MT: November 26-December 2, 2001

VOLUME: 47 / ISSUE: 1,428 / Monday – November 26, 2001
Peter Lamont who is attending a magic convention in India insists that the famed Indian Rope Trick “…is a legend and not a trick.” The Age also reported the view of other magicians in attendance who agree that the original description with the boy vanishing at the end cannot be done in the open. However Shankar Bhat pointed out that, “…the rope trick was performed some six centuries ago between hills or where there are lot of trees so that they could be used as a prop to let the boy escape.” Chand Pasha said that “On stage it is very much possible but on the ground in broad daylight it is impossible. The trick can be revived to a certain extent, provided there are corporate sponsors.” To read the Nov. 26 article titled “Magicians debate whether rope trick has vanished” click: HERE.(11/26)

Charles Gauci who is appearing at the Udupi, India is featured in an article about marketing using magic. Also mentioned in the article are Shankar Bhat and  Guy Bavli. To read the Nov. 24 article titled “Magic marketing, marketing magic?” click: HERE.(11/26)

The Gili Gili 2001 magic convention in Udupi, India is described in the Deccan Herald where they reported that, “Nearly 600 magicians including 30 foreigners are participating in the convention. There are five child magicians also.” To read the Nov. 26 article titled “Magicians enthrall Udupi audience” click: HERE.(11/26)

IDAHO: Dan Paulus lectures and Scott Guinn leads a workshop for the newly formed SAM Assembly #275 on Saturday Sep. 29 at 2pm in Boise. For more information phone: 208-286-9504 or e-mail:
VOLUME: 47 / ISSUE: 1,429 / Tuesday – November 27, 2001
William Read Woodfield who founded Magicana magazine in 1946 died on Saturday Nov. 24 at the age of 73. His Magicana continues to be a main feature in Genii Magazine where it has been since the 1940s. Although he only wrote the column for two years, after his magazine was incorporated within it, his name continues to be used, as founder, in the title. Outside of magic Woodfield was a world famous photographer. Many of the photographs he took in the 1950s and 60s are ones you would recognize, especially his Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Jayne Mansfield and Elizabeth Taylor photos. After making millions of dollars as a photographer he became a TV writer with several Emmy nominations. Some writing credits include episodes of Mission: Impossible, Lost In Space, Shaft, Columbo and most recently Diagnosis Murder. To read a Nov. 26 Associated Press obituary click: HERE.(11/27)

Siegfried & Roy get a street in Las Vegas dedicated to them. Koval Lane (between Sands Drive and Flamingo Road) has been approved by the Clark County Commission to carry Siegfried & Roy’s name. The posting date of the new signs has not been announced yet.(11/27)

Carter Beats the Devil is reviewed on CNN where it relates the story of author Glen David Gold and what led to him writing the book. To read the Nov. 26 review by Todd Leopold titled “Glen David Gold tells a magical tale” click: HERE.(11/27)
–To buy the book for $17.46 click: HERE.

The fate of street magicians in India is the subject of an Associated Press story that quotes 85-year old street magician Chand Baba, “In my younger days people used to watch magic with pleasure and used to give us money generously. That is no more the case.” To read the Nov. 27 article titled “Magic does a disappearing act” click: HERE.(11/27)

CALIFORNIA: Chad Long lectures for the Misdirections Magic Shop at the Fort Mason Center (Building C, Room 370) in San Francisco on Thursday Nov. 29 at 7:30pm. For more information phone: 415-566-2180.(11/27)
VOLUME: 47 / ISSUE: 1,430 / Wednesday – November 28, 2001
An article about the difference between Harry Potter magic and the magic that we use as entertainment is the subject of a Guardian article which takes a Q&A approach to explain magic. What we do is described as “…deception using psychological principles of misdirection, suggestion, imitation and concealment. The methods are manipulative and mechanical. The spectators do not see everything that happens, and they believe they see things that do not happen. Their faulty perception leads to false assumptions and to the conclusion that the performer has achieved an impossible result.” The article concludes with links to magic sites for further research. Sites mentioned include: The All Magic Guide, The Magic Circle, and Magic Week. To read the Nov. 27 article titled “A little learning…magic” click: HERE.(11/28)

William Read Woodfield’s obituary appears in The Los Angeles Times. He died on Saturday at the age of 73. To read the Nov. 27 obituary click: HERE.(11/28)
VOLUME: 47 / ISSUE: 1,431 / Thursday – November 29, 2001
ENGLAND: The 30th Anniversary International Magic Convention in London takes place on Nov. 30-Dec. 2. Considered to be one of the best and most fun of the European conventions it regularly features non-stop events and outstanding talent. This year’s performers include: Paul Wilson, The Morettis, Salvano, John Carney, Nicholas Night & Kinga, Mike Caveney, Aaron Fisher, Alfonso, Bob Kohler, Andy Nyman, Falkenstein & Willard, David & Dania, Yumi, Norbert Ferré, Noel Britten, Derek Scott, and Daniel Hochsteiner. The convention begins at the Thistle Euston Hotel and then on Sunday expands to The Congress Centre with the evening show at Her Majesty’s Theatre. For more information phone: (0) 20 7405 7324 or click: HERE.(11/29)
VOLUME: 47 / ISSUE: 1,432 / Friday – November 30, 2001
The on again, off again Tom Cruise movie “The War Magician” appears to be on again. According to a Variety article Peter Buchman (“Jurassic Park III” and “Alexander”) has just been hired to adapt the David Fisher book. The article points out, “Cruise has always wanted to play a magician in a movie, and ”The War Magician” tells the fact-based story of a British music hall magician who became a camouflage officer in the North African desert.” To read the Nov. 29 article by Michael Fleming titled “Jim Carrey Seeking Entry Into Hughes’ World” click: HERE.(11/30)

When asked about watching TV, David Blaine explained in a New York Post article, “As a child, my favorite show was ‘The Incredible Hulk.’ Now, I like Robert Patrick in the ‘X-Files.’ I like shows with super heroes. I wish there was a super hero today that I can watch.” To read the Nov. 25 article by Georgett Roberts titled “What I Watch” click: HERE.(11/30)
VOLUME: 48 / ISSUE: 1,433 / Saturday – December 1, 2001
David Blaine wrote an article for The New York Post’s 200 anniversary issue where he discussed the strength and attitudes of New Yorkers. About the recent terrorist attack he wrote, “Even in these challenging times, New Yorkers stay strong. We continue living. We honor our heroes. We raise money to help other New Yorkers who were hurt in these attacks. We set an example for all the world. And yet, we make it all look natural. This is our spirit. This is what we are. This is what we do.” To read the Nov. 14 article by David Blaine titled “The City’s Real Magic” click: HERE.(12/1)

David Copperfield continues his tour through Germany with shows in Berlin (Dec. 1-4), Munster (6-7), Bremen (9-10), Hannover (11-13), Braunschweig (14-16), and Frankfurt (18-22). On Dec. 24 he comes back to the U.S. where he will begin six days of shows at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.(12/1)

Arnie Kolodner stars in “Cinderella & The Magic Prince” which features “magic illusions and audience participation.” The show opens at the McGinn/Cazale Theatre above the Promenade (76th Street and Broadway) in New York City on Dec. 1 with shows every Saturday and Sunday in December at 11am, additional shows are scheduled on Dec. 27-28 at 11am. Tickets are $12 per person and are available by phoning: 212-279-4200. Produced in association with The Melting Pot Theatre Company.(12/1)
Torkova with Katie Couric at a private Halloween party where he performed. (Photo: Torkova).(12/1)
VOLUME: 48 / ISSUE: 1,434 / Sunday – December 2, 2001
A very strong lineup this week at the Magic Castle in Hollywood where you can see Earl Nelson and Monte Smith in the close-up room, Martin Lewis and Steven Youell in the parlour, and a stage show featuring Dimmare, Rich Bloch and Dale Hindman. The Sunday brunch features Dan Jordan. For more information on the Dec. 3-9 shows click: HERE.(12/2)

William Neal is scheduled to predict a newspaper headline on Dec. 16. According to a Morning Call article he has, “locked his predictions Friday in a small walnut box, which is padlocked and enclosed in a locked plastic box. The box will stay in the high school trophy case until Neal’s benefit show 2 p.m. Dec. 16 at the Lehighton Middle School.” To read the Dec. 1 article by Chris Parker titled “Know and tell: Magician predicts headlines for benefit” click: HERE.(12/2)
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