MT: August 20-26, 2001

VOLUME: 44 / ISSUE: 1,330 / Monday – August 20, 2001
Tony Blanco is featured in the Henderson Home News where he spoke about the attraction of magic, “No matter how intelligent or technically advanced the world becomes, live entertainment helps [people] forget their daily pressures.” Blanco who relocated to Las Vegas ten years ago from New York has been working at the casinos but is now retooling for the local non-casino private and corporate market. Describing how his career took over his life and home he admitted, “Yes, my house looks like a magic shop… there’s my library and sewing room and my garage is designed to be a wood shop to build all of my own props and tables.” The article by Carla Riddle titled “Magician makes passion for tricks his life” appeared in the Aug. 16 issue.(8/20)

Kevin Barrett, “Kevin the Magnificent,” could be launching a new career as an actor at the ripe age of 15 after entering and winning a contest. To read the Aug. 19 Reno Gazette-Journal story by Alison Bath titled “Chasing fame” click: HERE.(8/20)

The Magic of Lyn appears on Aug. 22-23 at 3pm and 7pm at the Marstons Mills East Elementary School in Cape Cod, MA. Tickets are $10 per person at the door.(8/20)
VOLUME: 44 / ISSUE: 1,331 / Tuesday – August 21, 2001
Tannen’s 27th Annual Summer Magic Camp which ran from Aug. 11-18 in Long Island, NY held competitions in four categories. The winners were: Senior Close-Up: Ben Shear (1st), Dane Grigas (2nd), Sean Thoreux (3rd) and Jake Friedman (4th). Senior Stage winners were: Jason Newsome (1st), Jeff Kellogg (2nd), Paul Denaro (3rd) and Matthew Goldapper (4th). Winning in the Junior Close-Up contest were: Justin Behravesh (1st), Kimberly Naughton (2nd), Mike Jacobson (3rd) and George Gill (4th). Junior Stage winners were:  Joshua Cohen (1st), Max Nover (2nd), Steve Moore (3rd) and Will Lively (4th). Brett Amazeing received the Mario J. Gonzalez Memorial Camper of the Year Award and Scott Hitchcock received the Mark Nathan Sicher Memorial “Dude” Award. Many previous winners have gone on to star in leading theaters and reviews around the world and even featured on television. This year more that 115 campers attended with around 60 of them competing for the honors.(8/21)

Steve Cohen is featured in a New York Post story where he read the mind of the writer and is described as, “Whoa. Steve Cohen does things that you simply cannot believe.” Cohen will be reviving his “Chamber Magic” show next month at the Waldorf Towers in New York City. To read the Aug. 20 by Gersh Kuntzman titled “This Magician Decks Me” click: HERE.(8/21)

CALIFORNIA: The San Francisco Stage Magic Competition takes place on Friday Aug. 24 at 7:30pm at the James Lick School Auditorium (1220 Noe St.) in San Francisco. Headlining are Jay Alexander and Chin-Chin with Bill & Ann, Boswick, Dan Chan, Henry Cocachvilli, Fitzpatrick & Vannesa, Mr. Ection, Super Gigi, Allen Gittelson, Alex Gonzalez, David Lowenstein, Richard Myer, and Brett Schneider. For more information phone: 415-566-2180.(8/21)
VOLUME: 44 / ISSUE: 1,332 / Wednesday – August 22, 2001
George Saterial, John Shryock, Aldo Colombini, Whit Haydn and Shimada appear in “The Magic Castle’s Award Winning Magicians” at the Big Bear Lake Performing Arts Center (39707 Big Bear Boulevard) in Big Bear Lake, CA on Saturday Aug. 25 at 7:30pm and Sunday Aug. 26 at 2pm. Tickets are $13.50 – $15 per person and are available by phoning: 909-866-4970.(8/22)

Glen David Gold’s new book “Carter Beats the Devil” is reviewed in the Independent – London where they describe the book as, “This fictional account of the career of Charles Carter, a famous American magician of the 1920s, takes the bare bones of his story and turns them into something as marvellous as the levitation and spirit tricks that once baffled his audience.” To read the Aug. 19 review titled “Just kaptivated by Karter’s krazy koin and kard tricks” supplied by YellowBrix and Infoseek click: HERE.(8/22)

Debbie McGee and her Ballet Imaginaire are featured in a This Is London article which discusses the new “Phantom of the Opera” ballet which she wrote, choreographed and designed. The article also touches on her career and how she came into magic, “Debbie trained as a dancer and teacher with the Royal Ballet, and was forced into light entertainment by Ayatollah Khomeini, who started a revolution while she was performing as a soloist with the Iranian National Ballet. Fleeing the Middle East, she auditioned for Paul [Daniels], assisted him, married him and became one of the first female members of the Magic Circle. The Ballet will tour through England on Sep. 12 through Dec. 2. To read the Aug. 18 article by Nick Curtis titled “It’s naff, tacky…we love it” click: HERE.(8/22)

“Carter Beats The Devil” by Glen David Gold is described in an Independent review as, “This novel casts a spell that is sly, intoxicating, deceitful and enduring. Savour its every page, and don’t believe a word.” To read the Aug. 18 review by Graham Caveney titled “Carter Beats the Devil” click: HERE.(8/22)
VOLUME: 44 / ISSUE: 1,333 / Thursday – August 23, 2001
A David Blaine interview by Max Maven was the big surprise event at Magic…Live! in Las Vegas on Wednesday Aug. 22. The lecture hall was filled to capacity as most of the attendees wanted to get to know Blaine a little better. Although only responding to the questions he wanted to elaborate on, Blaine was very open about his future plans and his thoughts about where magic should be heading. We found out that he respects the work of Evil Kenevil very much and he will continue to put his health on the line with these endurance tests. His current plans are to stage his next stunt on Nov. 12-14.(8/23)

Richard Forget who recently won both the IBM and SAM magic competitions is featured in a Globe And Mail article about his recent appearance at the Bell Canada annual meeting. The article describes what he does, “The 30-year-old Toronto native makes his way through the small groups of corporate types, stopping to entertain and amuse with sleights of hand that are as old as magic itself.” Most of the article concentrates on close-up magic in the 21st century and how it is becoming more popular than stage magic. Mentioned in the article are Bob Escher, Siegfried and Roy, Melinda, Lance Burton, David Thorsen, Robert-Houdin, Harry Kellar, Houdini, and David Copperfield. The story by Josipa Petrunic titled “No more grand illusions” was published on Aug. 20.(8/23)

Ed Kaczmarek’s magic shop is featured in the Sarasota Herald Tribune, where he explained “The appeal of magic is the surprise and wonder — that moment of bewilderment… The job of a magician is to extend that moment.” To read the Aug. 20 story titled “Owner of magic store counts on ‘surprise and wonder'” supplied by YellowBrix and Infoseek click: HERE.(8/23)

FISM champs Scott The Magician and Miss Muriël appear on the Traumtänzer – Best of Variety show in Kassel, Germany on Aug. 24. If selected as finalists, they will appear on Traumtänzer Live on the ARD-TV in Germany on Aug. 26 at 9:45pm where they will compete for $20,000.(8/23)

The 11th annual Abracadabra show and events in Cincinnati raised $100,000 for the Playhouse. To read the Aug. 21 Enquirer article by Maxine Berkman titled “Abracadabra makes $100,000 appear for Playhouse” click: HERE.(8/23)
VOLUME: 44 / ISSUE: 1,334 / Friday – August 24, 2001
“Ricky Jay and His 52 Assistants,” directed by David Mamet and starring Ricky Jay, will be opening at the Market Theater (One Winthrop Square) in Cambridge, MA for a short run on Oct. 27 through Nov. 24. This is the same show that won an Obie Award during it’s New York run and was later made into a television special. Tickets will be available from the theater box office by phoning: 617-576-0808.(8/24)

Wally Boyce who specialized in children’s magic died of cancer on Aug. 22. Boyce was also the person who started the trend of using knit ropes and marketed several routines using them. He also, at one time, supplied Daryl and Meir Yedid Magic with the specially made rope for their marketed products.(8/24)

“Abracadabra” held a special gala and cocktail reception at the Cincinnati Playhouse which featured close-up magician Cinde Wolf. A Cincinnati Post article reported that they “…dedicated this year’s six performances of “Abracadabra” to Ken Klosterman in appreciation of the magic Klosterman has brought to the Playhouse in years past.” Also mentioned in the article were The Majestix, Michael Giles & Stacy, Eric Buss, Chris Mitchell, and Norm Nielson. To read the Aug. 21 story titled “It was a magical night for guests at Playhouse” supplied by Infoseek and Yellowbrix click: HERE.(8/24)

CALIFORNIA: Martin Lewis lectures for the Misdirections Magic Shop on Tuesday Aug. 28 at 7:30pm at the Fort Mason Center (Building C, Room 260) in San Francisco. For more information phone: 415-566-2180.(8/24)
VOLUME: 44 / ISSUE: 1,335 / Saturday – August 25, 2001
The Gamesters (Doug Leferovich and Seth Yudof) will be premiering their new full-evening show “Manhattan Mayhem” at the Sands Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, NJ. The show opens on Sep. 15 and is scheduled to run through Oct. 31 with evening shows on Monday through Saturday and a Wednesday matinee. Tickets are $20 per person and are available through TicketMaster at: 800-736-1420 or directly from the Sands box-office at: 609-441-4137. There are also plans to implement a “magician’s discount” for the show where anyone with an SAM or IBM membership card will be eligible.(8/25)

Seth Ossinsky who won the title of “Daytona’s Best Nerd” is featured in the News-Journal where they tout his appearance at this weekend’s Children’s Expo at the Ocean Center. Ossinsky explained what he plans to do, “I will cut an audience member in half and put them back together. My only problem is, I haven’t quite perfected the trick yet, and I am not sure I can do it.” To read the Aug. 24 story titled “Children’s Expo brings magic to the fore” click: HERE.(8/25)

“Share the Magic” sponsored by the Society of American Magicians Assembly 112 and featuring David Miller, Sir Lantz, Gerald Joseph. Peter Morrison, Loren Lind, Larry Wright, Leroy & Lynn Goodenough, and Adrienne Johnson is reported in the San Francisco Chronicle. To read the Aug. 24 article by Brigitte Cummings titled “Hot Dates  Contra Costa” click: HERE.(8/25)
The best known magician in Italy Silvan posing with star of “Showgirls of Magic” Theresa Marie King after her show at the San Remo in Las Vegas on August 23. (Photo: Vinny Giordano).(8/25)
VOLUME: 44 / ISSUE: 1,336 / Sunday – August 26, 2001
Alain Nu will be presenting his 75-minute mentalism show “Mystery Man” at the D.C. Improv (1140 Connecticut Avenue NW) in Washington, DC on Wednesday Aug. 29 at 8:30pm. Alain Nu told MagicTimes, “This is for one night only. I’ll be bringing out all the classic ‘Nu repertoire’ (metal bending and all) as well as some brand new experiments!” Admission is $15 per person. For more information and tickets phone: 202-296-7008 or click: HERE.(8/26)

Michael Chaut, Chris McDaniel, Rocco, Jamy Ian Swiss, Frank Brents, Belinda Sinclair and Asi Wind appear at Monday Night Magic on Aug. 27 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(8/26)

Derren Brown, whose TV special “Mind Control 2” aired in England, is described as “Clearly the greatest dinner party guest in history, he’s either a balls-out con artist or thescariest man in Britain. Watch him and make up your own mind. Or he’ll do it for you.” To read the Aug. 25 article in The Observer titled “The guide: Television: Screen burn” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(8/26)

71-year-old magician Bill Shaner wins $5,000 in last week’s Powerball lottery and is featured in a Dayton Daily News article which quoted him, “Money’s not important… I just like making people happy and having a good time.” To read the Aug. 24 story by Cathy Mong titled “Lottery Player Has Magic Numbers” supplied by YellowBrix and Infoseek click: HERE.(8/26)

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