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After their first two video projects, Kevin King’s “Money Morph” and Paul Cummins’ “Up In Smoke”, Kevin King and Tim Trono have formed an exciting new video company called Reel Magic.  With the inception of their new company, Trono and King have released their third video entitled “Watch Bandit… The Ultimate Watch Steal”.

This exciting new video has already received raves from such prominent masters as Roger Klause, Bill Malone, Jon Racherbaumer, Bob Kohler, Dan Garrett, and many others.

Kevin King passes on over ten year’s experience in stealing watches. Kevin delves into much more than the technique… he talks about how to make the steal magical, he discusses how you can make the spectator feel you never even touched them, he talks about when to steal the watch and when NOT to, he goes into how to practice and how NOT to practice, he discusses what to do if you get caught, and much more.

If you have been scared to try the watch steal you will gain the confidence after watching this video.  If you are doing the watch steal, Kevin will impart thoughts and ideas that will take it to a whole new realm.  The video is shot with two high quality cameras in a professional studio and includes slow motion, a question and answer segment, a performance piece at a live comedy show, and much more.

To learn more about the video or to place orders you can visit Reel Magic’s web site at: for many more exciting releases from Reel Magic.

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