MT: January 26 – February 1, 1998

VOLUME: 1 / ISSUE: 28 / Monday – January 26, 1998
Appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, Jan. 26-Feb. 1 are: Paul Green, Gregory Wilson, Woody Pittman, Gary Norsigian, Billy McComb, Margaret Steele and Ice McDonald.(1/26)
VOLUME: 1 / ISSUE: 29 / Tuesday – January 27, 1998 
Orson Welles teams up with Lucy in a magic act on “I Love Lucy,” Tuesday, Jan. 27, 10pm, EST, NIK-TV (US-cable).(1/27)
VOLUME: 1 / ISSUE: 30 / Wednesday – January 28, 1998
The Amazing Jonathan is scheduled to appear on “The A-List,” Comedy Central (US-cable), Wednesday, Jan. 28, 6pm EST.(1/28)
VOLUME: 1 / ISSUE: 31 / Thursday – January 29, 1998
IBM Ring #1 and SAM # 8 present Harry Monti with the “Magic Heritage Award” on Jan. 30 at the Orlando Gardens banquet center in St. Louis, MO. The award will coincide with a banquet and a magic show. For info call: 314-968-3442.(1/29)
VOLUME: 1 / ISSUE: 32 / Friday – January 30, 1998
“The Magician’s Wife” is a new novel by Brian Moore. What makes it interesting to magicians is that the novel is based on the escapades of magician Robert-Houdin (although the main character in the book is his wife). The book has been getting very good reviews: The Wall Street Journal – Jan. 13 and The New York Times – Jan. 29. It’s a 229 page, $23.95 book published by Dutton and is available from your local book store.(1/30)
VOLUME: 1 / ISSUE: 33 / Saturday – January 31, 1998
Bob Friedhoffer and Rich Marotta join the MagicTimes team on Feb.1. Also in issue #2 will be an exclusive trick by Phil Goldstein, a Frank Thompson trick and much more.(1/31)
VOLUME: 2 / ISSUE: 34 / Sunday – February 1, 1998
“Eternally Yours” staring David Niven as a debonair magician who woos and wins a socialite (Loretta Young) discovers he can’t make strange women’s lipstick disappear from his collar. Sunday, Feb. 1, 4am, A&E-TV (US-cable TV).(2/1)

A “Columbo” magic episode on Sunday, Feb. 1, 10pm, FAM-TV (US-cable). Columbo (Peter Falk) plunges into ESP and illusion when a psychic murders a magician on his own trick guillotine.(2/1)

David Copperfield’s February appearances: Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA (Jan 31-Feb. 1). Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall, Fort Myers, FL (Feb.2-3). Bob Carr Performing Arts Center, Orlando, FL (Feb.5-6). Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Fort Lauderdale, FL (Feb. 9-10). Jackie Gleason Theater, Miami, FL (Feb.12-13). Center of Performing Arts, Jacksonville, FL (Feb. 14). Saenger Theatre, Pensacola, FL (Feb. 15). Rosemont Theatre, Rosemont, IL (Feb. 18-22). Shea’s Theatre, Buffalo, NY (Feb. 24). Landmark Theatre, Syracuse, NY (Feb. 25). Oakdale Theatre, Wallingford, CT (Feb. 26 – Mar.1).(2/1)
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