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This December/January, Lee Asher and Paul Wilson, after over a year of pre-production and planning, will be embarking on a bold new project.

Starting in LA, Paul, Lee and a camera crew will be filming a television documentary on the world of magic and magicians.

This exciting project is about the community of magic and the underground that the public never sees. Lee and Paul will be interviewing key figures in the magic world and filming some of the magic that has built their reputations.

Viewers will be given an entertaining look into a secret world, and be treated to a baffling selection of magic.

Footage from this project (working title: Paul and Lee s Big Trip) will be edited separately for television and video. The video, produced exclusively for magicians, will include explanations not intended for the general public.

How can you get involved?

Lee and Paul want to show how large and diverse the magic community is. To do this, they plan to travel to Las Vegas in January and meet attendees at the World Magic Seminar. If you plan to go to this event and are interested in being part of this revolutionary project, you can email them at contactbigtrip@hotmail.com.

This is intended to be the first in a series covering North and South America, Europe and Asia. This project has been kept under wraps until recently, in order to protect the idea from unscrupulous imitations.

The results of this project will be available early next year from your favorite Magic Dealer. In the meantime, your input and suggestions are welcomed at the above address.

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