MT: July 3-9, 2000

VOLUME: 31 / ISSUE: 917 / Monday – July 3, 2000 
Debbie McGee and Paul Daniels’ new venture, Ballet Imaginaire, a touring ballet company which opens with a production of Coppelia in Lincoln, UK in September is discussed in The Observer. Debbie who used to be a ballet dancer said about the venture, “I learned my craft and now I feel so relaxed on stage. Now I’ve got this opportunity to give all this knowledge I’ve got to other performers. I just feel lucky that I stopped dancing properly when I was about 24. I think I’ve saved my body.” Paul describes what will make the venture successful, this is “…the first really high-profile touring ballet because none of the others, without conceit, will have celebrity adjuncts, any add-ons. I’m an add-on! So it’ll be fascinating.” In the lengthy article which covers Paul’s, book, career, life, marriage, and much more, Paul describes himself as, “I’m an oddity, you see. The rest of the world of magic looks at me with some amazement. They can’t figure out how I can do a tiny trick with a cup and a ball in a 7,000-seater hall. But I do. And everybody laughs.” To read the Jul. 2 article by Harriet Lane titled “Spell Bound” click: HERE.(7/3)
–To purchase Paul Daniels’ new autobiography click: HERE.

Goldfinger & Dove, Arthur Benjamin, Doug Brewer, Michael Forbes, Mike Elkan, Jeff Martin, David Zirbel, and J. C. Dunn appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Jul. 3-9. Arthur Benjamin lectures on Sunday Jul. 9.(7/3)

Bob Nixon performs on Tuesday Jul. 4 at 1pm, 3pm and 5pm at the Arena in Houlton, Maine.(7/3)
VOLUME: 31 / ISSUE: 918 / Tuesday – July 4, 2000 
Richard Robinson, who runs the most popular magic sites on the web, is currently running daily updates from the 21st World Congress of Magic in Lisbon, Portugal which takes place on Jul. 3-8. The updates include candid photos of the performers and attendees as well as daily summaries of the events. In his first update he mentioned that two of the biggest names, Harry Anderson and Ricky Jay, who have been advertised, will not be attending the convention. Taking their place are Jay Marshall and Billy McComb. You will also learn about the dealers, facilities, opening show performers, and more. This is one of the best examples of how the web technologies can be used to supply you with the information you want in a timely manor. For the latest scoops and photos visit Magic Show by clicking: HERE.
–Or, go directly to Magic Show’s FISM 2000 page by clicking: HERE.(7/4)Stuart MacDonald who will be attempting to escape out of a wooden crate while a Mercedes Benz is suspended above him by a burning rope on July 29 is featured in The Detroit News. To read the Jul. 3 story by Michael H. Hodges titled “Magician has a hot escape to teach kids fire safety” click: HERE.(7/4)James Brandon and Jade have been signed to perform in Odyssey 2 at the Genting International Showroom. The original Odyssey, which closed last month, featured Greg Frewin and Juliana Chen. To read the Jul. 3 The New Straits Times article titled “Spectacle of magic and dance” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(7/4)
VOLUME: 31 / ISSUE: 919 / Wednesday – July 5, 2000 
NEW YORK: The 72nd International Brotherhood of Magicians Annual Convention takes place on Jul. 5-8 at Adam’s Mark Buffalo in Buffalo. This year’s theme is “Come to the Gold Reunion” where they have booked many of their gold medallists. Scheduled to appear are: Paul Gertner, Giovanni, Juliana Chen, The Majestix, James Cielen, Greg Frewin, Steve Bedwell, Jamahl Keyes, Michael Finney, Davey Marlin-Jones, Joe Givan, Paul W. Cummins, Dick Stoner, Martin Lewis, Michael Close, Ed Alonzo, Abb Dickson, Tom Burgoon, Rich Bloch, Fackelli & Kil, General Grant, John Shryock, Marie Blood, Oscar Munoz, Howard Hale, and Stephen Knowles. For more information click: HERE.(7/5)

Illusionz, the new 39,000-square-foot, $5 million arcade and entertainment which features a magic show was highlighted in the Seattle Daily Journal. The Issaquah, WA venue was discussed, with photos, as to its architecture and was picked as the project of the week. To read the Jun. 19 article titled ” DJC Project of the Week — Illusionz” click: HERE.(7/5)
VOLUME: 31 / ISSUE: 920 / Thursday – July 6, 2000 
The Magicians Alliance of the Eastern States will hold its 58th Convention on Sep. 8-9. This convention used to be one of the biggest in the East Coast but has suffered in the past 10 years with low attendance and even had to cancel the convention a couple of years ago. They have booked the Clarion Hotel in Carlisle, PA which is a favorite among attendees and announced a stellar lineup which is being headlined by Mark Wilson. Also on the bill is Todd Robbins, Simon Lovell, Denny Haney, Dreamakers, Joseph Anthony, Jeff Ballew, Danny Allan, Richard Mangiacarne, and Puck. For more information visit their website by clicking: HERE.(7/6)

In a St. Louis Post-Dispatch article about the formula for having popular websites Bryan Dean, who runs their Magic and Illusion area is quoted about changing his site, “I went from advanced to beginner and intermediate… The numbers went through the roof. They doubled almost overnight.” To read the Jul. 5 article titled, “” click: HERE.(7/6)
VOLUME: 31 / ISSUE: 921 / Friday – July 7, 2000 
Richard Robinson and his magic websites are featured on the cover of the Circuits section of The New York Times. Giving his take on magic on the web Robinson said, “The mouse… became the magic wand” and “The nice thing about the Web… is everybody’s got the best seat in the house and nobody is allowed backstage.” Summarizing the article the author wrote, “Two themes stand out in Mr. Robinson’s maze of U.R.L.’s: His homage to the great performers, and his emphasis on showmanship instead of mere illusion.” Featured in the article are magic sites:,,,,, and To read the Jul. 6 article by Michael Pollak titled ” An Online Magician Who Has a Sense of Drama” (you may have to join the NYT for free in order to view this) click: HERE. .(7/7)

Marc Salem will be making TV appearances over the next few days. You can catch him on Friday Jul. 7 on Fox and Friends at 7am and on The O’Reilly Factor at 8pm on FOXNEWS-TV. The O’Reilly Factor, which is currently the highest rated news talk show, will rerun at 11pm and again on Saturday at 4am. Salem also appeared on ABC’s Eyewitness News on Thursday at 6pm. For complete magic on TV listings click: HERE.(7/7)

At the Jul. 6 annual business meeting of the International Brotherhood of Magicians the results of the contentious election for members to the Executive Committee were announced. The two new members are Fred Castro (1,837) and Dick Staub (1,907). There were 2,810 ballots cast, 348 were declared invalid. Glen Weissenberger received 964 votes.(7/7)

Robert Hermens performs on Saturday Jul. 8 at 11am at the Coral Gables Branch Library (3443 Segovia St.) Coral Gables, FL. For more information phone: 305-442-8706.(7/7)

Jerry Sadowitz who is doing a one-man comedy and magic show this week and next in featured in a London Evening Standard story. The story covers his personal problems and how he has been slowly overcoming them and reshaping his life. Also is mention of his upcoming TV projects, live shows and his magazine. He now feels that “… “the reason why magic is not popular is because nobody likes to be fooled.” To read the Jul. 6 story by Chris Oliver Wilson titled “Jerry finds a magic cure” click: HERE.(7/7)
VOLUME: 31 / ISSUE: 922 / Saturday – July 8, 2000 
Mayseo the Magician (William Mays) will begin teaching a 10-week course of magic at the African Marketplace Boutique in the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza in Crenshaw, CA. Mayseo has spent much of his time and career teaching magic to inner city children who would have no other chance of exposure to the art. Mayseo explains why he brings magic to the children, “When you demonstrate and teach children magic, a wonderful thing happens–it motivates them, it makes them think and it stimulates their imagination. When I perform magic for children, I feel like I’m planting a seed that will make them grow up and become better adults,” To read the Jul. 7 Los Angeles Times article by Shirley Hawkins titled “Tricks of the trade: Illusionist hopes to convey magic of his craft to the next generation” click: HERE.(7/8)

Comedy team Scott the Magicien & Muriel win the Grand Prix at FISM in Portugal. For other winners and more details go to Magic Show by clicking: HERE.(7/8)

Ryan Earley and Kyle Gregg, two 14-year old magicians are featured in a Lincoln Journal Star article after they performed at a senior citizen center. To read the Jul. 6 article by Cindy Lange-Kubick click: HERE.(7/8)

Paul Daniels’ autobiography, Under No Illusion, in a digested read in The Guardian. To read the Jul. 7 article click: HERE.(7/8)

FLORIDA: Kevin King does one of his rare lectures for the Tampa Bay Magic Club on Tuesday Jul. 11 at 8pm. The lecture takes place at the High Point Methodist Church in Clearwater/Tampa Bay. For more information e-mail Mark Byrne at:
VOLUME: 31 / ISSUE: 923 / Sunday – July 9, 2000
Before FISM 2000 ended FISM 2003 was announced and full color brochures and information were being handed out to all the attendees as they left the Awards Banquet on Saturday at Noon in Lisbon. The next  FISM congress will go back to the Netherlands in one of its most popular venues –The Hague in Holland. This will be the fifth time the World Congress will be held in Holland and the dates have been set for July 18-23, 2003. For more information contact: FISM 2003, Weerribben 24, 1112 KL Diemen, The Netherlands, Phone: 31 20 6906518. They have already launched a website to promote the event at:

Paul Daniels is scheduled to appear on Across the Threshold with David Mellor radio show on Sunday Jul. 9 from noon till 2pm on Classic FM in England.(7/9)

“Jedlie’s Totally Interactive Magic Circus!” is a family show which travels throughout the East Coast doing mostly school shows. If they appear in your area you may want to e-mail Jed Doherty at: about the possibility of attending one of the shows. In July they will be in: Saugus, MA (Jul. 10), Westfield, MA (11), Reading, MA (12), Melrose, MA (13), Sherman, CT (14), Keene, NH (18), Maynard, MA (19), Middlebury, CT (20), Belmont, MA (21), Whitman, MA (24), Ipswich, MA (25), and Redding, CT (27).(7/9)

Tom Durnin, Peter Kougasian, Rocco, Jamy Ian Swiss, Bob Elliott, Frank Brents, and Simon Lovell appear at Monday Night Magic on Jul. 10 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(7/9)

Keith Leff who wins IBM #129’s close-up competition is featured in a The Kansas City Star article. To read the Jul. 7 article by Tim Baxter titled “Area magician captures group’s honor” click: HERE.(7/9)
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