MT: January 1-6, 2002

VOLUME: 49 / ISSUE: 1,464 / Tuesday – January 1, 2002
New York’s Monday Night Magic will be moving due to the closing of The Fantastiks and the Sullivan Street Playhouse. The show will move to a new location in mid-January. Although all details have not been finalized, Michael Chaut, producer of Monday Night Magic, has alerted MagicTimes that as of January 14th, 2002 the long running series of magical entertainment will leave it’s home of the past four years and head uptown to the McGinn/Cazale Theater on Broadway between 76th and 77th St. The final show at the Sullivan Street Playhouse will be presented on January 7th.  …Go to full story.(1/1)

An Otago Daily Times article states that “The best job on a cruise boat must be the ship magician.” Because, “During a 17-day cruise on board Silver Shoadow which docked in Dunedin on Saturday, Maverick Commins performed two 50-minute magic shows, and a 10-minute show at Christmas.” To read the Dec. 31 article by Jane Smith titled “Work . . . but somebody has to do it” click: HERE.(1/1)

Aaron Radatz will be presenting an intimate version of his full stage illusion show on the Seaescape Cruises in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The shows will run twice nightly (except Monday) from Jan. 2 through Feb.3.(1/1)

CALIFORNIA: MotionFest West takes place on Jan. 3-6 at the Ramada Plaza Hotel (1231 Market Street) in San Francisco. The event is a gathering of performance artists and features workshops on comedy, magic, juggling, circus, voice, and the business of being a performer. For more information click: HERE.(1/1)

OHIO: Rick Fisher lectures for IBM Ring #23 in Cleveland on Wednesday Jan. 2 at 7:30pm. For more information phone: 216-739-1522.(1/1)

Harry Lorayne at his home in New York City autographing every single copy of his new limited edition, 650+ page book, “Personal Collection: all cards, all new, all mine.” (Photo: MagicTimes).(1/1)
VOLUME: 49 / ISSUE: 1,465 / Wednesday – January 2, 2002
Paul Gertner presents his one-man show “Paul Gertner: Ten Fingers, A Play of Magic” on Jan. 3-6 at the Center for Performing Arts in Rhinebeck, NY. The show is a semi-autobiographical play that features the many routines that were created by or have become associated with Gertner. The theater describes the show as, “It’s not just a magic show, it’s a theater performance! Gertner performs dazzling sleight-of-hand while retelling the history of magic and paying homage to great magicians of the past.” The show was a big hit when it debuet in at the City Theatre in Pittsburgh several years ago. There will also be a special workshop for magicians given on Jan. 6 at 3pm. Tickets are available for $18-$20 per person by phoning: 845-876-3080.(1/2)

Siegfried & Roy in a Las Vegas ShowBiz article discuss their roll in the World Magic Seminar which will take place later this month in Las Vegas. Siegfried is quoted, “Seminar participants get an education and very real and useful advice from some of the best magicians in the world today… They learn the art of style and originality, the keys of success.” To read the Jan. 6-12 article titled “Seminar Swamies” click: HERE.(1/2)
VOLUME: 49 / ISSUE: 1,466 / Thursday – January 3, 2002
Rick Thomas is featured in the current Las Vegas ShowBiz magazine which describes him as “…those searching for some midday excitement need look no farther than the Tropicana, where magician Rick Thomas has entertained sold-out crowds for five years.” Thomas speaks of the show, “I want it to be so well-rounded that no matter who comes to my show, there’ll be something they like.” To read the Jan. 6-12 article by Greg Cheeseman titled “No Doubting Thomas” click: HERE.(1/3)

Al Cohen is featured in The Washington Post where the fate of his popular magic shop is discussed. A very good biography of Cohen and his shop is also included. Commenting about the outpouring of kind wishes he has gotten after announcing his retirement he said, “I can’t believe all this stuff I’m hearing about me. I’ve never thought I was anything special or anybody great. It must be somebody else they’re talking about!” To read the Jan. 2 article by Phil McCombs titled “Now You See Him, Soon You Won’t” click: HERE.(1/3)

Jeff Sheridan told MagicTimes that William Biggart who was the photographer, which followed him around the streets of New York photographing him doing magic in 1975, was one of the victims of the World Trade Center terrorist attack. It appears that Biggart, whose body was found in the rubble on Sep. 15, followed the firefighters into the tower. Biggart’s photos of Sheridan appeared in “Street Magic” published by Dolphin Books in 1977. The classic book has been recently re-printed by Kaufman & Co. and is still available.(1/3,4)

Gene Anderson’s show is described in a Record-Eagle article as, “He does more with newspaper than a kennel full of Great Dane pups!” To read the Jan. 1 article by Mike Norton titled “Cadillac’s new year a family affair” click: HERE.(1/3)

Michael Pratt reminisced in a Dubuque Telegraph Herald article about the time his parents, professional magicians The Great Roy and Helene, forgot their rabbit, “So mom brought me out and put me in the box, and they tore the box apart and the audience loved it… And so we became a three-people act from then on.” To read the Jan. 2 article by Kylie Greene titled “Area magician reappears after 40-year break” click: HERE.(1/3)

VOLUME: 49 / ISSUE: 1,467 / Friday – January 4, 2002
Derren Brown’s third TV special, “Mind Control 3,” aired on New Year’s Day on channel 4 in England and in conjunction with the show he was featured in a This Is London article where he and what he does were discussed. The very flattering article points out, “However cynical you are about this stuff — and many believe it’s a load of rot — it’s impossible not to be impressed by Brown’s brilliant and baffling shtick at first hand.” The article also mentions that Brown will be presenting a spectacular stunt prior to his theatrical tour later this year. Brown explained how he developed his style, “I started off as a hypnotist but I didn’t want to perform it professionally, even though I had a real interest in it. It can be a tacky way to earn a living. Then I did some magic for a while but, rather than doing sleight-of-hand things, I became more interested in psychological techniques and veered more and more into that area.” To read the Dec. 28 article by Tim Cooper titled “You must be a mind-reader!” click: HERE.(1/4)

Paul Gertner’s show ”Ten Fingers, A Play of Magic” is previewed in the Poughkeepsie Journal where they write that he, “…dazzles the audience with old-fashioned sleight-of-hand magic, performed with cards, balls, cups, coins and dollar bills. His repertoire also includes large-scale illusions such as making his assistant disappear from a box.” To read the Jan. 3 article by Angela R. Hooks-Batchelor titled “Magician exhibits his tricky fingers” click: HERE.(1/4)

VOLUME: 49 / ISSUE: 1,468 / Saturday – January 5, 2002
Lance Burton will be presenting two special shows on Sunday Feb. 17 at the 1,400-seat Xanadu Theater at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey. This is the first time that his full evening Las Vegas show is being presented in the East Coast and only the second time he has appeared in Atlantic City. The first being many years ago when he presented his dove act at one of the casinos. Shows are at 7pm and 10pm with tickets ranging from $40-$60 per person. Atlantic City shows sell-out very quickly so if you are interested in going phone: 800-736-1420 or click: HERE. Prior to the Atlantic City shows Burton will be appearing at the Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut on Feb. 15-16 for three shows. For more information click: HERE.(1/5,7)

The Las Vegas Review-Journal names the top ten shows in Las Vegas in 2001. The two magic shows which made it into the top ten are: Mac King at number six is called “…the best value in Las Vegas entertainment” and The Amazing Johnathan was number nine. To read the Jan. 1 article by Mike Weatherford titled “Best of 2001: Top Shows – ‘O'” click: HERE.(1/5)

Torkova, John Graham, and Rocco will be performing at the final Monday Night Magic show to be presented at the Sullivan Street Playhouse. The show takes place on Jan. 7 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(1/5)

NEW JERSEY: Jim Angelo lectures on Wednesday Jan. 9 at 8pm for JMMRT at the V.F.W. (Pennsylvania Railroad Ave., two blocks from the NJ Transit — Linden train station) in Linden, New Jersey. Cost is $10 for members and $15 for non-members. For more information phone Carl Bajor at: 732-969-2566 or click: HERE.(1/5)
VOLUME: 49 / ISSUE: 1,469 / Sunday – January 6, 2002
Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee star in the fairy tale Dick Whittington which has been playing at the Theatre Royal, Windsor in Berkshire England since Dec. 5, 2001. Daniels plays the part of Alderman Fitzwarren and McGee plays the part of the Fairy in what the show poster describes as “Windsor’s most magical panto ever! Starring Britain’s best-loved man of Magic.” The show will continue through Jan. 13 with two shows daily (Jan. 8 dark). Tickets are available in many price ranges and are available by phoning: 01753 853888 or clicking: HERE.(1/6)

Rev. D. Michael Smith explained in a Dallas Morning News article, “I fell in love with magic when I was 12 years old after seeing a magic show… I was struck by how I felt … the kind of mystery, awe and intrigue, the feeling that magic can stir up in people if it’s done well and done in a professional way.” To read the Jan. 5 article by Kristen Holland titled “This counselor has tricks up his sleeve” click: HERE.(1/6)
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