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Card Cheaters ( was a news source about gambling cheating and scams which was run by Gambling Incorporated ( from January 2005 through February 2017. Although it continued to offer a newswire through December 2022, none of that was archived. Their archives are now available here.

John “Fast Jack” Farrell Book
The new book “Fast Jack: The Last Hustler” is discussed in a Hartford Courant interview that quotes Fast Jack, “Anything I did in life, I never wanted to be second best. … The fact of the matter is, where there’s gambling, there’s gonna be larceny. It will surface. Even today it’s being done, not by casino personnel, but by players.” The article also mentioned that “Farrell said he also plans to produce a series of DVDs detailing his signature card and dice moves.” To read the December 1 article by Jesse Leavenworth titled “Fast Jack, The Life Of A Hustler” click: HERE. (12/2013).
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Moss’ Operandi
In a revealing PokerNews article about Bob Hooks who was a protégé of Johnny Moss he related that, “Hooks recalls. Indeed, cheating was so commonplace that even Hooks’ good friend Moss was involved. ‘He had a girlfriend in Alabama,’ Hooks says of the married Moss. ‘I’m not sure how to say this, but she’d help him get in cold decks. He wasn’t an angel. There weren’t many angels back in those days. She had tits this big. I’d never seen them that big in those days. She’d flop one of them out and all six of the players would be looking and bingo, you got aces.'” To read the November 28 article by Chad Holloway titled “Bob Hooks: The Forgotten Texas Road Gambler” click: HERE. (11/2013)

Mahjong Sleeving
A Macau Daily Times article reported that “The man, who is a visitor surnamed Wong, was detained for questioning and confessed to the crime. His method of cheating was very simple – he hid two less useful tiles (out of 13) in his sleeves and won with a smaller-than-normal tile number. It is alleged that he won three rounds using this method, winning HKD6000 each round.” To read the November 26 article titled “CRIME: Cheater caught on Mahjong table” click: HERE. (11/2013).

Old School Deadwood Is Back
An Associated Press story reported that, “South Dakota’s gambling commission is looking into reports of cheating at poker tables in the western gambling town of Deadwood. The state Commission on Gaming has received numerous informal complaints in the past couple of years of players working together in poker games to obtain the chips of opponents, Commissioner Dennis Duncan said.” To read the November 21 story titled “SD to probe reports of poker cheating in Deadwood” click; HERE. (11/2013)

New York Roulette Ring
A Columbus Dispatch article reported that, “So far, there have been 13 arrests, but several people charged with cheating the casino did not show up for their court hearings… “This is a very organized group of about 70 people. They travel the country. They’ve been identified in 18 states running this scam,” Karen Huey, director of enforcement, said at yesterday’s meeting of the Ohio Casino Control Commission… In gambling parlance, it’s known as a “color-up scam,” so called because it involves color chips used on the roulette table.” To read the October 17 article by Alan Johnson titled “New York ring linked to roulette scam at Ohio casinos” click: HERE. (10/2013)

Mucking At Bay101
A Crime voice article reported that two men were caught cheating at poker by, “…switching cards after one player folded their hand. Then the other suspect would raise the pot at approximately $100. …He had video surveillance that showed them exchanging cards. As they were observed, security officers were notified and immediately went to the table and “killed” the poker hand.” To read the October 11 article by Amy  Nilson titled “Poker cheats get the royal boot” click: HERE. (10/2013)

Online PLO Scam At PokerStars
A PokerFuse article reported that, “The last few days have seen as much as $50k refunded to victims of cheating at mid and high stakes Pot Limit Omaha games on PokerStars. While players are pleased that PokerStars has identified the fraud and made restitution to those affected, they have expressed dismay that the cheater(s) have not been identified.” To read the October 4 article by Jocelyn Wood titled “Funds Confiscated From High Stakes PLO Cheater, Large Sums Returned to Players” click: HERE. (10/2013)

Poker Legend Caught
A FOX news article reported that “Archie Karas, 62, whose real name is Anargyros Karabourniotis, was taken into custody on Tuesday at his Las Vegas home, and is charged with cheating, winning by fraudulent means and burglary, Reuters reports. The San Diego County District Attorney’s Office announced the arrest on Friday. At Lakeside’s Barona Resort and Casino in July, Karas marked cards by swiping them over a hollowed-out gambling chip that contained dye, California Justice Department spokeswoman Michelle Gregory said.” To read the September 29 article titled, “Professional poker player arrested for allegedly cheating at California casino” click: HERE. (09/2013)
>>>To read the September 27 Reuters article by Marty Graham titled, “Gambling pro Archie Karas charged with defrauding casino” click: HERE. (09/2013)

Infrared Readers In Action
A Florida Today article reported that, “A French court has handed down a two-year jail sentence to a self-described Italian ‘cheat’ who wore infrared contact lenses to count cards marked with invisible ink… The 56-year-old — who described himself as a ‘cheat of international renown’ — told the judge he bought the special lenses online from China and has given other pairs to ‘friends.’” To read the September 27 article by Michael Winter titled “Poker cheat who wore infrared contact lenses gets jail” click: HERE. (09/2013)
>>>To read the September 27, Daily Mail, article by Peter Allen titled, “The high-tech card sharp: Italian Gambler known as ‘Parmesan’ cheats French casino out of $100,000 using infrared contact lenses” click: HERE. (09/2013)

Luminous Readers In Action
A KATC-TV article reported that, “Troopers say further investigation of the suspected marked cards revealed markings made by an invisible luminous ink only visible through an infrared lens. Security footage allegedly confirmed that [he] consistently reached under the table inking his fingers before placing the invisible marks on the cards. [He] is also suspected of using modified contact lenses to view the markings while playing. Troopers subsequently obtained a warrant for charges of Cheating and Swindling and Simple Criminal Damage to Property…” To read the September 16 article titled “Suspect accused of using invisible ink to mark cards at casino” click: HERE. (09/2013)
>>>To read the September 16, CNN article by Rande Iaboni titled, “Bettor used ink-like substance, contact lenses to cheat casino, police say” click: HERE. (09/2013)

Eye On Overt Cheating
The Chinese company that has been producing many high-tech cheating devices decided to publically promote that fact by issuing a press release that explains, “The company offers other amazing poker cheating devices that will match the player’s preferences. These mahjong tables, all kinds of dice, poker card analyzer, invisible contact lenses, card tricks, poker spy camera lens, and illuminant ink marked cards. There is a wide variety of selection for the specific poker cheat needed.” To read the July 3 press release titled “EYE Electronic Co. Ltd to Provide the Best Poker Cheating Devices” click: HERE. (07/2013)

Capping Till Caught
A Fox8 story reported that a woman was, “…indicted on 12 counts of cheating at a casino game and one count of grand theft.” When she was caught, “According to authorities, the woman is accused of capping and pinching bets. That means she would illegally add or remove money after the cards have been dealt.” To read the June 19 article by Kevin Freeman titled “Woman Accused of Cheating Casino Out of $10K” click: HERE. (06/2013)

Google Glass Banned
An Associated Press article reported that “The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement issued a directive on Monday ordering Atlantic City’s 12 casinos to bar casino patrons from using the device… Similar bans are in place at casinos in Las Vegas, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Connecticut, among other places.” A division director is quoted, “If these eyeglasses were worn during a poker game, they could be used to broadcast a patron’s hand to a confederate or otherwise be used in a collusive manner.” To read the June 5 article by Wayne Parry titled “Casinos banning gamblers from using Google Glass” click: HERE. (06/2013)

Five Capped Out
A Local 2 news story reported that “The Hamilton County Grand Jury has returned indictments again five people, accusing them of cheating while playing craps and blackjack at the newly opened Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati… The defendants are all accused of one of three cheating scenarios.  Some ‘capping their bets’, which means they tried to put more money on the table to increase their odds of winning after the betting was closed. The second scenario is ‘pinching their bets’, which means they tried to take back their money on a losing bet.  And the third is called ‘past posts their bet’, which means they allegedly tried to put a bet out on a winner after the outcome of the game had been decided.” To read the May 28 article titled “Prosecutor: ‘Ignorant’ Gamblers Tried to Cheat At Horseshoe Casino” click: HERE. (05/2013)

Crooked & Square Auction
On Saturday May 18, 2013 Potter & Potter’s “Crooked & Square Gambling Memorabilia” auction takes place live in Chicago and online and will feature 266 lots of gambling books and equipment, many of the items are rare, gaffed and very difficult to find. Includes many cheating devices. To visit the online auction click: HERE. (05/2013)
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Phil Ivey Angling With Accomplice?
An article in the Daily Mail reported that Phil Ivey, “It is thought his companion, who is banned from at least two casinos around the world, was also able to spot the imperfections and helped Mr. Ivey place his bets. Like Mr. Ivey, she lives in Las Vegas. Along with two others, she is said to have won more than $1 million in similar fashion in the US in 2011, but the money was similarly withheld and the casino’s decision was later upheld by a gaming commission.” The article continued, “By turning an asymmetrical card 180 degrees it is possible to identify what the value of the card is before it is revealed. You simply glance at the edges on the back of the card.” To read the May 11 article by Ian Gallagher titled “Gambler won £7.8m by ‘reading’ the back of cards” click: HERE. (05/2013)

Cold Deck Reviewed
A new book by H. Lee Barnes titled Cold Deck is reviewed in Las Vegas City Life where it is described as, “Cold Deck is most compelling when focused on the characters involved in the cheating scheme and Jude’s travails as he struggles to extricate himself from it.” It continues, “But he more than makes up for this minor deficiency with his spot-on portraits of casino workers and the authenticity of his depiction of the elaborate cheating scheme. In this arena, the dialogue sparkles.” To read the May 8 review by Geoff Schumacher titled, “Review: H. Lee Barnes explores the post-traumatic life of an MGM Grand fire survivor in new novel.” Click: HERE. (05/2013)
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Collusion At Baccarat
A Straits Times article reported that “A 44-year-old croupier… provided the sequence of cards in advance to the two men to deceive the MBS (Marina Bay Sands) casino into believing that their respective wager of $3,900 and $1,900 cash chips on ‘banker bet’ was honourable, and induced the casino into paying them chips totaling $5,800.” To read the May 8 article by Elena Chong  titled, “Croupier and accomplices charged with cheating MBS casino” click: HERE. (05/2013)

Art Of Switching Decks
Roberto Giobbi has written an excellent book for magicians about the art of switching decks. It is an in-depth study teaching more than 30 deck switches and a few magic tricks. Switching a deck of cards while playing any card game is one of the most deadly forms of cheating and many stories have been told about the “Cold Deck.” Although this book’s target audience is magicians it is still full of valuable information for the “professional gambler.” To purchase the book click: HERE. (04/2013)

Using Security Cameras
An Australian casino get taken for $32 million. According to an International Business Times article, “It is believed that the casino worker sent signals to the gambler, telling him how to bet based on what he could see on the casino’s CCTV monitors.” To read the March 15 article by Hannah Osborne titled “Ocean’s 11 Cheat Lifts £22m from Melbourne Casino” click: HERE. (03/2013)
>To read and watch a March 14 Herald Sun report click: HERE.
>To read and listen to a March 15 ABC News report click: HERE.

Boyd Shot Simpson For Cheating
Bill Boyd is featured in the March issue of Card Player magazine where a quote about him by Doyle Brunson caught our eye, “Though there was cheating in other card rooms when more began to open in Las Vegas, Bill didn’t put up with much foolishness. He was old school. In fact, he shot a guy, Nick Simpson, who controlled the cheating around town, mostly in casino games.” To read the March 12 article by Bob Pajich titled “Men Of Action — Bill Boyd” click: HERE. (3/2013)

Learn To Deal Seconds
What is perhaps the best book ever written on the subject of dealing seconds has just been released by Gambling Incorporated. Written by Simon Lovell it covers many variations, handlings and applications as well as tracing the history of false dealing into the 1500s! The book also includes historical gambling illustrations and excerpts from relevant and hard to find works on the subject. For more information and to purchase a copy click: HERE. (01/2013)

Trump Steals Back Winnings?
A winner Accuses the Trump Taj Mahal casino of stealing $290,000 from him. A Courthouse News Service article reported that the player, “…seeks compensatory, punitive and treble damages for breach of contract, unfair business practices, fraud, false imprisonment, negligent and intentional infliction of emotional distress, conversion, and discrimination.” The article also reported that the police already cleared him of cheating the casino which the Trump organization is asserting. To read the January 18 article by Julia Filip titled “Baccarat Player Says Trump Casino Took Gains” click: HERE. (01/2013)

Past And Future Of Securing Casinos
A very nice article appeared in The Verge which looks at some history of cheating in casinos. The article quoted Arnold Synder, “I think most people feel that if you can find a way to beat the casino, more power to you… This place set up the rules, they provide the equipment, they provide the dealer, and they’re basically saying, ‘Come in and try to beat us.'” The article also mentions Edward O. Thorp, Keith Taft, and Jason England who is described as having, “…one of Las Vegas’s largest collection of vintage cheating devices, from loaded dice to two-shoes (allowing a cheat to see the top card on the deck) to hold-outs (which keep a card hidden up a player’s sleeve).” To read the January 14 article by Jesse Hicks titled “Not in my house: how Vegas casinos wage a war on cheating” click: HERE. (01/2013)

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