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NEW JERSEY: MyMagic has finalized the acquisition of the David Roth product line.

David Roth published and released many items over the years to sell at lectures. Most Items were made in very small quantities and were never meant for wide release.

Some of the manufacturers who made them for him sold some without his permission and he was able to stop most of them. There has never been permission given to have any of his products put on the market… until now.

Of course, he did release many videos during his career through different companies, contributed material to books and magazines and his monumental book, Expert Coin Magic, written and published by Richard Kaufman.

What MyMagic purchased are “the manufacturing rights to all of his published material.” There are many routines that are little known that will be released over the next few years. To distinguish the official David Roth products, a separate brand and logo has been created. You can visit the one-stop location with all the current and future David Roth releases: HERE

The first two David Roth Items that were released under this new brand are two of his best-known routines: Eraser Coin and Portable Hole. Watch the trailers below:

David Roth (March 15, 1952-January 13, 2021): David Roth was a legendary figure and the most influential person in the advancement of magic with coins. He literally revolutionized the way coin magic was performed, perceived, and presented.

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