Rainbow Film Update


One of the most popular pieces of technological magic over the past few years has been Higar’s patented Rainbow Film that has been used for many different products. The most popular is his Rainbow Phantom Card that is available in both black and silver (mirror).

This photo was taken in a bright room, with the camera head on, around a foot away.

First, I want to mention that all the rainbow products continue to be manufactured in the same way. Nothing has changed.

But camera phone technology has been advancing at a rapid pace which is beginning to affect the Rainbow Film. So far, the silver/mirror cards are the ones being affected the most.

If you have taken pictures lately of the silver film with one of the newer phones (or recently updated operating systems) you may have noticed that the images no longer have a white background but have a grey tint. You may have also encountered photographs where there is a reflection in the silver film.

Why is that happening?

The smartphone technology keeps improving and cameras are trying to capture exactly what is in front of them with precise detail.

The white balance and exposure speed adjustments of the cameras are trying to capture the larger environment and as a result the film is appearing darker. Also, the length of time and brightness of the flash has been adjusted for the environment making Rainbow Film appear darker.

This photo was taken in a dark room, with the camera on an angle, around two-feet away.

Although the objects in the silver film will continue to appear with a silvery/grey background instead of white, here are some tips on how to compensate for the enhanced cameras and make the pictures look as good as possible:

The darker the environment you are shooting in the better. It will force the camera to compensate and make the image brighter.

To keep the flash from being reflected off the film take the pictures from around two feet away.

Before taking the picture make sure that there are no other objects being reflected on the film, since the new cameras will likely focus on them, and they will appear in the photo.

In regard to using the Rainbow Film in general, the lighting of the room and the direction and angle of the camera are very important in making the film transparent and showing the hidden image.

It is still a fantastic effect that is kept as a souvenir on a spectator’s smartphone, but the presentation will have to change from having the card appear in the photo to a ghostly image of the card appearing in their picture.

We will continue to update this page as more information becomes available.

…Meir Yedid

If you are not familiar with the Rainbow Phantom Cards here is a trailer:

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