MT: April 2-8, 2001

VOLUME: 40 / ISSUE: 1,190 / Monday – April 2, 2001
David Copperfield acknowledges the attraction of viewers to his fiery stunt in an Associated Press story, “People are very interested in whether you’re going to survive something that’s very legitimate and live… I hope that they’re not hoping that I’m going to get hurt… I hope they’re rooting for me.” Stressing that this is for real Copperfield said, “When I do illusions, I say they’re illusions – but this has nothing to do with that… This is 100 percent real, no secrets… The only secret is getting out.” To read the Apr. 1 story by Larry McShane titled “Copperfield To Do Stunt on Live TV” click: HERE.(4/2)

Daryl, Dimmare, Monte Smith, Woody Pittman, John Shryock, and Joshua Seth appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Apr. 2-8.(4/2)

VOLUME: 40 / ISSUE: 1,191 / Tuesday – April 3, 2001
Evgeniy Voronin who is back performing at the Teatro ZinZanni dinner show in San Francisco is profiled in The Examiner where the writer caught him after the show at a friend’s party and was fascinated by him. The routine which caught the authors eye: the card on the ceiling whose impact is described as,  “‘Three of spades,’ Voronin said correctly, but none of the guests was listening. They were staring in disbelief at the ceiling, where, with Bix owner Doug Biederbeck’s blessing, the card remains.” Voronin explained, “…the key to performing a trick successfully is ‘muscle memory,’ which can be acquired only via relentless practice. ‘When you do a trick maybe 20,000 times, then you can do it always.'” The article also describes Voronin’s career, in detail, which began as a child in the Ukraine. To read the Apr. 1 story by Toni Logan titled “Legerdemain’s main man” click: HERE.(4/3)

David Copperfield in a slightly sarcastic story on E! Online has the writer questioning some of the events surrounding his upcoming stunt. To read the Apr. 2 story by Bridget Byrne titled “David Copperfield Magically Better” click: HERE.(4/3)

Land of Illusions’ magic Kiosk business, created by three non magicians who have learned to demonstrate magic on their own and managed to create a successful retail magic business are featured in a St. Louis Post – Dispatch story. Dax Aurand explained, “The dream behind our company is to make our magic store available to the average individual… Our success and popularity lies in public interaction. Customers are involved in demonstrations and entertained by our products.” To read the Apr. 2 story titled “Three From Granite City Believe In The Land Of Illusions” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(4/3)

David Copperfield is quoted in a Miami Herald article, “It’s all examinable and real,” he said. “I might be killing myself on TV.” To read the Apr. 2 article titled “Copperfield under fire — Will he torch ratings?” click: HERE.(4/3)

Joey Armond featured in a Tampa Tribune article where he has been learning card manipulations from a John Fedko instructional video. To read the Apr. 2 story by Lorie Jewell titled “At 82, man still spellbound by magic” click: HERE.(4/3)

A Copperfield article in which closes with “His publicist said that the CBS broadcast will go on despite the incident. No air date has been set.” To read the Apr. 4 story by Jason Alcorn titled “Under Fire: Copperfield Collapses” click: HERE.(4/3)
VOLUME: 40 / ISSUE: 1,192 / Wednesday – April 4, 2001
David Blaine announced that the rerun of his special which was re-edited and is newly titled “David Blaine: Frozen in Time: Blaine’s Cut” will air on Monday Apr. 16 at 8pm on ABC-TV. According to a Zap2it story the new version will include the previously cut magic segments as well as the aftermath of the stunt. Explaining why he is redoing the show Blaine said, “I was disappointed that a lot of the magic had been dropped. It wasn’t what I had worked on. What was seen wasn’t what my vision was.” Mentioning his upcoming projects the article reported that, “…he has a stage show in development with Cirque du Soleil, that may hit the road within the next year or 18 months, along with another special for ABC.” To read the Apr. 3 story by Kate O’Hare titled “David Blaine: After the Ice Has Melted” click: HERE.(4/4)

David Copperfield’s Dream Portal went live today at The Flash based website is truly magical. It features five different Copperfield animations, which take over your screen and show you what the web can do. Some of the clips are inspired by Fantasia others have a feel of a Star Wars cartoon and others reproduce a Copperfield illusion. You may even be able to win a camera while watching. To visit the portal click: HERE.(4/4)

The 2001 edition of R.G. Smith’s Comedy & Magic Tour features Murray, Mike Miller, Ken Groves, Brackneys’ Madcap Mutts, Winston Helling, Jr. Ardan James and R.G. Smith. The shows are benefits to fund local child abuse prevention efforts. You can catch them at: the Eichelberger Centre for the Arts in Hanover, PA on Apr. 6 at 7pm, the Weinberg Centre in Frederick, MD on Apr. 7 at 7pm, and the Capitol Theatre in Chambersburg, PA on Apr. 21 at 2:30pm and 7pm.(4/4)

David Copperfield told the New York Post after his ordeal that “It was scary, and it was awesome at the same time… It was very hot.” The article also interviews some fans who wanted to see the stunt live but were unable to get close enough. To read the Apr. 4 story by Maria Malave and Kate Perrotta titled “Copperfield Proves He’s Still One Hot Illusionist” click: HERE.(4/4)

David Copperfield survived his Tornado of Fire and according to an Associated Press story, “…about twenty minutes later [after the stunt], he was dressed casually and speaking to reporters outside the warehouse.” To read the Apr. 3 story titled “Copperfield survives `Tornado of Fire'” click: HERE.(4/4)

Pat Hazell is featured in a Omaha World Herald story which looks at his career and his new 8-month old son Tucker. His “Wonder Bread Years” show also airs on the local TV station. To read the Apr. 3 story by Michael Kelly titled “Like Seinfeld, Hazell’s a Dad” click: HERE.(4/4)

The Fellowship of Christian Magicians seminar in Colorado Springs is reported in the Times Union. To read the Mar. 31 article title “Magic Christians share tips” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(4/4)

EUROPE: Rich Marotta will be lecturing in Germany, Sweden and Denmark during April. You can catch him in Copenhagen (Apr. 7), Malmo (8), Norrkoping (9), Stockholm (10), Horsens (12), Goteborg (15), Arhus (17), Berlin (18), Neustadt (19), Hamburg (20), Braunschweig (21), Oelde (22), Hannover (25), Munich (26), and Kornwestheim (29). For more information you can e-mail Maratta at:
VOLUME: 40 / ISSUE: 1,193 / Thursday – April 5, 2001
“Copperfield! Tornado Of Fire” received a rating of 9.1 (depending on who you believe it was also reported with an 8.4 rating) and a 14 share. The overnight TV ratings can be adjusted by the end of the week but as of now it looks like around 9 million households and 13 million viewers tuned into the special. The special, which was seen by 14 percent of the viewing public, came in second for the timeslot behind “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire.” In a related story Copperfield commented, “I’m much better… Only one part of me got really, really hot, but I’m cool. Everything’s OK.” The Zap2it article concluded, “It’s seems, however, that the danger was worthwhile. The special, which aired Tuesday (April 3) a strong 8.4 rating/ 14 share in fast-national ratings, pulling 13 million viewers.”To read the Apr. 4 story titled “‘Millionaire’ Douses Copperfield’s ‘Fire’ As ABC Wins Tuesday” click: HERE.
—To read the Apr. 4 story by Kate O’Hare titled “Copperfield: The Day After the Fire” click: HERE.(4/5)

Copperfield Studios has just entered into an agreement with XingMail, Inc. which will allow all his fans to get a free e-mail account using their own name (i.e. The free account also includes 10 Megs of storage, an online calendar with David’s tour dates, an address book and much more. To sign up for the free service click: HERE.(4/5)

According to a Kansas City Star article, David Blaine and Josie Maran have separated. The article quotes a Blaine rep, “…a mutual thing. They are still good friends. They still care about each other.” To read the Apr. 4 article by Brian McTavish titled “Stargazing for April 4” click: HERE.(4/5)

Magic websites are the subject of a St. Louis Post – Dispatch story which featured the websites of: The International Brotherhood of Magicians, The Society of American Magicians, International Magicians Society, Society of Young Magicians, The All Magic Guide, Magic Library, Magic Tricks.Com, and Brad Burt’s Magic Shop. To read the Apr. 4 story by Neil Joellenbeck titled “Web Watch : Finding a good Web site on magic is simple trick” click: HERE.(4/5)

David Copperfield is compared to David Blaine in a USA Today story which also asks about the validity of his magic. Copperfield responded, “E.T. is a puppet, and Kojak isn’t really a cop. You can either go with it, or not. If I just went out there and did traditional magic, I wouldn’t have the interest I have. The audience likes to be taken on new journeys.” To read the Apr. 3 story by Jefferson Graham titled “Copperfield will fight ice with fire” click: HERE.(4/5)

David Copperfield’s survival of his Tornado Of Fire stunt is summarized in a Zap2it article. To read the Apr. 3 story by Brill Bundy titled “Copperfield Still Alive” click: HERE.(4/5)

Magician and student Seth Konkel in an Associated Press story announcing his winning a seat on his local school board. What makes this unique is that he is still a student. To read the Apr. 4 story titled “Whistle-Blower Wins Student Election” click: HERE.(4/5)

ENGLAND: The Magic Circle will be holding a “Duvivier Day” on Sunday Apr. 8. The special one-day seminar by Dominique and Alexandra Duvivier includes two lectures, two workshops and two shows. The event takes place at The Center for the Magic Arts in London from 10:30am – 6pm.(4/5)
VOLUME: 40 / ISSUE: 1,194 / Friday – April 6, 2001
Tony Clark stars in “Intimate Miracles” which opens at the Fremont Centre Theatre (1000 Fremont Ave.) in South Pasadena, CA on Apr. 6. The show combines magic, comedy and dance to tell a story about a magician and a dancer. It is described as, “A family show of true life stories told through magic and illusion. Unusual, Outstanding, Imaginative, Magical.” The show, which is directed by Lance W. Lane, runs every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday through May 13. Tickets are $14-$16 per person and are available by phoning: 626-441-5977 or by clicking: HERE.(4/6)

David Copperfield, appearing via video, helped in the renaming of the Blockbuster-Sony Music Entertainment Center to “Tweeter Center.” According to a Philadelphia Daily News story Copperfield will also appear at the inaugural event at the new Tweeter on May 18-20 with his new show the “Portal.” To read the Mar. 5 story by Jonathan Takiff titled “Presto! It’s now Tweeter Center” click: HERE.(4/6)

Uri Geller told The Christian Science Monitor that criticism does not bother him, “The real magic is in the mind… I’m pretty cool about the skeptics; there’s a mass of incontrovertible lab evidence that proves I’m for real, if people want to look it up.” To read the Apr. 5 article by Lane Hartill titled “Whatever happened to “Paranormalist” Uri Geller?” click: HERE.(4/6)

Jody Baran & Kathleen and Jordon Hahn star in “Black Rock Illusions” a 70-minute illusion show at the Ka’anapali Beach Hotel in Maui, HI. The show features 12 illusions, which are integrated with a Hawaiian feel. The dinner show which opened on Feb. 20 runs Thursdays through Sundays. For more information phone: 808-661-0011 or check the Live Magic Guide.(4/6)

NEW JERSEY: George Schindler will present his “Entertainment First” lecture for SAM Assembly #161 on Monday Apr. 9 at The Willows (1013 Washington Ave.) in Greenbrook. For more information click: HERE.(4/6)

PENNSYLVANIA: Eric Paul presents his “How To Become Your Area’s Top Children’s Entertainer” lecture for IBM Ring #6 on Apr. 9 at 7:30pm in Springfield. For more information click: HERE.(4/6)
VOLUME: 40 / ISSUE: 1,195 / Saturday – April 7, 2001
The $1.5 million, “Magic: The Science of Illusion,” exhibit from the California Science Center has moved to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA. Consultants on the project included Penn & Teller, Max Maven and Goldfinger & Dove. Part of the opening ceremonies on Saturday will be a magic contest for kids and several strolling magicians were also hired for the event. The exhibit is slated to run through Aug. 26. To read the Apr. 6, Philadelphia Daily News, story by Rose DeWolf titled “Tricks are for kids Science, fun magically appear at Franklin Institute” click: HERE.(4/7)

Lance Burton was consulted on the flashy appearance of the flamboyant Prince Naseem Hamed who will be boxing on pay-per-view on Saturday against Marco Antonio Barrera. According to a USA Today article about the appearance, ”’You can expect a good one, but I won’t spoil it,’ says Hamed, who consulted with magician Lance Burton on the spectacle.” To read the Apr. 6 story by Dan Rafael titled “No belts, just big bout for Hamed vs. Barrera” click: HERE.(4/7)

Rudolf Braunmüller died on Apr. 2 at the age of 66. Braunmüller who was born in England was a longtime magic publisher and dealer in Munich, Germany who used to translate many American books into German.(4/7)

Will Shaw, David Kaye, and Jeff Moche appear at Monday Night Magic on Apr. 9 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(4/7)
VOLUME: 40 / ISSUE: 1,196 / Sunday – April 8, 2001
Sue-Anne Webster is featured in New Idea Magazine where she describes the highlight of the show; “…I lock my husband [Tim Ellis] in a box and ‘saw’ him in half with a real chainsaw — something I do night after night. Women in the audience love it, and after the show a lot of them ask me where they can buy a chainsaw like mine!” To read the Apr. 2001 article titled “Want the world’s best jobs? I saw people in half” click: HERE.(4/8)

David Regal, who’s three-volume set of magic videos was just released by L&L Publishing, wrote the special Easter episode of Everybody Loves Raymond titled “The Canister.” You can catch the show that TV Guide called, “…one of its best episodes,” on Monday Apr. 9 at 9pm ET on CBS-TV.(4/8)

Warren Kaps, president-elect of the SAM, said of David Copperfield in the Apr. 7 issue of People, “The way he thinks, the illusions he creates – David is 10 years ahead of everyone else. …He’s advanced magic more than anyone.”(4/8)

Kudroli Ganesh will hold a one-week workshop on Magic, for children under the age of 15, beginning on Apr. 23 in Kadri Bal Bhavan in Mangalore, India. According to The Times of India, “Ganesh hopes to teach a variety of magic tricks by roping in other stalwarts in the magic industry like Prahalad Acharya, Pradeep Soori, Lolaksha, Inaya Paul, Swarna Sunder, Nakul Shenoy, B.H. Raju, Kasargod-based Prof Madhav and Kampa Gopinath Rao. To read the Apr. 8 article titled “Magic workshop for children” click: HERE.(4/8)

Billy McComb, Bruce Cervon, Daryl, Allan Ackerman, John Shryock, Brandon Scott, Brian Dow, and Doug Hoover appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Apr. 9-15.(4/8)
André Kole signs autographs after his show on March 24 in Union, New Jersey. (Photo: Meir Yedid).(4/8)
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