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Leipzig knew it, Vernon knew it, the close-up masters of the 20th century knew it. Finally, YOU will know it.

In the realm of memorable close-up, the “Cap & Pence” remains a classical, wonderfully baffling effect for any audience. The problem has been that very important details have been left out, and the necessary “right prop” and “right handling” have never been available. until now!

Roger Klause, renowned as one of the contemporary masters of magic, at long last, gives away his secrets to this classic routine. This is Roger Klause at his best, giving you the complete package like never before. A stack of borrowed quarters with a single penny resting on top of the stack is placed on the back of the spectator’s hand. A borrowed bill is fashioned into a cone, which covers the coins. Suddenly, the spectator feels and sees the quarters slowly melt through their hand. The cone is lifted to show only the penny remaining. Immediately, the borrowed items are returned to the spectator. The gasps and astonishment that result will make WHISPER one of your all time favorites.

Learning this close-up miracle has never been easier. The carefully crafted gimmick has never been better. The newly designed gimmick actually feels and sounds like a stack of coins. This new design allows the maximum effect with minimum effort.

The special, handmade, newly designed custom gimmick. Sixty easy-to-follow drawings that seem to talk to you… Roger Klause’s pet routine that makes this miracle a knockout. Clear text — just like having Roger teaching you in your own home.

Klause’s Whisper gives you everything you need – the right weight, the right look, the right sound, and the right routine. It has never been this good, and it has never been this easy . .

Whisper . . . it really IS something to shout about!

Whisper – $40.00

Shipping Oct. 31 – Pre-order directly from:

Reel Magic
Kevin King, Inc.
1317 S.E.. 22nd Ave. #2
Pompano Beach, FL 33062
Phone/Fax 954-943-1765
Web: www.kevking.com/reelmagic

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