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Free Ezine Shows Magicians How to Double Amount of Booked Shows.

“Cutting edge computer technology gives independent performers a chance at the big time,” claims Illinois magician and producer, David Paul.  And Paul ought to know, he has been producing and performing magic shows for the likes of The Home Shopping Network, Radisson Hotels, CINCOM and the like for over twenty-five years. What’s more, Paul is producing a free internet ezine for magicians where he reveals his secrets.

“My friends thought I was crazy to give away the secrets that have made me money over the years. But the fact is, there are people that are selling information that doesn’t work for performers. Old methods that have been rehashed and repackaged, just don’t work anymore,” explained Paul.

“Now more than ever, an independent performer must use the technology available to get the word out and produce shows that people want, otherwise they will be left out in the cold” warned Paul.

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