MT: February 19-25, 2001

VOLUME: 38 / ISSUE: 1,148 / Monday – February 19, 2001
Magic was all over the International Toy Fair in New York City on Feb. 11-15 and Magic Times was there with an overview of the many displays. Find out about Marvin’s Magic, the “Magic Club of Great Britain,” Cadaco and Marshall Brodien Magic, Forum Novelties Franco-American Novelty Co., Eddy’s, S.S. Adams Co. and of course the latest trend of Harry Potter themed products and everything wizardly. …Go to full story.(2/19)

Whit Haydn, Alfonso, Mike Elkan, Tim Shegitz, Mark Hendrickson, Todd Oliver, Gregory James, and Brandon Scott appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Feb. 19-25. Carl Cloutier lectures on Sunday Feb. 25.(2/19)

NEW JERSEY: Gale Alexander will be lecturing for SAM Assembly #168 at the United Methodist Church (903 South Beverwyck Road) in Parsippany on Wednesday Feb. 21. For more information click: HERE.(2/19)
VOLUME: 38 / ISSUE: 1,149 / Tuesday – February 20, 2001
It is official — MagicTimes confirmed that Caesars Magical Empire at Caesar’s Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas will close on Mar. 31 with no chance for an extension, as previously rumored. Originally conceived by Milt Larson who also designed the Magic Castle, it featured two performing venues: the 75-seat Secret Pagoda with formal close-up shows and the 150-seat Sultan’s Palace where the larger illusionists and stand-up acts appeared. Since it’s opening in 1996 many of the best magicians in the business have trekked to Vegas and added “Caesars — Las Vegas” to their résumés. The venue was also a catalyst in making hundreds of magicians relocate to Las Vegas with an opportunity for steady work. It is scheduled to become a nightclub.(2/20)

A transcript to David Blaine’s chat for ABC news which took place on Monday at noon, live form Brazil,  has him answering some excellent questions with even better answers. A sample is: “How do you choose who you are going to do your magic tricks on? Is there a certain type of person or anyone?” Blaine answers, “Yes, it’s usually somebody I find I’m attracted to. I don’t mean a sexual attraction, but somebody that I see something of myself in.” To read the Feb. 19 transcript titled “A Modern Day Houdini: A Chat With Magician, Daredevil David Blaine” click: HERE.(2/20)

David Seebach remembers when the 18 year-old Willem Dafoe assisted him during the 1974 edition of “The Great International Magic Show.” The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel quotes Seebach, “He was a pleasant, likable fellow, but he had an unpredictable side that often flashed.” To read the Feb. 18 story titled “Dafoe ‘da volunteer” click: HERE.(2/20)

The Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee biography by Louis Theroux titled “When Louis Met Paul And Debbie” which airs on Tuesday, is discussed in The Guardian. To read the Feb. 19 story by Mark Lawson titled “Gold rings glinting in the dung-heap” click: HERE.(2/20)

Teller will be doing a book signing for his recently released “When I’m Dead, All This Will Be Yours!” on Thursday Feb. 22 at 12:30pm at Borders (10-24 School Street) in Boston.(2/20)
VOLUME: 38 / ISSUE: 1,150 / Wednesday – February 21, 2001
The upcoming press conference to be held by Siegfried & Roy has spurred some wild rumors about lifetime contracts, extensions, retirement, etc… The wildest speculation appeared in the Las Vegas Review-Journal where we read “The guess here is they’re close to turning the show over to someone else who would keep the act going under the name “Siegfried & Roy Presents.” And who does the paper think is going to be the next Siegfried? “Insiders tell me Darren Romeo, a handsome young talented magician, has been seen working behind the scenes with Siegfried & Roy” To read the Feb. 20 article by Norm titled “Siegfried & Roy announcement might entail more than meets the eye” click: HERE.(2/21)

Dave Blevins and his magic shop the “Magic & Joke Shop” appears in a Columbus Dispatch article about practical jokes and how they have changed over the years. Now more than ever before their are serious legal issues which must be faced by the people who sell and manufacture potentially hazardous gag items. Blevins explained, “When I went to school… I used to take one of those switchblade combs to impress my friends. It looked like a knife. Nowadays, because of violence in schools, kids get expelled for having them.” Also in the article are quotes from the Johnson Smith company. To read the Feb. 16 article by Mike Harden titled “Prank items reflect changing sense of humor” click: HERE.(2/21)

John Cassidy made 468 balloon animals in one hour to try and regain his title as the Guinness record holder for the world’s fastest balloon sculptor. To read the Feb. 20 Philadelphia Inquirer story by Sandy Bauers titled “Inflatable animals used to balloon a record” click: HERE.(2/21)

The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus: Down & Out in NYC appearing at the Theatorium stage is reviewed in the Village Voice. To read the story from the Feb. 21-27 issue titled “When the Whip Comes Down” click: HERE.(2/21)
VOLUME: 38 / ISSUE: 1,151 / Thursday – February 22, 2001
“Siegfried & Roy’s Gift for the Ages” is a new book which features more than 150 photographs of their white tigers and lions and their quest to save them from extinction. In the book Roy explains why the lions and tigers treat him as family, “The first voice they hear is mine, the first touch they feel is mine, the first human face they see is mine… They just think I’m a strange tiger who walks on two legs.” It is a coffee-table quality, 90-page book, comes in two editions a softcover for $14.95 or a Hardbound Collectors edition for $34.95 and can be ordered directly from M*M Graphics in Las Vegas. For More information click: HERE.(2/22)

Zane & Elliott will perform as the middle act in a music showcase for Blues prodigy Brody Buster on Feb. 24 at The Filling Station (11515 Hickman Mills Drive) in Kansas City, MO.  For more information phone: 816-767-9999.(2/22)

Jeff McBride is seen in the Las Vegas Review-Journal performing for students at Fremont Middle School in Las Vegas. To see the photo and read the Feb. 20 caption titled “Dreaming Of Big Things” click: HERE.(2/22)

EASTERN US: Michael Sibbernsen’s February and March lectures have him making stops in Franklin Park, IL (Feb. 24), Cleveland, OH (26), Detroit, MI (27), Canton, OH (28), Youngstown, OH (Mar. 1), Madison, WI (4), and St. Paul, MN (5). For more information check with your local magic clubs or e-mail the Magicians Lecture Network by clicking: HERE.(2/22)
VOLUME: 38 / ISSUE: 1,152 / Friday – February 23, 2001
CONNECTICUT: The 20th annual NEMCON (New England Magician’s Conference) in North Haven on Saturday Feb. 24 from 9am to midnight will feature lectures by Darwin Ortiz and Eric DeCamps, with performances by David Oliver, Todd Robbins, The Magic Guys, and Jerry Giavinco. All the festivities will be held at the Holiday Inn (201 Washington Avenue [Route 5] — 203-239-4225) in North Haven, CT. Registration is $60 at the door. For more information phone: 203-265-4118 or e-mail:

The documentary on Paul Daniels which aired last Tuesday on BBC gets reviewed in the British papers. The Independent described it, “…as a film about celebrity friendship, and the way the camera manipulates social relationships, it was quietly informative and chilling.” To read the Feb. 21 review from the The Independent – London supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.
–To read the Feb. 20 review in the Evening Mail titled “Doing that voodoo Theroux do so well When Louis Met Paul And Debbie (BBC2, 9pm)” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(2/23)
VOLUME: 38 / ISSUE: 1,153 / Saturday – February 24, 2001
David Copperfield appears in Las Vegas at the Hollywood Theatre in the MGM Grand on Feb. 22 to Mar. 7. Showbiz weekly ran an article which cited the advantages of the smaller theater, “Working in the intimate confines of the MGM Grand venue, rather than the twice-the-size, now-gone Caesars Palace Circus Maximus, enables Copperfield to achieve a one-to-one audience relationship.” Tickets range from $77.90 – $97 and are available by phoning: 800-646-7787. To read a preview of the show by Joe Delaney titled “Seeing All Sides of David Copperfield” click: HERE.(2/24)

The Mid-Ulster Magic Circle and it’s members Des Callaghan and John Martin are featured in a Belfast News Letter article which looks at some consequences of becoming a magician and the good it can be used for. Callaghan explains, “Once you discover a love of magic, it’s usually with you for life. It’s addictive and not something I could ever contemplate giving up.” To read the Feb. 21 article titled “Circle’s love of magic lasting a spell!” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(2/24)

Matthew St. Cyr is featured in a Montachusett T&G article where he explains what magic has added to his life, “It made me feel great… In school, I didn’t have that many friends, and then I started doing magic. Then people would come up and say, ‘That was really cool.’ So I was like, ‘Hey, I can make friends doing this, too.'” To read the Feb. 18 story titled “Matthew St. Cyr living under magic’s spell” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(2/24)

CALIFORNIA: Carl Cloutier lectures for Misdirections Magic Shop on Tuesday Feb. 27 at 7:30pm at the Fort Mason Center Building C (Room 235) in San Francisco. For more information phone: 415-566-2180.(2/24)
VOLUME: 38 / ISSUE: 1,154 / Sunday – February 25, 2001
The NYC24 website did a feature covering the magic happenings around NYC with features about the Saturday afternoon get-togethers, Tannen’s Magic, American Magic, the Freakatorium and a rare profile of unsung hero of NYC magic, Sol Stone who is described as “Stone, a 78-year-old Brooklynite, is definitely in. Stone is a veteran magician whose colleagues say has the softest hands in magic when it comes to handling coins. Tony Mullé adds “Watching Sol Stone is like watching a ballet.” Also quoted and mentioned in the article are Tony Spina, Jeremy Medows, Oscar Weigel, Bobby Gallo, and Johnny Fox. To read the Feb. 23 feature by Pablo Calvi and Kevin Huge titled “New York Realm Of Illusion” click: HERE.(2/25)

Eric DeCamps was a surprise guest of honor at the 20th NEMCON convention on Feb. 24 in North Haven, CT. The enthusiastic audience gave him a standing ovation upon hearing the news. Earlier in the day DeCamps premiered his brand new lecture which featured some of his most popular routines.(2/25)

Mandrini the Magician performs during the Magical Mardi Gras at the Pier DeOrleans Restaurant (S.W. corner of Centennial Way and University Drive) in  Mesa, AZ on Tuesday Feb. 27 from 5:30-8:30pm.(2/25)

David Oliver, The Magic Guys, Simon Lovell, Todd  Robbins, Rich Marotta, Jamy Ian Swiss and Rick Franceschini appear at Monday Night Magic on Feb. 26 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(2/25)
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