MT: February 26-March 4, 2001

VOLUME: 38 / ISSUE: 1,155 / Monday – February 26, 2001
The Spencers: Theatre of Illusion which is covered in The Commercial Appeal where Kevin Spencer describes the show as, “…more than sleight-of-hand, more than illusion, more than mind-reading. The show combines all those elements with music, humor, magic and audience participation.” He further explains, “We combine a good drama and a good laugh… Part of the show is fun and light, and part of it is suspenseful and dramatic.” To read the Feb. 23 story by Jennifer Biggs titled “Spencers’ magic show runs from funny to suspenseful” click: HERE.(2/26)

A preview of Siegfried & Roy’s announcement appeared in a Variety article which stated that “Siegfried, 61, and Roy, 56, are likely to perform for at least five more years, a spokesman said. Their new ticket price is making record news as well. All seats for the “Siegfried & Roy” show are now priced at $100.50.” To read the Feb. 25 story by Barbara Schrzer titled “Siegfried & Roy Ink Lifetime Pact” click: HERE.(2/26)

Jeff Olds is featured in a Detroit News article which described his strengths, “His forte is creating themed shows to fit the audience. In his newest project, a Harry Potter show, he dresses as a graduate of Hogwarts and performs tricks only a Muggle could muster.” To read the Feb. 23 story titled “Poof! From M.B.A. to magic man” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(2/26)

June Love who is billed as “Scotland’s top female conjurer” is featured in a Sunday Mail article in regards to her new job as a Press and Publicity Officer for Dounreay. To read the Feb. 25 article titled “Nuke heads hire this magician to make Dounreay problems vanish (They had to sack their clown)” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(2/26)

Bruce Kalver in a brief Providence Journal article about his appearance at the Lincoln Public Library. To read the Feb. 22 article titled “How does he do it?” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(2/26)

Chuck Jones & Co., Fernando Keops, Gregory James, Jarvis, Jeff Ezell, and Gerry Katzman appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Feb. 26-Mar. 4. Tony Daniels lectures on Sunday Mar. 4.(2/26)

The Amazing Jonathan appears at the Golden Nugget (129 Fremont St.) in Las Vegas on Feb. 27 – Mar. 4 at 8pm. Tickets are $35 per person and are available by phoning: 702-386-8100.(2/26)
VOLUME: 38 / ISSUE: 1,156 / Tuesday – February 27, 2001
The six-page spread on Siegfried & Roy in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is covered in a Las Vegas Review-Journal which tells on how the whole thing came about. Coincidentally the only one of the models mentioned in the article was Josie Maran who is also David Blaine’s girlfriend. The article also reveals a confession by Siegfried on how he feels about the cats, “I’m allergic to them. They’re just not my cup of tea.” To read the Feb. 26 story by Norm titled “Siegfried & Roy make splash in SI’s swimsuit issue” click: HERE.(2/27)

The Real Magic “2001” is a fundraiser for the prevention of exotic birds from extinction in the wild and will feature magicians Bill Kress, Rick Silver and a cast of eight assistants and handlers. The show is described as “…star studded with colorful exotic birds, lavish costumes, foot stomping music, and filled with surprises and thrills designed to entertain both young and old.” It will run on Mar. 2-3 at 8pm at the Aurora Theatre in Atlanta, GA. Tickets are available for $15-$20 by phoning: 770-476-7926. For more information click: HERE.(2/27)

Siegfried & Roy and their animals are featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue which was released this week. In a Las Vegas Sun article about the issue Bernie Yuman is quoted “…attending a S&R show a “destination” in the same way tourists consider the Eiffel Tower a must-see when visiting Paris or the Statue of Liberty a must-see when visiting New York.” To read the Feb. 26 story by John Katsilometes titled “Don’t take S&R for granted” click: HERE.(2/27)

Roy is quoted in a Las Vegas Sun story, “We’re proud to be associated with an organization like (MGM) Mirage. The Mirage is our home, and our show at the Mirage fulfills our destiny… We never thought of quitting, only ways to do more.” Bernie Yuman (Siegfried & Roy’s manager) added, “Forty percent of the show they’ll do (Monday night) will be new. They have an insatiable desire to grow with the city, and people who visit Las Vegas must see Siegfried & Roy.” To read the Feb. 23 article by John Katsilometes titled “Top Cats: Siegfried & Roy, MGM MIRAGE agree to lifetime contract” click: HERE.(2/27)

An Audience With Paul Daniels is reviewed in The Northern Echo where they concluded that “Some good things do come in small packages.” To read the Feb. 24 review titled “Critics” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(2/27)

The when Louis Met Paul And Debbie documentary is reviewed in the Mail on Sunday. To read the Feb. 25 story titled “Only one charmer in this magic circle” click: HERE.(2/27)

Cathy Mullan was elected as the first female president of the Munster Society of Magicians in Scotland. To read the Feb. 24, Unison article titled “Magician Cathy breaks male spell…” click: HERE.(2/27)

Marc Dominic has won the Maurice Award for Showmanship which will be awarded to him at the British Magical Society’s Annual Dinner. To read the Feb. 23, Evening Mail article titled “Prize is just magic” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(2/27)
VOLUME: 38 / ISSUE: 1,157 / Wednesday – February 28, 2001
Siegfried & Roy’s much speculated deal with the Mirage was finally revealed in a Feb. 26 press conference. According to various press reports the “Lifetime Contract,” which stipulates that S&R will finish their career at the Mirage, consisted of an extension to their current contract till 2004, at which time it may be extended. During that time they will be required to perform eight shows per week for 44 weeks a year. It is estimated that S&R have been seen by more than ten million people, performed more than 5,000 shows and grossed more than one billion dollars. Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman said, “This is the quintessential Las Vegas show… Their success has run parallel to the success of Las Vegas.” To read the Feb. 27 Reuters article by Doug Puppel titled “Siegfried And Roy’s Act Won’t Disappear” click: HERE.
–To read the Feb. 27 Associated Press story titled “Siegfried & Roy Sign New Contract” click: HERE.(2/28)
VOLUME: 39 / ISSUE: 1,158 / Thursday – March 1, 2001
David Copperfield’s new TV special, “Copperfield! Tornado of Fire,” which will air on Apr. 3 on CBS-TV is featured in the Insider section of TV Guide where Copperfield explains, “We’ve actually developed an F-2 tornado — which could blow the roof off a house or actually blow the house off the foundation — with turbine engines. And [we’ve] added fire to it, fire in the vortex. I’m going to try to stand in the middle of the vortex without becoming toast, literally.” Part of the show will be telecast live. To read the Feb. 26 story by Daniel R. Coleridge titled “David Copperfield Plays with Fire” click: HERE.(3/1)

The International Stars of Magic Awards Ceremony and Show sponsored by the SAM Assembly #128 takes place at the Finch Auditorium (406 Unity Street) in Thomasville, NC on March 3 at 7pm. Featured performers and award recipients are Lanny Miller (Magician of the Year), Jayson Morrison (Outstading Young Artist of the Year, Card Manipulation), Conrad Kinton (Escape Artist of the Year), Richard Isenhour (Cabaret Magician of the Year), Tim Surrat (Illusionist of the Year), Tony Econ (Master Card Manipulator and Best Manipulation Act), and Guy Philips (Children’s Comedy). Tickets are available for $5-$10 per person at the door prior to the show or from the Bank of North Carolina and Potter’s House.(3/1)

James Randi is on the verge of a media blitz explaining how the popular TV medium John Edward speaks to the dead. The current issue of Time Magazine features an article which explains how Cold Reading works and how Edwards uses it to dupe his viewers. Randi is expected to appear on Inside Edition this week where he will duplicate some of Edward’s routines. To read the Feb. 28 story by Leon Jaroff titled “Talking to the Dead” click: HERE.(3/1)

Siegfried & Roy almost split into two shows, a few years ago, with Roy in Reno and Siegfried in Vegas. According to a Las Vegas Review-Journal article which quotes their executive producer Bernie Yuman, “It was a business decision to make two successes out of one.” To read the Feb. 28 story by Norm titled “For 40 years, Siegfried & Roy manage to avoid disappearing act” click: HERE.(3/1)

Curtis Adams and his sister Julie who will appear on “Lance Burton Master Magician: Young Magicians Showcase” on Mar. 17 are featured in a Nevada Appeal story. Curtis explains, “It was the most fun I have ever had on stage… It was a dream come true.” To read the Feb. 27 article by F.T. Norton titled “Carson teens hit big time” click: HERE.(3/1)

TEXAS: Jerry Andrus, Richard Turner, Roger Klause, Bob White, Apollo Robbins, Tylor Erickson, Gary Plants, Lonie Chevrie, Peter Studebaker, Roger Smith, Barrie Richardson, and Chuck Smith will be appearing at the Dallas Close Up Convention on Mar. 3-4 at the Dallas Market Center Holiday Inn in Dallas. Registration is $87 per person. For more information click: HERE.(3/1)
VOLUME: 39 / ISSUE: 1,159 / Friday – March 2, 2001
Typhoon Lou (Lou Maran) is the headliner for the Masters of Magic Show which is scheduled to open this summer in Orlando, FL. The show was described by one of the partners in the venture as, “It’s going to be 90 minutes of nonstop action… I’ve done a lot of projects, but I’m most excited about this one. I think it has a lot of potential.” The Orlando Sentinel article describes it as a Las Vegas type show which will run twice a night at a price of $20-30 per person. The show is expected to gross more than $2 million per year. The custom-built 272-seat theater will also feature concessions and a VIP room. To read the Feb. 27 story by Jerry W. Jackson titled “Masters of Magic will try to conjure up business” click: HERE.(3/2)

David Blaine in the gossip section of the New York Post comments about his girlfriend’s decision, to move to Los Angeles, to pursue and acting career, “I don’t think I could ever leave New York… We’ll have to see what happens.” To read the Mar. 1 “Page Six” article by Richard Johnson, Paula Froelich and Chris Wilson click: HERE.(3/2)

Hank Lee’s Magic Factory has just implemented “Hankie Vision” which features video demonstrations of the products they sell. Hank Lee, one of the original MagicTimes advertisers, told us that “This is only the beginning. We plan on continually adding videos until most of our products are available for preview on the web.” To view the first 14 video demos click: HERE.(3/2)

Neil Simon’s new play “45 Seconds From Broadway” is based on the characters he saw at the Edison Hotel Cafe in New York City which is the same restaurant magicians have been meeting at every afternoon for many years. A New York Times story reported “There is even a “magic table” in the southeast corner, where lunch guests have included Doug Henning and David Copperfield.” To read the Mar. 1 story by Glenn Collins titled “Neil Simon’s Next Play Has a Coffee Shop’s Regulars Abuzz” click: HERE.(3/2)

NEW YORK: Ray Kosby will be giving one of his very rare lectures on Friday Mar. 2 for the SAM Parent Assembly in New York City.  This is the annual Willie Schneider Memorial Lecture produced by Meir Yedid and is open to members only.(3/2)
VOLUME: 39 / ISSUE: 1,160 / Saturday – March 3, 2001
The annual “Forbes Celebrity 100” listing of the highest earning and most powerful celebrities included three magicians this year. In the highest grossing category ranks Copperfield at number five with $60 million, Siegfried & Roy at number nine with $50 million and David Blaine at number 88 with $5 million. On a separate list which takes into account many more variables of stardom — Forbes lists the 100 most powerful celebrities. Nobody is quite sure what this means but the magicians power rankings are David Copperfield at number 23, Siegfried & Roy are at 42 and David Blaine finished at number 96. To read the Mar. 2 “Forbes Celebrity 100” articles and see their lists click: HERE.(3/3)

The David Copperfield and The Amazing Jonathan shows in Las Vegas are reviewed and compared to the 10 permanent shows in town. The Las Vegas Review Journal commented that “…the important thing about Copperfield is not that he always fools you. It’s that he still tries. The Amazing Jonathan rarely tries, and that’s the running gag of a stand-up comedy act masquerading as an ill-fated magic show. …Either way, both illusionists prove it’s not the equipment, but how you use it.” The article graded the shows giving Copperfield an “A-” and Jonathan a “B.” To read the Mar. 2 reviews by Mike Weatherford titled “There’s something different up their sleeves” click: HERE.(3/3)

LOUISIANA: Cellini will be giving a very rare one-day intensive workshop on Monday Mar. 5 at The Big Easy Magic Co. in New Orleans. This full-day (10am-8p) session is limited to 20 people at a cost of $125 per person which will include meals. For more information phone Doug or Mark at: 504-586-9263 or e-mail:
VOLUME: 39 / ISSUE: 1,161 / Sunday – March 4, 2001
Fielding West’s “Hocus Pocus” show at the Lady Luck in Las Vegas closed on Wednesday Feb. 28. According to a Las Vegas Sun article, “After a contract disagreement with the hotel, West decided to take his show elsewhere. He isn’t sure yet where he will next materialize.” West who will have a TV special of the same name air on FOX Family next month said that “I’m negotiating with two hotels… Whoever gets closest to what I want, I will go with that. Meanwhile in a couple of weeks I will get on a cruise ship for the first time in 15 years (to perform). I will be in the Caribbean for a week.” Also in the article are some very interesting stories on the struggles that West has gone through to get where his is today. To read the Mar. 2 article by Jerry Fink titled “Reflection on a pair of area productions as the curtain falls” click: HERE.(3/4)

Philip F. Ivory died on Friday Mar. 2 at the age of 74. Ivory was a student of Roy Benson who mastered many of his routines and was always performing them in the New York and New Jersey area. He was a quite man who shone as soon as he was put in front of an audience where the performer in him would spark and entertain the crowd. Arrangements are being made by the Barrett Funeral Home in Tenafly, NJ (201-568-8043).(3/4)

Ricky Jay and the information he gave about gambling tells in the movie “House Of Games” is intertwined through a story about the stock market in The The writer concludes “As an aside, I got to meet Ricky Jay in real life. He had me put a quarter behind my back and switch hands each time. For 20 straight times he guessed the correct hand. He would not reveal the tell.” To read the Mar. 1 article by James J. Cramer titled “Where Are the Tells, Pray Tell?” click: HERE.(3/4)

Siegfried & Roy’s announcement to “…never perform anywhere other than the Mirage for the remainder of their career” is reported in the Las Vegas Sun. To read the Mar. 2 article and see the photo by Ethan Miller click: HERE.(3/4)

Todd Robbins will be headlining a special Monday Night Magic show on Mar. 5 at 8pm as a benefit for Coney Island USA the organization which runs the Mermaid Parade, Sideshow By The Seashore, the Coney Island Museum and other great activities in Coney Island, NY.  For tickets call Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(3/4)

CALIFORNIA: The Oakland Magic Circle will hold it’s annual auction and flea market on Tuesday Mar. 6 beginning at 6pm at the Bjornson Hall (2258 MacArthur Blvd.) in Oakland.(3/4)
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