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FAIR LAWN, NJ: Since the launch of MagicTimes in December 1997 we have been regularly receiving news submissions which we felt were not suitable as news items.

The submissions were mostly in the form of ads for new products and links to websites, but there were many others. Even when the news submissions were valid and of interest to our readers we were unable to publish all of the information supplied due to our format. Some wanted us to run their news item every month, or even several times a month, until the event took place. We always felt bad turning away our readers.

So, we decided to open the large following MagicTimes has (in December we had more than 31,000 unique visitors) to all of you who have items to sell or information which needs to be communicated to magicians.

The purpose of this service is to help you promote your products, services, events, websites, etc… and is not meant for personal attacks. We will retain the right to refuse any press release which we feel is not suitable for our readership or in any way demeans individuals, businesses or magic in general.

There will be a nominal cost of US $35 per submission charged to cover the various expenses and time required to process the press releases.

This is what you will receive for your submission:

• A separate page will be set up containing your release which you could link to and send people to view (should remain on the web for a minimum of three months). 
• The title of your release, as a link, will be on the Press Wire page in MagicTimes (should remain until the end of the calendar month).
• A portion of your title, with a link to the Press Wire page, will appear on the cover of MagicTimes (should remain for a minimum of three days).
• Our current plans are to keep an archive of these press releases for as long as possible.

Meir Yedid
P.O. Box 2566
Fair Lawn, NJ 07410
Phone: 201-703-1171

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