MT: June 21-27, 1999

VOLUME: 18 / ISSUE: 539 / Monday – June 21, 1999
James Randi was interviewed about analyzing paranormal and supernatural claims on the June 3, ABC News special, “The Power Of Belief” hosted by John Stossel. Randi is still offering one million dollars “to any person who can provide evidence of any paranormal, occult or supernatural performance of any kind under proper observing conditions.” To read a transcript of this show click: HERE.(6/21)

ChaPeau (stage) and Gerry (close-up) were the contest winners at the first S.A.M. European Congress and International Convention sponsored by Assembly 187 in Eisenstadt, Austria on Jun. 3-6. More than 650 people attended.(6/21)

Jerry Andrus, George Tovar, T. C. Tahoe, Alfonso, Randy Pryor, Paul Driscoll, Ice McDonald, and Jim Kopperman appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Jun. 21-27. Jerry Andrus lectures on Sunday Jun. 27.(6/21)
VOLUME: 18 / ISSUE: 540 / Tuesday – June 22, 1999
Jenny Adams, Tobias Beckwith, Eugene Burger, D’Vora Cohen, Stan Davis, Kevin Dunn, Bob Fellows, Dan Harlan, Brad Henderson, Scott Hitchcock, Just Alan, Jeff McBride, M. Monique Miller, Robert E. Neale, Alain Nu, David Parr, Christopher Rigney, Jeremy Shawl, Abbi Spinner, Karen St. Pierre, Margaret Steele, and John Tudor scheduled to appear at Mystery School 1999 in Riverdale, NY on June 24-27. This will be the very last Mystery School. For more information visit their website by clicking: HERE.(6/22)

Walt Donohue (The Amazing Donohue) is scheduled to appear on “America’s Dumbest Criminals” TV Show. A television crew will be taping the segment on Jul. 2 in Nashville.(6/22)

ENGLAND: Anthony Owen will be lecturing for The Bristol Society of Magic on Thursday Jun. 24 at 8pm at the St. Michaels Church Hall, in Kingswood, Bristol.(6/22)

Inviting a magician is discussed in the “Budget Tea Party” episode of Party at Home on Thursday Jun. 24 at 1:30pm ET on HGTV (US-cable).(6/22)
VOLUME: 18 / ISSUE: 541 / Wednesday – June 23, 1999
Danny Orleans explains the need for magicians in tradeshows in the June 18 issue of Editor & Publisher Interactive, “From a distance, a lot of this equipment in the show looks alike. You get a magician in there, and you differentiate yourself.” To read the article titled “Gimmicks And Gimmes At NEXPO ’99” by Mark Fitzgerald and Lucia Moses click: HERE.(6/23)

Terri Rogers died on May 30 of pneumonia in a London Hospital. She was 64 years old. In addition to being an outstanding creator of magic effects and methods she was also an excellent, entertaining and hysterical Ventriloquist, which is what she earned a living with.(6/23)

David Copperfield spends a week performing at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV on Jun. 24-30.(6/23)

World’s Greatest Magic III with Bob Arno, Dirk Arthur, Nathan Burton, Brett Daniels, Michael Finney, Greg Frewin, Joseph Gabriel, Galina, Hans & Sittah, Guy Hollingworth, Peter Marvey, The Pendragon’s, Jean Piere Valerino, David Williamson, and Steve Wyrick reruns on Thursday Jun. 24 at 7pm ET on FAM-TV (US-cable).(6/23)
VOLUME: 18 / ISSUE: 542 / Thursday – June 24, 1999
Doug Henning performs at a fundraiser for the Transcendental Meditation’s Endowment Fund for Perpetual World Peace on Jun. 8 at the Hyatt in Newport Beach, CA. A description of the show appears in the Jun. 18-24 issue of the Orange County Weekly where Steve Lowery writes, “Henning was soon onstage and was very good, very funny. …the magic was very good: torn napkins and steel rings employed to show what a mess the world is in, his magic used to show what TM could produce. It was nice.” To read the article titled, “Vedaland! We finally discover the price of peace: It’s about a billion dollars” click: HERE.(6/24)

The Great Mystery Magic Show starring Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger, Alain Nu, Jenny Adams, Just Alan, and Brad Henderson takes place on Friday Jun. 25 at 8pm at College of Mount St. Vincent (6301 Riverdale Ave.) in Riverdale, NY. Tickets are $20 each and can be reserved by phoning: 212-304-1862 (10am-8pm). For more information click: HERE.(6/24)

Tom Mullica eats cigarettes on a rerun of “Penn and Teller’s Sin City Spectacular” episode #22 on Friday Jun. 25 at 10pm, Sunday Jun. 27 at 10pm and Saturday Jul. 3 at 7pm ET on FX-TV (US-cable).(6/24)
VOLUME: 18 / ISSUE: 543 / Friday – June 25, 1999
Tuxedoed magicians are needed for International Home Foods and Stern Hall Event Marketing’s second annual “Cook Up Some Magic With Your Kids” Campaign. Performers all over the U.S. are needed to perform in grocery stores on Thursday–Sunday, Sep. 23-Oct. 17. For more information contact Robbyn Esperance by Phone (888-347-2745), Mail (Stern Hall Event Marketing, P.O.Box 5580, Vacaville, CA 95696-5580), or by e-mail:

Penn & Teller perform at “A Night of a Hundred Stars” on Saturday, Jun. 26, 1999 at the Paramount Theatre Ballroom in Seattle, WA at 5pm. The evening is a fundraiser and will include an auction, dinner (by Wolfgang Puck), award presentations to Scott Hamilton and Steven Goldfarb and a performance by the 10,000 Maniacs. Ticket price packages range from $75 to $2,500. For more information phone: 206-382-4111 or click: HERE.(6/25)

ENGLAND: A special Alex Elmsley lecture and master class to be given at the Magic Circle (12 Stephenson Way, Euston, London, NW1 2HD, Tel: 0171-387-2222) on Saturday Jun. 26 at 11:30am. This will be the first time Elmsley has lectured in London in many years. Tickets can be purchased from the Centre for the Magic Arts for £25 each. Seating is limited to the first 120 magicians and all proceeds are being donated to The Magic Circle Appeal.(6/25)

David Acer lecture cancelled due to a broken finger.(6/26)
OHIO: David Acer lectures in Toledo on Monday Jun. 28 at 7:30pm at the Masonic Temple (Building 910 Phillips Ave.). For more information phone Michael Night at: 419-478-8781 or e-mail:
VOLUME: 18 / ISSUE: 544 / Saturday – June 26, 1999
Russell T. Barnhart who was a good friend of Ed Marlo, Mickey MacDougal, and was one of the members of the gang which tested Edward O. Thorp’s Blackjack counting system prior to it being published in the classic book Beat the Dealer has just finished his autobiography. The book which is titled, “My Life in Dens of Iniquity,” will be published by RGE Publishing (Arnold Snyder) and should be out by the end of this year. Barnhart has written and translated many books on gambling and cheating as well as countless articles in gambling trade journals. He has also written two booklets on magic which were published by Magic Inc. and has many magic effects published in Kaufman and Lorayne books and magazines.(6/26)

Siegfried & Roy have been selected as Hollywood Walk 2000 Inductees. They were approved by the board of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce on Jun. 10. To read the Associated Press report click: HERE.(6/26)

TEXAS: Michael Close will be doing his lecture/workshop on Sunday Jun. 27 at 1pm at Frankel’s Costume Co. (4815 Fannin, Houston). Cost is $25 at the door. For more information phone: 713-528-6036.(6/26)

A magic themed episode of the Flash titled “The Trickster” on Sunday Jun. 27 at 11am ET on SCIFI-TV (US-cable).(6/26)
VOLUME: 18 / ISSUE: 545 / Sunday – June 27, 1999
Anthony Hopkins has agreed to be the narrator for “Siegfried & Roy: The Magic Box” whose New York Premiere appears to have been rescheduled for Sep. 15 instead of the Jul. 29 date reported earlier. In addition to Hopkins there will be a 100-piece symphony orchestra, conducted by Alan Sylvestri, used for the score of the movie. To read about this in Army Archered’s Jun. 23 Variety column click: HERE.(6/27)

Eugene Burger, Jamy Ian Swiss, Chris McDaniel, Just Alan, Keith Boudreau, Frank Brents, and Simon Lovell appear at Monday Night Magic on Jun. 28 in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: (212) 307-4100.(6/27)

NEW YORK: Eugene Burger will be making his only New York lecture appearance on Tuesday Jun. 29 at 8pm at the Magic Shop (940 South Broadway in Hicksville, Long Island). For more information phone: 516-822-5074 and ask for Billy.(6/27)
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