MT: January 28 – February 3, 2002

VOLUME: 49 / ISSUE: 1,491 / Monday – January 28, 2002
“Melies: The Magician” DVD is featured in a San Francisco Chronicle article which points out that the 130-minute documentary about George Melies contains 15 of his short films which were introduced by his granddaughter. The positive review commented that “The documentary provides a context for appreciating Melies’ work, explaining his magic tradition and comparing his compositions to the painters of the time.” To read the Jan. 27 article by Mick LaSalle titled “Early classics on DVD These film fantasies delight as well as educate” click: HERE.(1/28)
–To buy the DVD for $26.96 click: HERE.

The American Wizard Magic Shops founded by Leigh Hotz is opening its first store at the Fiesta Mall in Mesa Arizona on Feb. 1. Holts hopes to open many stores in malls and high traffic areas that will cater to magicians as well as non-magicians.(1/28)
VOLUME: 49 / ISSUE: 1,492 / Tuesday – January 29, 2002
David London and Francis Menotti star in “Cerebral Sorcery” a show that is described as “…a thought provoking evening where magic comes face to face with literature, art, emotions, and the truth.” Four performances are scheduled for Jan. 31-Feb. 2 at The Shubin Theater (407 Bainbridge Street) in Philadelphia, PA. Admission is $13 per person. For more information and tickets phone: 215-920-4284 or click: HERE.(1/29)

Ben Curtis continues to get press about his new found fame from the Dell computer commercial. According to a St. Petersburg Times article observed that “The once shy kid, who became a professional magician at 13, has learned that he can work a new kind of magic.” To read the Jan. 28 article by Dave Scheiber titled “Dude, you’re getting a career” click: HERE.(1/29)

VOLUME: 49 / ISSUE: 1,493 / Wednesday – January 30, 2002
Kiyan Oysler is featured in a Morning Star article which describes some of the magic he performs and quotes him about his past and his future goals. Oysler, who credits Whit Hayden and Brian Gillis for helping him learn magic and turning pro said, “I think the reason why magicians exist is to remind people of the mystery of life. All life is very magical, we just get used to it… I think any artist, as you pursue your art, you become a better person.” Oysler also made the observation that, “Magic doesn’t really happen in the hands of the magician… It happens in the mind of the spectator.” To read the Jan. 25 article titled “Kiyan amazes with deception, and no, he’s not the devil” supplied by YellowBrix and Infoseek click: HERE.(1/30)

Salesian Father Silvano Mantelli known as “Magician Sales” is petitioning Pope John Paul II to declare St. John Bosco their patron saint. According to a Zenit article “Don Bosco is known popularly as patron of conjurers and illusionists, though he has never been officially declared as such, Sales said.” The feast day of St. John Bosco (1815-1888) is Thursday. To read the Jan. 29 article titled “Magicians Want Don Bosco Declared Their Patron” click: HERE.(1/30)

Dixie Dooley’s move to the former Debbie Reynolds casino with two shows is mentioned in a Las Vegas Review-Journal article which also quotes from a release from Siegfried & Roy, “The release says Siegfried and Roy protégé Darren Romeo will open his show, “The Voice of Magic,” on Feb. 14 but doesn’t say where.” To read the Jan. 29 article by Mike Weatherford titled “Reynolds’ former casino now has shows lined up” click: HERE.(1/30)

Rev. H. Peter Unks who died on Jan. 24 at the age of 69 was an “An accomplished magician, performing in New York and New Jersey, he was a member of the Society of American Magicians and International Brotherhood of Magicians, Allentown chapter.” To read the Jan. 27 obituary in the Morning Call click: HERE.(1/30)

David Weeks who did magic for sick children at the Royal London Hospital said in an Evening Standard article that “If you can make them smile, then that’s what it’s all about. We can’t make them better but we can try to make them feel better.” To read the Jan. 29 article titled “David’s bedside manner really works like magic” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(1/30)
VOLUME: 49 / ISSUE: 1,494 / Thursday – January 31, 2002
Nick Taggart who plays basketball for Westminster College credits magic for his skill of using fakes during offence. The Salt Lake Tribune quotes Taggart, “A big principle in magic is misdirection. You make people think there is something going on somewhere else. It’s the same principle as a shot fake, I guess.” Explaining how he got hooked on magic Taggart said, “I got a magic book from my mom for Christmas and I’ve been addicted ever since… Once you understand the terminology and the sleight-of-hand moves, you can learn almost any card trick.” Taggart also teaches magic to children and is a member of the IBM. To read the Jan. 30 article by Matthew Gaschk titled “Like Magic, Taggart Lands With Griffins” click: HERE.(1/31)

Ed and Kathy Groves who operate Mr. E’s Magic in Pueblo Colorado are featured in The Pueblo Chieftain where they talk about following their dreams and expanding the shop to also sell Dance Wear. To read the Jan. 29 article by Gail Pitts titled “Second business provides Magic touch” click: HERE.(1/31)
VOLUME: 50 / ISSUE: 1,495 / Friday – February 1, 2002
The popularity of magic in Korea is the subject of a Korea Herald article which states that there are around 20 magicians currently performing in Korea and five magic themed cafes and bars are currently very popular in Seoul. The article points out that “In the last few years, magic-themed establishments like Bagdad have cropped up in Seoul, as well as magic schools, magic prop shops and magic books authored by Korean magicians. The field of magic is flourishing in Korea, and up-and-coming magicians are dislodging it from the negative position it has held in the Korean consciousness over the years.” The article also looks at the recent evolution of magic in Korea and quotes some of the local magicians. What is also very interesting is that most of the magicians in the article and whose links appear at the end are female. To read the Feb. 1 article by Catherine Jun titled “Abracadabra! Magic fever sweeps across Seoul” click: HERE.(2/1)

Avner Eisenberg’s show in the UK is reviewed in the Stage Newspaper where he is described as “A postmodern, gentle-natured clown who combines traditional routines with imaginative yet simplistic ideas, Avner the Eccentric ambles his way through 80-odd minutes with slapstick, illusion, origami, acrobatics and sweetness.” To read the Jan. 24 review by Cameron Robertson titled “Avner Eisenberg” click: HERE.(2/1)

Ken Scott who received the 2001 Greater Atlanta Magician of the Year trophy is featured in an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article. To read the Jan. 31 article by Abby G. Brunks titled “‘Shy kid’ transformed by magic” click: HERE.(2/1)

Ron Mayhew runs magic classes for kids at the Henderson County Schools continuing education program in February. According to a Henderson Gleaner article the tree classes are titled “Magic of Reading,” “Magic 101” and “You Have The Power.” To read the Jan. 30 article titled “It’s magic – Classes for kids being offered” click: HERE.(2/1)

Lance Burton wins the “Golden Nerf” trophy from the Las Vegas Sun by predicting the best football results for the season with a run of 30-19-1 against the point spread. To see the Jan. 31 photo and read the caption click: HERE.(2/1)

100 Italian magicians gave the Pope an Indian magic wand when he met with them at the Vatican. To read the Jan. 31 Ananova article titled “Pope given magic wand” click: HERE.(2/1)

David Copperfield continues with his 40 city “Portal” tour of the USA running through May with shows at the Ovens Auditorium in Charlotte, NC (Feb. 1-2), Barbara Mann in Ft. Meyers, FL (4-6), Jackie Gleason in Miami, FL (7-10), Times Union in Jacksonville, FL (11-12), U Off PAC in Gainesville, FL (13), Tampa PAC in Tampa, FL (15-17), Johnny Mercer in Savannah, GA (19), Performing Arts Center in N.Charleston, SC (20), Memorial Auditorium in Spartansburg, SC (21), Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA (22-24), Classic Center Theatre in Athens, GA (26), Jefferson County in Birmingham, AL (27), and the Knoxville Civic in Knoxville, TN (28).(2/1)

Isaac Fawlkes who bills himself as “Magician, Mind Reader, and Funny Fat guy will be appearing at the 10th Annual Florida Renaissance Festival at Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield Beach, FL. The festival runs every weekend from Feb. 2 – March 3. For more information click: HERE.(2/1)
VOLUME: 50 / ISSUE: 1,496 / Saturday – February 2, 2002
Penn Jillette who is currently performing at the Lyric Opera House in Baltimore conducted a live chat through the Washington Post on Thursday. Listing the magicians he admires Jillette mentioned “Mike Close, Mac King, Lance Burton, Jamy Ian Swiss, Amazing Randi, and The Great Tomsoni and Co.” Speaking of illusionists Jillette wrote, “I’ve ALWAYS hated ‘illusionist’ empty headed fools pointing to boxes and pretending to torture women (if the women want it fine, but do it on your own time). Bad music. Bad haircuts. No heart. Yeech. It’s what made me hate magic as a kid.” To read the Jan. 31 chat with Penn Jillette which began at 1pm click: HERE.(2/2)

Lance Burton predicts the results of the upcoming Super Bowl XXXVI after winning the Las Vegas Sun competition by compiling a 30-19-2 record against the spreads during the season with a 61% accuracy rate. His prediction: “I expect the Rams to win and win big.” To read the Jan. 31 article by Sal DeFilippo titled “Burton makes foes disappear” click: HERE.(2/2)

Russ Merlin joins the cast of Showgirls of Magic until Mar. 15 at the  San Remo in Las Vegas.(2/2)
VOLUME: 50 / ISSUE: 1,497 / Sunday – February 3, 2002
Adam Steinfeld who stars in MagicLive! has recently celebrated his 150th performance at the Aladdin Theatre in the Alhambra Casino in Oranjestad Aruba. The long-running show makes it the most successful and popular grand illusion show ever in Aruba. The Aruba Multi-Media TV News described the show as, “MagicLive!…is Hip-Comedy Entertainment. Steinfeld presents; Grand Illusion, Comedy & Magic his improves and original illusions are so unpredictable, that the audience is returning for a 2nd time, to standing-room only crowds, Adam is the ultimate modern magician.” Shows are nightly at 9pm (dark on Sunday and Tuesday).(2/3)

Bart Rockett featured in a Carthage Press article that caught him as he was entertaining students of the Mark Twain and Steadley Elementary schools. To read the Feb. 2 article by Stacy Rector titled “Local magician makes it big in Branson” click: HERE.(2/3)

Jim Merrills’ show is described as “He binds himself in straitjackets. He demonstrates mind reading. And he taunts audiences with the threat of drinking Drano,” in a Listen article which points out that he has chosen to “take his act into the public school arena for a more significant purpose-helping kids live drug-free lives.” To read the Feb. 1 article titled “The magic of Mr. Jim” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(2/3)

Avner The Eccentric who is described as a “New-Vaudevillian” and “Master Clown” performs at the Seacoast Repertory Theatre (125 Bow Street) in Portsmouth, NH through Feb. 24. Tickets range from $20-25 per person and are available by phoning: 603-433-4472 or 800-639-7650.(2/3)

Puck, John Graham, Simon Lovell, Todd Robbins, Michael Chaut, Peter Kougasian, and Andy Roberts appear at Monday Night Magic on Feb. 4 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(2/3)
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