MT: February 4-10, 2002

VOLUME: 50 / ISSUE: 1,498 / Monday – February 4, 2002
With the addition of the 12,000 members of the Indian Magic Circle to it’s ranks, the 37,000 member International Magicians Society dramatically out distances all other magic clubs in the world in regard to the size of their membership. “People join for a lifetime. We only loose members when they die,” observed IMS founder and President Tony Hassini during a recent interview with MagicTimes. …Go to full story.(2/4)

Mystina, Andrew Goldenhersh, Doug Malloy, Gary Norsigian, Miguel Puga, Lou Serrano, Todd Oliver, and Nancy Gray appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Feb. 4-10. Danny Archer lectures on Sunday Jan. 20.(2/4)

NEW JERSEY: Paul Hallas lectures on Monday Feb. 11 at 8pm for S.A.M. Assembly #161 at The Willows (1013 Washington Avenue) in Greenbrook. For more information click: HERE.(2/4)
A candid shot of close-up magic heavies Harvey Rosenthal and Steve Draun comparing notes, not about magic, but video camera technique at last year’s Tannen Jubilee. (Photo: MagicTimes). (2/4)
VOLUME: 50 / ISSUE: 1,499 / Tuesday – February 5, 2002
Rick Thomas’ receipt of the ‘Magician of the Year’ award from the Academy of Magical Arts on Jan. 17 is reported in a Las Vegas Review-Journal newsmaker article. Thomas sais of magic “Magic has to be the most universal art form in the world… Everyone loves to be amazed. Everybody dreams dreams.” The article also points out that “…he does not see himself tiring down anytime soon. He is constantly changing his show, adding new tricks and illusions, which he thinks ‘keeps him fresh.'” To read the Feb. 4 article by Deana DiDio titled “Las Vegas illusionist receives Academy of Magical Arts honor” click: HERE.(2/5)

A movie script titled “Mephisto” and based on a comic book has been optioned for a movie. According to a Variety article “The story concerns a couple trying to save their troubled marriage. They attend a magic show and the wife volunteers for a disappearing trick, but the magician dies midway through. The wife is nowhere to be found, and the husband, not sure if she’s dumped him, enters a metaphysical world to try to find her.” To read the Jan. 4 Reuters article titled “Latest Hollywood script deals” click: HERE.(2/5)

Penn & Teller appear at the Samba Theatre at the Rio Hotel & Casino (3700 W. Flamingo Rd.) in Las Vegas on Feb. 8-24. Tickets are $55 per person. For more information and reservations click: HERE.(2/5)
VOLUME: 50 / ISSUE: 1,500 / Wednesday – February 6, 2002
William Andrews, who was instrumental in implementing many worthwhile programs for the Society of American Magicians, has been named as “Magician of the Year” for 2002 by SAM Parent Assembly #1. The presentation will be made at their annual show on Apr. 27 at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center (199 Chambers St.) in New York City. Already booked to appear during the annual “Salute to Magic” are Chuck Jones & Jan, Gay Blackstone, Ted Lee, and George Schindler & Nina. Tickets are $25-$35 per person and are available by phoning Isaac Rodriguez at: 718-651-7335.(2/6)

André Kole tours with his full-evening show of magic and a message with appearances at the Shefield Family Center in Kansas City, MO (Feb. 8 – 816-241-4831), Cornerstone Community Church in Harrisonville, MO (Feb. 10 – 816-380-2190), United Methodist Church in Dyer, IN (Feb. 16 – 219-661-1737), Sauk Valley Alive in Dixon, IL (Feb. 17 – 815-284-3090), Christ Church in St. Louis, MO (Feb. 19 – 314-843-4600), TBA in St. Louis, MO (Feb. 20-21 – 314-579-9460), Parkway Baptist Church in St. Louis, MO (Feb. 22-23 – 800-730-3081) an at the Calvary Church in St. Peters, MO (Feb. 24 – 636-939-4343).(2/6)

VOLUME: 50 / ISSUE: 1,501 / Thursday – February 7, 2002
Judy Carter who was one of the pioneer magicians to brake into the Comedy Club circuit in the 1970s is featured in a Grand Island Independent article which also looks at what she has been up to since leaving magic. She is currently billed as a “master teacher, author and humorous speaker” who will be presenting the a keynote presentation for the Grand Island Area Chamber of Commerce’s annual meeting on March 5. According to the article Carter has written several books on comedy, appeared on more than 100 TV shows, formed Comedy Workshop Productions and produces the annual California Comedy Conference. To read the Feb. 5 article titled “Comedienne chosen to speak at chamber dinner” click: HERE.(2/7)
–To buy her latest book “The Comedy Bible” for $12 click: HERE.

Paul Daniels continues to tour his “An Audience with Paul Daniels” show in the UK with appearances at the The Spa in Lowestoft (Feb. 9), The Bacon Theatre in Cheltenham (15), The Playhouse in Harlow (16), Bognor Regis (17), The New Gala Theatre in Durham (19), The Arena Civic Theatre in St. Albans (23), The Ashcroft Theatre in Croydon (24), and The Coliseum in Oldham (27).(2/7)
VOLUME: 50 / ISSUE: 1,502 / Friday – February 8, 2002
Howard Posener’s performance at a gallery is described in an LA Times article, “A woman named a card, Posener shuffled, and suddenly the card appeared. ‘He did it!’ she shouted. But that wasn’t enough. Posener had to show them the trick that so thrilled a Saudi prince that he gave the magician his sapphire and titanium watch. With a turn of the hand, Posener switched the card from one suit to another.” To read the Feb. 7 article by Gina Piccalo and Louise Roug titled “Boyle, Off the Shelf” click: HERE.(2/8)

MARYLAND: Tim Ellis & Sue-Anne Webster lecture on Tuesday Feb. 12 at 7pm at Ken-Zo’s Yogi Magic Mart (1025 South Charles Street) in Baltimore. Admission is $15 per person. For more information phone: 410-727-5811.(2/8)
VOLUME: 50 / ISSUE: 1,503 / Saturday – February 9, 2002
Magician O.P. Sharma who is running for the legislature in Uttar Pradesh, India is using magic to garner votes. According to an Associated Press article he “…uses his magical tricks to appeal to voters who may not be able to read or write.” Sharma is quoted, “It will be a victory of artists,” and also pointed out that “other magicians are also running, and magicians from around the country have come to help them campaign.” One of the methods used to persuade voters was described, “He put flags bearing the symbols of all the competing parties into a bag, and let someone in the crowd draw one out. ‘Oohs’ and ‘ahs’ emerged as the person drew out one huge flag, of Sharma’s party, and the others had vanished.” To read the Feb. 8 article by Prajnan Bhattacharya titled “Magicians, eunuchs, mock political establishment as they seek votes in India’s biggest state election” click: HERE.(2/9)

The contests at the recent Columbus Magi-Fest attracted around 30 competitors and the winners were: Senior Close-Up: Tommy Williams (1st), Trent Rupp (2nd), Arthur Trace (3rd). Senior Stage: Arthur Trace (1st), Michael Herrick (2nd), Father Mark Davis (3rd). Junior Close-Up: Kelvin Kwong (1st), Mike Misko (2nd), Doug Pace (3rd). Junior Stage: Daniel Weeber (1st), Norman Ng (2nd), Matthew Stanley (3rd).(2/9)

CALIFORNIA: Mark Wilson lectures on Tuesday Feb. 12 at 7:30pm for the Misdirections Magic Shop at the Fort Mason Center (Building C Room 370) in San Francisco.  For more information and reservations phone: 415-566-2180.(2/9)
VOLUME: 50 / ISSUE: 1,504 / Sunday – February 10, 2002
David Copperfield featured in a St. Petersburg Times article that interviewed him prior to his show in Fort Myers, FL. Asked what makes him stand out from all other magicians Copperfield said, “I like telling stories. I like taking people’s dreams and making that the basis of what I do. Like the dream of flying that everybody shares. And I used to make it snow in the theater because a lot of people have that same dream. Or they think of a beach.” Talking about the difficulties in developing new illusions Copperfield explained, “It’s a long process and a lot of trial and error. It’s like making a feature film. And I do most of the work on tour. In fact, when I’m finished with you, I’m going to the theater to work on a new thing that will go into the show tonight. In kind of rough form.” To read the Feb. 8 article by Thomas Zucco titled “Making magic is hard work” click: HERE.(2/10)

Andre Kole who will perform in Illinois later this week is featured in a Munster Times article which points out that he is “Considered to be one of the great magical entertainers of our time, Kole has performed before millions of people through live and televised audiences in all 50 U.S. states, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa – 76 countries in all.” To read the Feb. 9 article titled “Church under no illusion of guests talents” click: HERE.(2/10)

The newly released “Méliès the Magician” DVD is reviewed in PopMatters where they surmise that “One cannot help but admire the work, yet wish at the same time that the director were not as steadfastly committed merely to astonishment. No matter how hard he tried, Méliès could not put aside the role of conjurer. A top hat could never be simply a top hat. It had to contain rabbits, birds, colored ribbons, and chorus girls.” To read the Feb. 8 review by David Sanjek titled “Now You See It, Now You Don’t” click: HERE.(2/10)
–To buy the DVD for $26.96 click: HERE.

Paul Zenon in the Independent about his show at The Comedy Store. Zenon commented about the state of magic, “People think it’s [magic] dated and try to avoid watching it… It’s a very reactionary profession. It hasn’t changed much since the 1950s. Anything new gets slated. Many magicians still believe top hat and tails is the only dress option.” To read the Feb. 9 article titled “Paul Zenon tonight Comedy Store” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(2/10)

Torkova, Jim Karol, and Todd Robbins appear at Monday Night Magic on Feb. 11 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(2/10)

EAST COAST: Tim Ellis & Sue-Anne Webster hit the New York lecture circuit with lectures in Pennsylvania on Feb. 11 (IBM #6 – phone: 610-917-1132), in New Jersey on Feb. 13 (JMMRT – 732-969-2566) and in New York City on Feb. 15 (SAM #1 – members only).(2/10)
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