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A milestone was reached this month for the webs free weekly newsletter MagicCoach, as it gained it’s 500th subscriber.

Dedicated to helping enterprising performers drive their magic business forwards, the newsletter has quickly gained hundreds of raving fans around the world.  Since it’s launch in January this year, it has essentially grown through word of mouth.

Some comments –

“Timothy, I have read your material on promotion with appreciation for its depth and insight. I really enjoy reading it. You are a valuable resource for performers who want to rise above the rest  — good on ya!” …Chris Carey

“Thanks for a great source of information. I’ve paid for information and advice that didn’t come near what you’re giving away here for free — wow!”  …Andy Leviss

Each week they discus tips and tactics for such topics as – Merchandising, Marketing, Positioning, Goal Setting, Publicity and more.

It’s editor, Timothy Hyde, has over 22 years experience in the business and also draws on the knowledge of a range of experts in different fields.

You can find out more about the newsletter and subscribe via:

Or send a blank email to:

Timothy Hyde
Achieving the Impossible
PO Box 19
Hazelbrook NSW 2779


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