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CALVERTON, MD –   Magicians from all over will gather at the Fairfield Inn in Calverton, Maryland from June 1st until June 4th, 2000 for ‘Phoenix Gathering 2000′, a magicians’ convention that focuses on magical creativity and productivity.  As part of this event, a magic show called “The Future of Magic and Wonder Show” will be open to the public.

Magicians attending this gathering will have the opportunity to participate in workshops on creativity, character development, magic in the 21st century, and the emotional impact of magic. Attendees will have the opportunity to perform their own works in progress and receive feedback from others in a unique exchange of ideas and inspiration.  According to Alain Nu, the founder and co-coordinator of the Phoenix Gathering, “as people are becoming more and more aware of the methods used to create illusions, magicians need to develop and evolve as ‘performing artists’ in order to continue providing their audience with a sense of wonder.”  Alain goes on to state, “Phoenix Gathering 2000 will be a unique experience, bringing together some of the most creative and talented performing magicians in the world.”

The magic show open to the public will take place on Friday, June 2nd at 8:00 p.m. at the Conference Center at Cedar Ridge, 2410 Spencerville Road, in Spencerville, Maryland.  Performers will include Alain Nu with Tanya Thielke, Max Howard, Margaret Steele, Kevin Dunn, Just Alan and John Tudor with Rebeque.  Registration for this conference is $250.00 prior to April 1, 2000 and $300.00 after April 1st.

Magicians interested in attending Phoenix Gathering 2000 
can find additional information at:
or they can call 301/365-5221.

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