MT: April 3-9, 2000

VOLUME: 28 / ISSUE: 826 / Monday – April 3, 2000
Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger, and Abbi Spinner present The Forbidden Secret of Magic, a limited run engagement at the Magicopolis (1481  4th Street) in Santa Monica, CA on Apr. 4-16. McBride describes what to expect: “Audiences will take a journey through space and time, not only delighting in some of the most spectacular and baffling magical manipulation and illusions of our time, but exploring the mysterious world behind the illusions  the real magic behind the smoke and mirrors of the magicians art.” For tickets and information phone: 310-451-2241.(4/3)

Earl Nelson, Aldo Colombini, Martin Lewis, B. J. Hickman, Jeff Martin, Dale Hindman, and Enrico De La Vega appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Apr. 3-9. Doug Malloy lectures on Sunday Apr. 9.(4/3)

Alain Choquette is not only an accomplished magician but also “…has one of the largest private collections of baseball memorabilia in the world.” Much of his collection will be on display at the McCord Museum in Montreal from May 18 to Oct. 22. To read the David Johnston article in the Apr. 2 Montreal Gazette click: HERE.(4/3)

VOLUME: 28 / ISSUE: 827 / Tuesday – April 4, 2000
David Williamson and General Grant will join regulars Jon Stetson, Mike Bent, Steve Kradolfer, Jay McMahon and David Oliver at Magicians & Spirits at The Green Street Grill in Cambridge, MA on Tuesday Apr. 4. Show starts at 10pm, bar magic at 9pm. All seats $10. For more info phone: 617-876-7094.(4/4)

Ed White who runs White Magic and performs around the Allentown, PA area as the 17th century Highland hero Rob Roy MacGregor is featured in the Allentown Morning Call. He created the three act show based on his ancestor who was known as the Scottish Robin Hood. White was a lawyer before turning to a magic career says, “I’m a full-time magician and occasional lawyer.” To read the Mar. 23 Kathy Lauer-Williams article click: HERE.(4/4)

VOLUME: 28 / ISSUE: 828 / Wednesday – April 5, 2000
David Copperfield’s new show is reviewed in the Evansville Courier & Press. The verdict: “After three decades of dazzling illusions, Copperfield is only getting better, combining tried-and-true showmanship with the latest technology to find new ways to make you disbelieve your eyes.” To read the detailed Mar. 30 review by Roger McBain click: HERE.(4/5)

JAPAN: Ton Onosaka’s annual Hakone Close-up Festival takes place on Apr. 8-9 at the Hakone Nanpu-so in Hakone. For more information phone Magic Land at: 03-3666-4749.(4/5)
VOLUME: 28 / ISSUE: 829 / Thursday – April 6, 2000
R.G. Smith’s Evening of Comedy & Magic featuring Ashley Springer, Howard Mincone, Pete Michaels, Shelley Stortz, Kohl & Company and R.G. Smith perform at the Lanpeter-Strasburg High School near Lancaster, PA on Saturday Apr. 8 at 7pm. Tickets will be available at the door. For more information e-mail:
VOLUME: 28 / ISSUE: 837 / Friday – April 7, 2000
In a Daily Mail article discussing magic on the web with it’s advantages and disadvantages Jack Delvin, speaking on the behalf of London’s Magic Circle said, “Magic is a closed door but not locked one. …People should have to push in order to open it. After all, we didn’t tell people how some tricks were done there wouldn’t be any future magicians.” Magic sites mentioned in the article are: Magic Library, Card Trick Central, Coinpurse, Magic Talk, The All Magic Guide, Magic Theatre, and Magic World. They also reprinted a trick from the Card Trick Central Website. To read the Apr. 4 article supplied by NewsReal click: HERE.(4/7)
VOLUME: 28 / ISSUE: 830 / Saturday – April 8, 2000
Michael Moschen In Motion appears in New Jersey on Saturday Apr. 8 and Sunday Apr. 9. He is also featured in the Bergen Record where he is described as “…elements of dance and acrobatics with dreamy lighting, New Age music, and original sculptures — making him equal parts scientist, magician, and high priest.” To read the Apr. 7 article by Jim McGuinness click: HERE.(4/8)

Lance Burton & Friends is a benefit show for Las Vegas’ Zelzah Shrine Temple on Sunday Apr. 9 at 5pm at The Lance Burton Theatre in the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino. In addition to Lance Burton the two-hour show will feature Bob Massey, Johnny Thompson, Fielding West, and Joaquin Ayala. Tickets are available for a $20 donation at the Zelzah Shrine Temple or by phoning: 382-5554.(4/8)
VOLUME: 28 / ISSUE: 831 / Sunday – April 9, 2000
The Amazing Johnathan who refers to himself as “The Freddy Krueger of Comedy” is featured in the Toledo Blade. Comparing his show to that of Penn & Teller’s he said, “They emphasize magic more and throw in a little comedy, …I emphasize the comedy and throw in some magic. You might be more amazed at their show – and at the price of their tickets, too – but you’re going to laugh a lot more at mine.” You will also find out how he got his act together, who influenced him and much more. To read the Apr. 7 article by Mike Kelly click: HERE.(4/9)

Jonathan David Bass who is headlining in “Extravaganza” at Le Grand Theatre (Rombacher Hütte 6-10) in Bochum, Germany has been extended through Apr. 30. For tickets phone: (02 34) 45 90 77 77. For more information (in German) click: HERE.(4/9)

David Oliver, Chris Capehart, Torkova, Jeff Moche, and Jamy Ian Swiss appear at Monday Night Magic on Apr. 10 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(4/9)

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