MT: August 2-8, 1999

VOLUME: 20 / ISSUE: 581 / Monday – August 2, 1999
The illusion show, Shazzam, which was originally produced by John Daniel and later toured throughout the world with Lee Edwards was sold to Blair Marshall, an illusionist from Montreal. The show features more than 30 stage illusions, close to 100 costumes, and several sets. In Marshall’s Jul. 22 press release he states that “Shazzam will be based in Montreal, Canada and will be positioned to take advantage of developing markets, both in Canada & the U.S.” (8/2)

Lance Burton: Master Magician at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas recently celebrated its third anniversary and one millionth customer.(8/2)

Infantino performs at Governor’s Comedy Club (Levittown, NY) on Aug. 3 at 8pm. He will also present his Family Magic Show at the Rocking Horse Ranch in the Catskills (600 Rte 44-55, Highland NY) on Aug. 4 and 14. For more information phone: 914-691-2927.(8/2)

Terror Train features a very young David Copperfield performing magic in this 1980 movie on Tuesday Aug. 3 and Aug. 8 at noon FX-TV, Aug. 24 at 7am on ODSY-TV and Aug. 24 at 10:01pm ET on FXM-TV (US-cable).(8/2,16)
VOLUME: 20 / ISSUE: 582 / Tuesday – August 3, 1999
MICHIGAN: Topaz, Norm Nielsen, Mahka Tendo, Howard Mincone, Gordon Miller, Arron Radatz, Bob Bloenk, Mike DiDomenico, Stuart MacDonald, Hank Moorehouse, Jania Taylor, Steve Chezady, R.G. Smith, Ice McDonald, Silly Billy, Michael Finney, Enrico de la Vega & Lisa, George Schindler, Trevor Lewis, and Jupiter appear at the Abbott’s Magic Get-Together on Aug. 4-7, in Colon, MI. For more information you can e-mail them at: or visit their website by clicking: HERE.(8/3)

Future Stars of Magic Week at the Castle features: Yuri Drell, Josh Sadowsky, Joseph Tran, Josh Hall, James Holguin, Joel Broock, Brian Dow, and Jimmy Kittiyachavalit. Joining the new stars will be George Tovar, Whit Haydn, Ed Alonzo, Lorenzo Clark, and Bob Hoover at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Aug. 2-8. Pit Hartling lectures on Sunday Aug. 8.(8/3)

A magic themed episode of Wonder Woman titled “Diana’s Disappearing Act” has her exposing a magician’s method of changing lead into gold on Wednesday Aug. 4 at 9am on SCIFI-TV (US-cable).(8/3)

A magician’s assistants become trapped in a ball of flames on a rerun of the World’s Most Amazing Videos on Wednesday Aug. 4 at 9pm ET on NBC-TV (US).(8/3)

Children help an old magician regain his self-confidence in “The Magic Is Believing” episode of Shining Time Station on Wednesday Aug. 4 at 9am ET on FAM-TV (US-cable).(8/3)

Charles and Bobbi Peters who performed at the S.A.M. Convention last month appear on Extreme Gong on Monday Aug. 2 at 11pm ET on GSN-TV (US-cable).(8/1)
Update: Charles and Bobbi, due to a scheduling problem, did not appear on 8/2 but will be rescheduled sometime in the future.(8/3)
VOLUME: 20 / ISSUE: 583 / Wednesday – August 4, 1999
A magician dies on national television while performing an illusion and detective Cathy Mallory believes it is a murder in Carol O’Connell’s new Mallory novel, “The Shell Game” (Putnam, $24.95). In investigating the death of the magician there are many interactions with other magicians, a visit to a magic convention, descriptions of the performance of many illusions and a behind the scenes look at the world of stage magic. To read a less than favorable review of the book by Gregory Baird which appeared in the Aug. 2 APB News click: HERE. (8/4)

Larry Jennings is one of many performers in the Great Magic of Las Vegas on Thursday Aug. 5 at 7pm ET on FAM-TV (US-cable).(8/4)

Greatest Magician: Houdini is a profile of the incredible life of Houdini on Thursday Aug. 5 at 9pm and midnight ET on TLC-TV (US-cable).(8/4)

Ten year old magician Christian Sorto is scheduled to appear on The Rosie O’Donnell Show on Thursday Aug. 5 at 10am ET on ABC-TV (US). This show is syndicated and may appear at different times and channels — check local listings.(8/4)
VOLUME: 20 / ISSUE: 584 / Thursday – August 5, 1999
JAPAN: The 9th World Magic Symposium (SAM Japan Convention) features Ben Caesar, Shintaro Fujiyama, Bob Little, Issei Yoda, Peter Marvey, Tina Lenert, Mahka Tendo, Shinpei Ogawa, Spirit Momose, and many others on Aug. 6-8 at the Grand Hotel Hamamatsu, in Hamamatsu, Japan. For more information phone: 03-5378-2882.(8/5)

Rough Magic (1995) starring Bridget Fonda as a magician’s assistant on Friday Aug. 6 at 3pm, Aug. 23 at 7:40am on TMC-TV and Aug. 24 at 11:10am ET on MAX2-TV (US-cable).(8/5,16)
VOLUME: 20 / ISSUE: 585 / Friday – August 6, 1999
Now or Never, hosted by Gorden Elliot, is a new pilot for ABC-TV where six entertainers and their spouses are interviewed about how their career is driving their spouse crazy, then they perform their act and the audience decides whether they should pursue their career or get a real job. The winner gets a management contract, photos, etc… The first show will feature magician Eric Citron and his wife Jill. He will perform a seven minute act while she will show a video clip of how his magic has taken over their house. The show whose premise is: “Oprah meets Star Search” tapes on Aug. 8 in Hollywood. No air date at this time.(8/6)

The Amazing Kreskin performs two shows on Saturday Aug. 7 at 7pm and 9pm on the South Jersey Online Main Stage at the New Jersey State Fair in Cherry Hill, NJ. For more information click: HERE.(8/6)
VOLUME: 20 / ISSUE: 586 / Saturday – August 7, 1999
Clark Grande will try to escape from Monroe County’s (Ohio) maximum-security jail, on Saturday Aug. 7, in time to appear at a show at 3pm. He will be locked behind a solid steel door with no access point from the inside at noon as a fund-raising event for Mercy Memorial Hospice of Monroe. About the escape Grande said, “And I won’t be using an attorney to get out…” To read the article which appeared in the Aug. 6 Toledo Blade click: HERE.(8/7)

More Secrets Revealed exposes a levitation on Sunday Aug 8 at 8pm and 11pm and on Aug. 14 at 5pm ET on TLC-TV (US-cable).(8/7)

Unmasked! Exposing the Secrets of Deception reveals the secrets behind psychic healers, mind readers and crooked gamblers on Sunday Aug. 8 at 9pm and midnight and again on Saturday Aug. 14 at 6pm ET on TLC-TV (US-cable). (8/7)

Chandu, the Magician, the 1932 Black & White movie starring Bela Lugosi airs on Sunday Aug. 8 at 12:31pm, Aug. 9 at 2:31am, Aug. 25 at 6:31pm and Aug. 26 at 8:31am ET on FXM-TV (US-cable).(8/7,17)
VOLUME: 20 / ISSUE: 587 / Sunday – August 8, 1999
On Jul. 22 the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced the nominees for the 51st annual Primetime Emmy Awards for the Jun. 1998 to May 1999 year. Among the 387 nominations four went to magic projects. The World’s Greatest Magic V was nominated for “Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing for a Miniseries, Movie or a Special,” and the TNT Houdini movie received three nominations for: Sound Editing, Hairstyling, and Makeup. The winners are announced during two separate events, the main 27 categories are presented on Sep. 12 at the Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium and televised live on FOX-TV. The other 50 awards are presented on Aug. 28 at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium.(8/8)

Paul Daniels’ appearances in August include his show at the Pavilion Theatre in Weymouth, England (Aug. 9-11, 16-18, 23-25, and 30-31). He will also play in the Paul Daniels Golf Classic in Batchworth Park on the 13th and perform at Porthcawl on the 14th.(8/8)

Peter Kougasian, Chris McDaniel, Rocco, and Todd Robbins appear at Monday Night Magic on Aug. 9 in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: (212) 307-4100.(8/8)

Harry Anderson and Steve Martin appear on episode #311, from the 1982-’83 season, of Saturday Night Live on Monday Aug. 9 at 6pm and midnight ET on COM-TV (US-cable).(8/8)

Bagdad Cafe (1988) which features a lot of magic performance by the two main characters airs on Monday Aug. 9 at 3:10pm ET on STARZ-TV (US-cable).(8/8)
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