MT: July 6 – 12, 1998

VOLUME: 7 / ISSUE: 189 / Monday – July 6, 1998
Appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, Jul. 6-12 are: Rune Klan, Brian Gillis, Max Howard, George Tovar, Milt Larsen, Mr. Mysto, Amos Levkovitch and Robert Baxt.(7/6)

Magic themed episode of “Banacek” starring George Peppard on Tuesday Jul. 7 at 9:30am and 3:30pm ET on A&E-TV (US-cable).(7/6)
VOLUME: 7 / ISSUE: 190 / Tuesday – July 7, 1998 
The 1998 Society Of American Magicians Convention In New Orleans on Jul. 8-11 will feature: Gustavo Lorgia, Michael Bailey, Terry Seabrooke, Junge-Junge!, Ted Lesley, Sabrina Frackelli & Gena Kil, Sylvia Schuyer, Davide Costi, Mahka Tendo, Luis de Matos, Rafael Benatar, Juan Mayoral, Mr. Blub, Stan Allen, Mike Caveney, Christopher Hart, Arden James, Tina Lenert, Jay Marshall, Jim Steinmeyer, Victor & Diamond and an All-star Japanese Show. For more info visit their website by clicking: HERE.(7/7)

“Champions of Magic 3” is set to tape in Monoco in mid-October. No acts have been announced as they are still being booked, several slots are still open.(7/7)
VOLUME: 7 / ISSUE: 191 / Wednesday – July 8, 1998
“Champions of Magic II” starring Jeff McBride, Marco Tempest, Galina, Hans Klok, Sittah, David Williamson, Brett Daniels and Luis DeMatos airs on Thursday Jul. 9 at 8pm on ABC-TV (US).(7/8)

MagicTimes columnist Bob Friedhoffer lectures for JMMRT at the VFW in New Jersey on Wednesday Jul. 8 at 8pm. For more info contact Al Hillman at 732-257-3456.(7/8)

Penn and Teller make a special guest appearance on “Saturday Night Live” from the 1985-86 season on Thursday, Jul. 9 (11am and midnight), Jul. 10 (11am and 3pm) and Jul. 11 and 12 at 11am ET on COM-TV (US-cable). Griffin Dunne hosts. This is the show that features one of my favorite skits: “You Bet Your Finger.”(7/8)

“Eternally Yours” starring David Niven as a debonair magician on Thursday Jul. 9 at 4am on A&E-TV (US-cable).(7/8)
VOLUME: 7 / ISSUE: 192 / Thursday – July 9, 1998
Anthony “Chappy” Brazil was killed in a motorcycle accident last month. On Thursday Jul. 9 at 8pm at the Gaslight at 400 West 14th Street (near 9th Ave.) in NYC, his friends and fellow performers will pay tribute to him by celebrating his life. All are welcome and are asked to bring photos, playbills, videos and magic to share in his memory. There will also be a 30-minute video compilation of Chappy performing.(7/9)

“The Mad Magician” starring Vincent Price as a magician who mixes murder with his magic show on Friday Jul. 10 at 10:30pm ET on AMC-TV (US-cable).(7/9)
VOLUME: 7 / ISSUE: 193 / Friday – July 10, 1998
“Lance Burton: Master Magician” on Saturday Jul. 11 at 6pm ET on FAM-TV (US-cable). Watch Burton make a herd of elephants vanish, six women appear from a trunk, saw a horse in half, levitate, etc…(7/10)

Magic, Mystery & Maheim every Saturday at Mad Magda’s Russian Tea Room in San Francisco. Scheduled performers are: James Hamilton and Daniel Allistar (Jul. 11), Charlie Martin and Daniel Allistar (Jul. 18), R.J. Owens and Daniel Allistar (Jul. 25). For more info call Misdirections Magic Shop at: 415-566-2180.(7/10)

Carl Andrews, Jr. appears in a new close-up magic theatre which opened on May 6,1998 at the Aston Wailea Resort on Maui, Hawaii on Wednesday through Saturday nights. For more info click: HERE.(7/10)
VOLUME: 7 / ISSUE: 194 / Saturday – July 11, 1998
“World’s Most Dangerous Magic 2” tapes from Dec. 98 to Jan. 99 with an air date in Feb. 1999. No acts have been announced yet.(7/11)
VOLUME: 7 / ISSUE: 195 / Sunday – July 12, 1998
“The Secret World of Magicians and Mentalists” airs on Monday Jul. 13 at 9pm and midnight ET on TLC-TV (US-cable).(7/12)

Larry Maples & Raven, Jeff Moche, Todd Robbins, and R.J. Lewis appear at Monday Night Magic on Jul. 13 in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: (212) 307-4100.(7/12)
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