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Two of the magic world’s most exciting and innovative artists, Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger, will be joined by Abbi Spinner in presenting their new magical entertainment, The Forbidden Secret of Magic.  What IS the forbidden secret?  Only those who attend this special limited run engagement will find out for now.  Audiences will take a journey through space and time, not only delighting in some of the most spectacular and baffling magical manipulation and illusions of our time, but exploring the mysterious world behind the illusions  the real magic behind the smoke and mirrors of the magicians art.

Both McBride and Burger are well known and widely awarded performers:  McBride has received both Magician of the Year honors and the Blackstone Theatre Award from the Academy of Magical Arts at Hollywood’s famed Magic Castle.  Burger has been named Lecturer of the Year AND Close-Up Magician of the Year by the Academy.   Burger and McBride are also highly respected thinkers and teachers of magic, who lay audiences have seen on the PBS series (and companion book), The Art of Magic,  and on the TBS documentary series Mysteries of Magic and Magic’s Greatest Illusions.  As teachers, McBride and Burger have collaborated in the creation of both The Mystery School, and annual intensive workshop-retreat at which magicians come together from around the world to study the magical arts, and McBride’s Master Class, an event at which 10-12 students join Burger and McBride for 3 days to work on improving their performance skills.

The Forbidden Secret of Magic will be the first full evening show on which these two world renowned artists have collaborated.

Magicopolis is Santa Monica’s only theatrical venue dedicated to magic.  Founded by Steve Spill, who is an accomplished magician in his own right, the clubs purpose is to provide a venue perfectly suited for the presentation of stage and close-up magic for the general public.  Located at 1481 4th Street, the club has recently entered its second year of operation, and is fast becoming a favorite spot for both natives and visitors to Santa Monica and its popular promenade

Tickets can be ordered by calling Magicopolis at (310) 451-2241.  

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