MT: June 18-24, 2001

VOLUME: 42 / ISSUE: 1,267 / Monday – June 18, 2001
Jeff McBride appears in “Magic and Mystery,” his full evening show, at the Center For the Performing Arts in Rhinebeck, NY on Jun. 21-24. It will be his only New York area appearance and will feature many of his theatrical routines and some new pieces. There will also be a special magicians-only lecture given on Jun. 23 at 1pm at the theater. Tickets are $15-$20 per person and are available by phoning: 845-876-3080 or clicking: HERE.(6/18)

Joe Monti, Earl Nelson, Eric Buss, Michael Grandinetti, Enrico De La Vega, Jon Armstrong, Mike Wong and Alfonso at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Jun. 18-24.(6/18)

Steve Thomas’ show at Hernando Public Library is described in The Commercial Appeal as “The kids loved Thomas’s confusion over a banana and a bandanna and when he pulled yards of fake gum from his mouth in a gum-pulling contest.” To read the Jun. 16 article by Jennifer Biggs titled “Magician Delights Kids With His `Small Illusions'” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(6/18)

VIRGINIA: Mitch Williams will present his “The Art Of Magic” lecture on Jun. 21 for SAM Assembly 252 in Fairfax, VA. Lecture is free to members or $10 per person for non-members. For more information click: HERE.(6/18)
Meir Yedid directing Ron Wohl, John Mintz and Herb Zarrow during the taping of “Herb Zarrow On The Zarrow Shuffle” in Long Island, New York on March, 2001. (Photo: Joe Hernandez).(6/18)
VOLUME: 42 / ISSUE: 1,268 / Tuesday – June 19, 2001
Paul Daniels in a very interesting and funny interview in Scotland on Sunday where his frank opinions are questioned and dissected. The writer surmised, “He can be funny, entertaining, even kind. But he is so absolutely sure of himself, so completely pragmatic, that he can seem almost soulless. His working life is spent creating mystery and illusion. ‘When you go to see a magic show,’ he says, ‘you go to see a play about a person who can apparently do wonderful things.’ He fills his audience full of this wonder but he has none left for himself because he thinks he knows how every trick in the book works. He’s the magician who doesn’t believe in magic.” To read the Jun. 17 story by Catherine Deveney titled “The gospel according to Paul” click: HERE.(6/19)

Niels Sayers is profiled in an Orlando Sentinel article, which looks at how he became interested in magic, “My pediatrician was the owner of a magic store in Puerto Rico… I would pretend to get sick just to go see him and get to go to the [magic] store.” The article continues by listing many of his accomplishments and goals for his magic career. Sayers commented, “I’m not a singer or a dancer, but there are no Latin magicians, so why not me?” To read the Jun. 17 story by Jamie J. Anderson titled “His job is sheer magic with Spanish accent” click: HERE.(6/19)

The Amazing Jonathan’s new show at the Golden Nugget through Oct. 31 is the subject of a Las Vegas Review-Journal article, which looks at the new Vegas trend of having two different shows at each theater. Jonathan commented on having his show promoted all over the hotel, “To me that’s the thrill, seeing your face all over the place… I don’t need the money anymore, but I do need the billboards.” To read the Jun. 17 article by Mike Weatherford titled “Hotels try doubling evening acts” click: HERE.(6/19)

David Copperfield begins his Asian tour this week when he takes his new show Portal to Bangkok on Jun. 21-24 and Singapore on Jun. 27-Jul. 1.(6/19)
VOLUME: 42 / ISSUE: 1,269 / Wednesday – June 20, 2001
The Jasper Maskelyne documentary “The War Illusionist” is reviewed in the Baton Rouge Advocate which describes the show as, “The razzle-dazzle sensibility of tonight’s documentary seems much in keeping with Maskelyne himself, an inveterate ham who longed for bigger and bigger stages. World War II gave Maskelyne just the scale he needed, though British military officers took a while to recognize his talents.” To read the Jun. 19 article by Danny Heitman titled “Show profiles master of camouflage” click: HERE.(6/20)

The Amazing Jonathan who opened at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas is previewed in the Las Vegas Review-Journal (which continues to misspell his name). He is described as, “…a wild-eyed comic who runs through magic tricks that totally stink but are usually really funny.” To read the Jun. 19 story by Doug Elfman titled “Magician goes for the laughs” click: HERE.(6/20)

Ted Salter (Edwin Bernard William Salter Sep. 26, 1914-Jun. 19, 2001) died on Tuesday Jun. 19 at the age of 86. Salter was the artist who created many of the caricatures of magicians at the Magic Castle Wall of Fame. In 1988, 551 of portraits were gathered and published in book form by Nielsen Magic. Salter was also a regular columnist for LaughMakers.(6/20)

Dirk Spence who performs under the name “Mr. D” is profiled in Daily Southtown where he explained, “The mind likes to be tricked.” To read the Jun. 19 story by Steve Metsch titled “The magic never gets old for Tinley Park’s Mr. D” click: HERE.(6/20)

Gary Goodman will perform in a book-signing program titled “Murder, Magic and Music” to promote the new Gisela Huberman novel “Deadly Tango.” This is part of an emerging trend to make book signings resemble theatrical events. To read the Jun. 19 press release titled “‘Book Signing Unusual’ Debuts at Borders” click: HERE.(6/20)

Richard Cohn, Alexandra Baltarzuk and Marc DeSouza will entertain during the S.AM. Parent Assembly’s Annual Banquet on Saturday Jun. 23 at the Sea Cliff Yacht Club (42 The Boulevard) in Sea Cliff, NY. The event, which will feature a dinner and a show, promises “Dinner, Dancing, Magic, Souvenirs and Camaraderie.” Cost is $35 per person. For tickets and reservations phone: Seymour Hittner at: 718-279-1705.(6/20)

John Bundy and Morgan will appear in “Skullduggery” at the Fantasy Island Amusement Park in Beach Haven, NJ on Jun. 19-21 and 26-28. The shows, which run at 7:30pm, 8:30pm, and 9:30pm, are free with park admission. For more information click: HERE.(6/20)

TEXAS: Eric DeCamps will be presenting his new lecture titled “Compositions of Conjuring: A Lecture on Natural Magic” on Sunday Jun. 24 at 2pm at Old Chicago Restaurant (4060 Beltline Road) in Addison. The lecture will feature magic with coins, ropes, Okito boxes, a Three Shell routine, cups and balls, cigars, cards and much more. For more information click: HERE.(6/20)

SWITZERLAND: David Stone and Mike Stutzinger lecture at the famous Arcanum Theater in Bienne on Saturday Jun. 23. for more information phone: (0041) 323 58 2070 or e-mail:

VOLUME: 42 / ISSUE: 1,270 / Thursday – June 21, 2001
Wee Kien Meng’s Singapore Magicians Network website is featured in Project Eyeball which calls it “Singapore’s first Internet magic service website.” Other sites featured include the All Magic Guide which is called “Probably one of the most comprehensive magic resource guides on the Web.” To read the Jun. 1 story by Victoria Ho titled “Magic sites: Pick a card, any card” click: HERE.(6/21)

William Schulert performs 35-minute magic shows at various libraries in the Michigan area in the next few weeks. A Flint Journal article explained that he, “…will use special effects to show the importance of reading…” To read the Jun. 20 story by Jerry Ernst titled “Magician to present program at library” click: HERE.(6/21)

A Los Angeles Times article reported that the Magic Castle restaurant was closed for two days in May due to “vermin infestation.” To read the Jun. 20 article by Steve Harvey titled “Sadly, No Magician Could Perform a Disappearing Act on These Vermin” click: HERE.(6/21)

Magic Tom will be performing magic on the streets of Downtown Louisville on Monday-Friday at 11:30am-1:30pm through Aug. 31 as part of the Street Stuff program.(6/21)

PENNSYLVANIA: Chris Capehart, a veteran street magician, will be headlining Bob Little’s Super Sunday on Sunday Jun. 24. Featured performers include Jeffrey Walton, Anthony Salazar, Eugene Johnson, and Poly. As an added surprise a birthday cake will be given to Al Hillman who will be celebrating his 84th birthday. Admission is a very low $25 per person for this 12-hour (10am-10pm), one-day convention held at The Warrington (Route 611) in Warrington. Events include a lecture by Chris Capehart, auction hosted by Hank Moorehouse, free Champagne, cake, and homemade chocolate. For more information phone: 215-672-3344.(6/21)

WASHINGTON: Doc Eason lectures for I.B.M Ring #339 on Sunday Jun. 24 at 1:30pm at the Lynnwood Library in Lynnwood. For more information e-mail:
VOLUME: 42 / ISSUE: 1,271 / Friday – June 22, 2001
It appears that ultimately the late Harry Houdini has fulfilled his promise to communicate from beyond the grave. Well-heeled and/or devoted collectors will do his bidding, so to speak, when they participate in the annual Swann Auction Galleries’ magic auction in NYC on October 30th. Although other items will be offered, the auction will highlight 110 Houdini related items from the collection of Doug Edwards. …Go to full story.(6/22)

Matt Kalita will attempt an escape from fiery bed of 12-inch spikes on Friday at the LaPorte Civic Auditorium in Michigan. A News Dispatch article has him explaining the term “extricationist” which he prefers to escapologist or escape artist, “The difference is that an extricationist tries to escape from real equipment.” To read the Jun. 21 article by Kathy Ceperich titled “Magician performs to help raise money” click: HERE.(6/22)

Rafael Benatar performs on Jun. 21-23 at La Cripta Mágica (Tarragona 15) in Madrid, Spain. For more information phone: 915399696.(6/22)
VOLUME: 42 / ISSUE: 1,272 / Saturday – June 23, 2001
Tom Mullica’s one-man 90-minute show “Red: A Performance Tribute by Tom Mullica” opens on Jun. 25 for a nine week run at the Broward Stage Door Theatre (8036 W. Sample Rd.) in Coral Springs, FL. The newly renamed show will have Stephen Holmes back as stage manager and assistant. Mullica told MagicTimes that he is very excited about this long run, which will give him the opportunity to implement many of the ideas he has been experimenting with. Mullica’s career as Red has been skyrocketing since he signed with David Sandy. Mullica is also scheduled to appear at the IBM Convention in Orlando on Jul. 5-7. Shows are scheduled through Sep. 2 on Wednesdays at 2pm, Fridays at 8pm, Saturdays at 2pm and 8pm, and Sundays at 2pm and 7pm. For more information, reservations and tickets phone: 954-344-7765.(6/23)

Torkova, Chris McDaniel, Jamy Ian Swiss, Rich Marotta, Per Eklund, Michael Chaut and Simon Lovell appear at Monday Night Magic on Jun. 25 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(6/23)

Strange stories about Bonnie Saxe (Melinda’s mother) appeared in The Mountain Press which has her suing the “Explosion” show’s chief financial backer who was arrested for trying to run over her husband in the parking lot.To read the Jun. 1 story by Anna Garber titled “Trouble at the Palace – ‘Explosion’ leaks onto parking lot” click: HERE.
–To read the Jun. 14 story titled “Theater closed” click: HERE.(6/23)

Steve Dacri’s Magic Secrets from Around the World” is the title of a new infomercial featuring Guy Bavli, Fernando Keops, Aldo Colombini and Dacri. It is expected to start airing in the US in September. Dacri will be performing and pitching the videos at the ERA (Electronic Retailers Association) on Jun. 23-28 in Monte Carlo.(6/23)
VOLUME: 42 / ISSUE: 1,273 / Sunday – June 24, 2001
David Copperfield’s first appearance in Bangkok was described by the Bangkok Post as, “Bangkok has an estimated eight million people, but there seemed to be 10 million at the opening night of the most talked about show of the month-master magician David Copperfield, performing in Thailand for the first time. …arguably the biggest turnout since Michael Jackson moonwalked onto the Impact stage in 1996.” To read the Jun. 23 story by Sita Holroyd titled “Magical mystery tour” click: HERE.(6/24)

Dana Daniels, Allan Hayden, John George, Ivan Amodei, Michael Hack, Patrick Albanese, Andy Amyx, and Blake Maxam at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Jun. 25-Jul. 1. David Groves lectures on Sunday Jul. 1.(6/24)
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