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For many years fans of David Regal have been asking Regal and I to produce the There & Back mat. Finally, after years of you begging us we found the perfect person to manufacture the prop. It has been improved greatly from the original design which appeared in print and on the Regal DVD and video sets. You will love to perform this mystery using this elegant prop and you are guaranteed to mystify all.

David Regal’s There & Back

There & Back is the most talked about and praised routine from David Regal’s video/DVD series.

A borrowed ring placed under an inverted drinking glass vanishes completely and re-appears under a second drinking glass a distance away.

You get a devious magical device that effortlessly and invisibly moves a borrowed finger ring or marked coin from one place to another.

How sneaky is There & Back? When David explains the method to magicians and then performs it, they are fooled a second time — even after they know the secret!

David has used this outstanding routine to close his Magic Castle shows for many years and Paul Daniels performed it on one of his TV specials in England.

Comes with photo-illustrated instructions and a custom made prop, manufactured specifically for this routine. Use any drinking glasses.

Cost: $45.00 postpaid in the US.
For more information or to order visit: http://www.mymagic.com/regal.htm

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