MT: March 9-15, 1998

VOLUME: 3 / ISSUE: 70 / Monday – March 9, 1998
David Oliver, Jeff Moche, Michael Chaut and Peter Samelson appear at Monday Night Magic on Mar. 9 in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: (212) 307-4100.(3/9)

Harry Anderson hosts a program marking Disneyland’s 35th anniversary on Monday, Mar. 9 at 11pm ET on the Disney Channel (US-cable).(3/9)

Appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, Mar. 9-15 are: Jerry Andrus, John Carney, Martin Lewis, Ken Smith, Kerry Pollock and Bob Borgia & Co.(3/9)

A magician gets murdered on Dick Van Dyke’s Diagnosis Murder on Monday, Mar. 9 at 9pm ET on FAM-TV (US-cable).(3/9)
VOLUME: 3 / ISSUE: 71 / Tuesday – March 10, 1998 
Marc Salem performs at the Roundabout Theatre in NYC as part of a tribute for “Passport Off-Broadway” on Tuesday Mar. 10. He has also taped a Maury Povitch show, scheduled to tape a Montel Williams show and will be featured on the OBIE awards show on May 18.(3/10)

David Copperfield appears on Model featuring Claudia Schiffer. Airs on Mar. 10 at 3:30pm ET on E! (US-cable-TV).(3/10)

The Secret World of Magicians and Mentalists which is shot at the Magic Castle, airs on the Learning Channel (US-cable) on Mar. 10 at 9pm and 12am ET. The show features Brian Gillis, Christopher Hart, Penn and Teller, Ed Alonzo and others performing and explaining what attracts them to magic.(3/10)

Harry Anderson appears on a rerun of Saturday Night Live on Tuesday Mar.10 at 3pm ET on Comedy Central (US-cable TV).(3/10)
VOLUME: 3 / ISSUE: 72 / Wednesday – March 11, 1998
Magician Inge Vidar Svingen “Benifax,” sledged about 100 yards down the Kvitfjell mountainside in Norway lying on his back on a bed of 270 6-inch-long nails. Svingen is also known for extinguishing 27,250 flaming torches in his mouth within two hours and sticking 137 collectors’ pins into his body during the 1994 Olympics.(3/11)
VOLUME: 3 / ISSUE: 73 / Thursday – March 12, 1998
Harry Anderson stars in a made for TV movie, “Spies, Lies & Naked Thighs,” on Thursday Mar. 12 at 12:40am ET on WABC-TV (US-TV).(3/12)

Paul Commins, Tony Griffith, Kevin James, Chad Long, Vito Lupo, Irlene Mandrell, Mark Merchant, Bob Sheets, Landis Smith and Meir Yedid appear at the 1998 Winter Carnival of Magic in Gatlinburg, TN on Mar. 12-14. For more info visit their website at:

Jack Cassidy plays a magician on a 2-hour episode of “Columbo” on Thursday, Mar. 12 at 2pm ET on A&E (US-cable).(3/12)

“Secrets Revealed-Episode 1” will expose the Sawing in Half illusion on Mar. 12 at 9pm and 12am, ET on TLC-TV (US-cable).(3/12)
VOLUME: 3 / ISSUE: 74 / Friday – March 13, 1998
Karrell Fox, Magic legend and mainstay at the Abbott’s Get-Togethers, National I.B.M. Conventions and the Desert Magic Seminar died in Las Vegas yesterday. Fox went to sleep and never woke up. Two years ago he purchased a plot and a headstone next to his friends in Colon, MI, where he wanted to be for all eternity.(3/13)

The 6th annual Convention In Paradise held in Honolulu, Hawaii will honor Jimmy Yoshida and feature Daryl, George Schindler, Curtis Kam, Harry Monti, John Hirokawa, Shintaro Fujiyama and Alan Okawa on Mar. 13-15. For info call: 808-422-8770.(3/13)
VOLUME: 3 / ISSUE: 75 / Saturday – March 14, 1998
The winners at the 21st Desert Magic Seminar, Mar. 8-11 were: Netchoporenko from Russia won the People’s Choice Award, Flicking Fingers from Germany won the SARMOTI Award, Koichi Sugayi from Japan won the Ken Fletcher Creativity Award and Richard MacDougall from England won the Magic Hands Award.(3/14)
VOLUME: 3 / ISSUE: 76 / Sunday – March 15, 1998
Silicon Gaming, Inc. has received approval from the Nevada Gaming Control Board to introduce four new game titles for its Odyssey slot machine. One of the new slot machines will have a magic theme. Titled “Top Hat 21 – High Jinks at the Blackjack Table,” it takes place backstage after a magic show. On top of a magician’s trunk, a top hat and a magic wand come to life, making cards appear and disappear in combinations that approach 21 – and sometimes more. Players get the opportunity to split, double down, and buy insurance. With each winning hand, players also have a chance to double their award with a game of “Hi or Lo.” Another slot will have a Fortune teller theme.
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