 30 / ISSUE: 892 / Thursday – June 8, 2000 
KENTUCKY: Mark Mason gives his “Beyond The Imagination Lecture” on Saturday Jun. 10 for the KT Magic Guest Lecture Series. The lecture will be held at the Holiday Inn Cincinnati-Airport Conference Center (1717 Airport Exchange Blvd) in Erlanger. Cost is $10 per person and includes admittance to the KT Magic display of new and collectible magic. For more information phone: 606-689-7080 or e-mail:

Mio and Captain Arnold were among the 12 close-up magicians that were part of a “magical bus ride” which entertained BMC Software employees and their guests on the way to South Beach restaurants. To read the Jun. 1 Miami Herald article titled “Conventiongoers head on magical mystery tour” click: HERE.(6/8)
VOLUME: 30 / ISSUE: 893 / Friday – June 9, 2000 
PENNSYLVANIA: Bob Little’s Super Sunday on Sunday Jun. 11 will be dedicated to the memory of Doug Henning with his image displayed on the convention badges and on a special cake which will be shared by all. Acts booked for the event are Jay Scott Berry, Ron Frost, Scott Correll, Jay Madiolli, Cookie and the Krumbs, and Hank Moorehouse who will host the auction. Admission is a very low $25 per person for this 12-hour (10am-10pm), one-day convention held at The Warrington (Rt. 611, Warrington). Events include a lecture by Jay Scott Berry, auction hosted by Hank Moorehouse, free Champagne, cake, and homemade chocolate. For more information phone: 215-672-3344.(6/9)

Penn & Teller’s show is described in the New York Daily News as, “Penn and Teller continue to delight primarily by revealing the secrets of their trade while still startling us with their tricks. By deconstructing or exposing their sleight of hand, they seem to be mocking everything they do. But no sooner do they divulge the mechanics behind a particular maneuver than they perform a more elaborate version of the same trick — with astonishing results.” To read the Jun. 8 article by David Kaufman titled “They Magically Reappear Penn & Teller retain their power to amaze” click: HERE.(6/9)
VOLUME: 30 / ISSUE: 894 / Saturday – June 10, 2000 
Penn & Teller get a rave review in the New York Times which summarizes, “…while dazzling the eye and tickling the funny bone, Penn & Teller make clear that magic resides, too, in stimulating the mind with words and ideas. Time spent in their company is both entertaining and eloquent.” They are also described as, “…tricksters, conjurers, prestidigitators, illusionists or masters of legerdemain. To their credit, Penn & Teller have more on their inventive minds than unadulterated entertainment in this intelligent, highly diverting show, which runs through Sunday at the Beacon Theater.” To read the Jun. 9 review titled “Sharpening Their Wits and a Few Other Things” click: HERE. Note that you must join the NY Times website to read the article — subscription is free.(6/10)

Penn & Teller’s New York show is reviewed in the New York Post. The verdict was: “This is their first New York run in nine long years. Don’t miss them!” To read the Jun. 9 review by Chip Deffaa titled “The Wonder Boys” click: HERE.(6/10)

“Mind Over Magic Nothing up their sleeve, but Penn and Teller have a lot on the ball” is the title of a Penn & Teller article in the New York Daily News. Teller is quoted, “In magic, you’re constantly testing your own experience against what your senses are telling you… The theater asks you to suspend your disbelief. Do you know how much trouble Shakespeare goes to in ‘Hamlet’ to remind you you’re in a theater? But in magic, we want your disbelief to operate full-time.” To read the Jun. 6 article by Howard Kissel click: HERE.(6/10)
VOLUME: 30 / ISSUE: 895 / Sunday – June 11, 2000
The Magic section of  “Printed Books, Maps & Manuscripts” auction on May 23-24 in London generated around US$55,000 (based on a 1.65 exchange rate) before the buyers premium and VAT. The prices for the 26 lots ranged from US $116 for a collection of 19 pieces of ephemera (lot 802) to US $14,520 for a Chung Ling Soo lithograph (lot 805). Other notable items from the Bonhams Knightsbridge sale were: An inscribed Houdini postcard (#798-$1,073), a postcard with a “Harry Handcuff Houdini” portrait (#799-$5,940), a Chung Ling Soo lithograph (#803-$6,270), another Soo lithograph (#804-$5,940), a metal apparatus for vanishes and productions (#809-$3,630), A Jeu Descamotage magic set (#812-$3,135), a Physique magic set (#813-$1, 980), a Jean de la Vigne magic set (#814-$1,568), and a magic cane with a carved ivory head (#818-$2,640). We understand that two of the Soo posters went to Las Vegas and one to Washington, DC. For more information you can go there website by clicking: HERE. Sale number 28198, pages 79-81.(6/11)

Fred Anderson, R.J. Lewis, Jeff Moche, Todd Robbins, Alba, and Florian Klien appear at Monday Night Magic on Jun. 12 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(6/11)
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