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Total Destiny was a huge hit at the recent Hank Lee’s Cape Cod Conclave where it not only sold-out but many placed orders for it to be shipped later. All the magic shop owners who saw it also demanded some for their store. Finally, all those back orders have been filled and stock is at hand for immediate shipment. What makes this routine special is that it is truly self-working, it will fool just about everyone, it is repeatable and is an absolute pleasure to perform. The spectators really get to have free choices and everything is examinable. We are sure that many professional performers will be adding this routine to their repertoire.

Meir Yedid’s Total Destiny

Based on the work of Walter Gibson, Maurice Kraitchik, Mel Stover and Phil Goldstein, Total Destiny creates a high impact effect that seems totally impossible.

First, you write a prediction on a card or piece of paper and the prediction remains in full-view.

Next, a specially designed and finished plastic board is displayed with a large grid filled with numbers. A spectator names any of the numbers (free choice). It is circled and some of the numbers around it are erased. A second and third spectator each call out numbers (free choice) and they too are circled and the numbers around them erased. One uncircled number is now left on the board and it becomes your free selection.

All four selected numbers are added up. You or a spectator can now pick up and show your prediction. It exactly matches the freely chosen number.

Total Destiny can be repeated with an unlimited number of totals. The prediction can be mailed to your audience weeks in advance. You can even customize the prediction to match just about any total. The effect is self-working, learned in minutes, suitable for close-up, stand-up and stage, you will love performing this routine.

Comes complete with the Total Destiny board, a dry erase marker and a 16-page, photo-illustrated booklet including Phil Goldstein’s “Rainbow Matrix” and “Force Majeur.”

Cost: $45.00 postpaid in the US.
For more information or to order visit: http://www.mymagic.com/yedtricks.htm

Meir Yedid Magic
P.O. Box 2566
Fair Lawn, NJ 07410
Phone: 201-703-1171
E-mail: meir@mymagic.com
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