MT: August 3 – 9, 1998

VOLUME: 8 / ISSUE: 217 / Monday – August 3, 1998
Appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, Aug. 3-9 are: Gary Norsigian, Danny Scott, Ron London, Wesley Edberg, Martin Lewis, Murray, Vic Kirk & Mary, and Jeff Martin.(8/3)

David Price died around Jul. 30 in Brentwood, TN. He was the owner of his Egyptian Hall Museum which featured a very large collection of magic and posters. He was also the author of “Magic a Pictorial History of Conjurers in the Theater.” Services were held on Aug. 2 in Nashville, TN.(8/3)
VOLUME: 8 / ISSUE: 218 / Tuesday – August 4, 1998 
Shari Lewis, children’s entertainer, magician (probably the first woman to have her own TV magic special), ventriloquist, dancer, musician, writer, producer, symphony conductor and TV star died of cancer at the age of 65 on Aug. 2. As MagicTimes reported in June, Lewis was diagnosed with cancer and began treatment. She was undergoing chemotherapy when she developed pneumonia which led to her death. The family requests that in lieu of flowers donations be made to the Girl Scouts of America. Fans wanting to send condolences to the family should address their correspondence to: Shari Lewis, c/o KCET, 4401 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024.(8/4)

Sources have told MagicTimes that Harmony Toy, which manufactures the Marshall Brodien and Lance Burton magic sets and products has been sold to Cadaco, a Chicago based toy manufacturer. The official takeover is expected to be announced this week.(8/4)

NEMCON (New England Magician’s Conference) in North Haven, CT, has announced that their 1999 convention dates have been changed to Saturday Mar. 13. For more info call: 203-265-4118 or e-mail:

Paul Hallas from England lectures in the US in August. Tentative dates are as follows: Washington, D.C., Aug. 4 (contact Al’s Magic Shop (202-789-2800), Baltimore, MD, Aug. 5 (contact The Funhouse Magic shop), Scranton, PA, Aug. 6th, Lindon, NJ, Aug. 12 (contact Al Hillman (732) 257-3456). York, PA, Aug. 15 (call 717-456-6604).(8/4)

Penn & Teller are scheduled to appear on the “Late Show” with David Letterman on Wednesday Aug. 5 at 11:35pm ET on CBS-TV (US).(8/4)
VOLUME: 8 / ISSUE: 219 / Wednesday – August 5, 1998
Jeff Bibik, John Bundy, Ben Caesar, Mike Caveney, Juliana Chen, Marcelo Contento, Dana Daniels, Lyn Dillies, Rick Fisher, Greg Frewin, Ron Geoffries, The Gamesters, Arden James, Mac King, Duane Laflin, Tina Lenert, Gordon Miller, Mike Miller, Hank Moorehouse, George Sateraile, and Jay Sterling appear at the Abbott’s Magic Get Together on Aug. 5-8 in Colon, MI. For more info call: 616-432-3235 or e-mail: gbord

The Jul. 30 edition of the L.A. Times reported that the Academy of Magic Arts is being sued for at least $25,000 in damages by a man who says a tiger “whacked” him while at the Magic Castle. For more details click: HERE.(8/5)

The Randi foundation is sponsoring a conference titled “Media, Myth and Magic” on Aug. 6-9 in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Find out more at:
VOLUME: 8 / ISSUE: 220 / Thursday – August 6, 1998
The East Rand Magic Society is having a Convention in Johannesburg, South Africa on Aug. 7-10. The convention will feature mainly South African Magicians. For more information e-mail Paul Malek at: (8/6)

John Bundy & Morgan, Steve Chiffo, Dennis Cook, Terri Cook, Bob Elliott, Scott Hitchcock, Derek Hughes, Phil Klipper, Seth Kramer, Larry Maples, Alain Nu, Tom Ogden, David Oliver, Terry Parrett, Todd Robbins, Steve Rodman, Daren Romeo, and Meir Yedid are just a few of the magicians appearing at the annual Tannen’s Magic Camp for boys and girls ages 12-18 in Long Island, NY on Aug. 8-15. For more info call Tannen’s at: 212-929-4500. (8/6)

A very nice article by Greg Risling about Costa Mesa actor/magician Michael Wong appeared in the Jul. 30 L.A. Times. To read it click: HERE.(8/6)
VOLUME: 8 / ISSUE: 221 / Friday – August 7, 1998
Charlie Schulien, son of the legendary, Chicago bar magician, Matt Schulien died on the morning of Aug. 6 of a reported heart attack. Last month Schulien announced that he was trying to sell Schulien’s, the magic restaurant/bar in Chicago and further announced that it will close on Aug. 22. (8/7)

Eric DeCamps will be doing his one-man show on Saturday Aug. 8 at 8pm at the D.F.W. Harvey Hotel in Irving, TX. Seats are limited and are available for $15 each from Magic Land at 972-241-9898. (8/7)

A very young David Copperfield appears and performs magic in the 1980 movie “Terror Train” on Saturday Aug. 8 at 12pm and Aug. 13 at 9pm ET on MAX2-TV (US-cable).(8/7)
VOLUME: 8 / ISSUE: 222 / Saturday – August 8, 1998
Danny DeVito’s Jersey Films has teamed up with Creative Capers to develop a syndicated TV series called “Houdini.” Creative Capers which is a multimedia company will develop computer games and related merchandise to tie-in with the TV show. These are only the early stages of the project. They are still looking for a distributor. (8/8)
VOLUME: 8 / ISSUE: 223 / Sunday – August 9, 1998
T.A. Waters died on Aug. 7 of a reported heart attack. He was best known for his massive book, “Mind, Myth & Magick” which is considered to be one of the best books on mentalism. His other major book in magic was “The Encyclopedia of Magic and Magicians.” (8/9)

The much talked about new variety show, “Penn and Teller’s Sin City Spectacular” premiers on Monday Aug. 10 at 9pm and will be repeated on Sunday Aug. 16 at 10pm ET on FX-TV (US-cable). Scheduled to appear are: Drew Carey, Save Ferris, Lou Reed, The Pavlovics, Rob Schneider, and Todd Oliver and his talking dog Irving.(8/9)

David Roth appears on the Late Show with David Letterman on Monday Aug. 10 at 11:35pm ET on CBS-TV (US).(8/9)

A magician dies during his magic act in a magic themed episode of “Diagnosis Murder” on Monday Aug. 10 at noon ET on FAM-TV (US-cable).(8/9)

A mobster forces two magicians to help in kidnapping on a magic themed episode of “Vega$” on Monday Aug. 10 at 3pm ET on FX-TV (US-cable).(8/9)
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