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Master of the pasteboards Martin A. Nash, “The Charming Cheat” will soon embark on his final lecture tour. Martin, who was voted “Close-Up Magician” of the year, twice by the Academy of Magical Arts (The Magic Castle) and is the only “Card Man” to have ever won the Academy’s Fellowship award, begins his Farwell lecture tour at the end of May 2001. The first stop will be a pre-show lecture at the A-1 convention in Sacramento on Thursday May 17th at 8 PM. From there he will be covering a great deal of the US.

The lecture, titled “One Class Act” will be of the workshop type where Martin will answer questions, give demonstrations on his work and talk about his amazing career in magic. Martin is one of the most respected card man in the world and this is a great chance for magicians all over the US to learn from one of the best.

This is Martin’s last tour. After the tour, there will be no more lectures or shows. A brand new set of notes will also be available on the tour. 

For information, or to be included on the tour contact John H. Zander:
Phone: 562- 861-9123.

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