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Who is the Millionaire Magician?

It could be you by implementing the ideas in Randy Charach’s new book “Secrets of a Millionaire Magician”.

It’s often been said that we only get what we expect in our lives. After reading this book you will be informed, educated and motivated to expect a lot more from your magical entertaining. And you will be given the cutting edge tools and contacts to be able to do it.


The contact lists provided in the book are worth the price alone and are guaranteed to shortcut your entry into any given market area.

But don’t just take my word for it. Read what the following people have to say about the book – Ted Lesley , James Dimmare, Lior Manor, Gary “Darwin”, Stan Kramien, Ted Karmilovich, Jeff Evason, Dondrake, James Cielen, Craig Karges

In over twenty five years of performing, and three years of publishing MagicCoach  (http://www.achieving.com.au/Illusion.htm) I have never seen a book get so much “buzz” and word of mouth publicity in such a short space of time. Just goes to prove that Randy knows what he’s talking about.

Full details here: http://hop.clickbank.net/hop.cgi?mc111/milmag

Timothy Hyde
Publisher  MagicCoach
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