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“The Art of Stage Floating”

Mike Chings’ “Magical Entertainments Hawaii” presents a lecture on stage floating open to all in the Magic Community.

Lecture begins 7 PM ($12. admission) at the Kalihi Library in the heart of Honolulu and features history, original ideas, do’s and don’ts and and in-depth discussion of stage thread technique.  This is the 3rd presentation for this popular workshop, with info available at (808) 836-1800.

Lecture discusses New & Historic techniques for the Floating Ball, Dancing Handkerchief & other Animated Objects, from no-strings to stage threads, hardwire and even original Radio-control ideas developed over several years.

Stage Floating Basics:
Lines * Lighting * Background
Essential items
Classic Handkerchief &  Ball work
Working for the Real World
Switching methods during the routine
Floating Ball Stands
Floating Ball Boxes
Rings & Hoops
New ZOMBI ideas
Create Your own Floating Ball
*Original Designs:  New Rigs &  Gimmick

A magician since 7, Mike is a 3 term SAM President well known in Hawaii as a multifaceted designer of everything from close-up to Illusions.  He specializes in themed presentations for Theatre-convention-TV work and is currently a consultant to several Waikiki projects.

Impressed by the routines of Blackstone Sr. & Jr., Doug Henning, Finn Jon and Copperfield, Ching has studied floating for nearly 25 years and is the author of the well-received “NEW ANIMATIONS” -The Dancing Handkerchief Book (C. 1991).

Special Thanks to Blackstone Jr., Jeff McBride, Ralph Adams, Lon Mandrake, Don Wayne, and especially Charles “the Big Kahuna” Reynolds, among many interviewed who contributed greatly to “Animations”. (A Floating Ball compendium has been in the works for several years.)

For information E-mail: MikeChingMagic@Hotmail.com or call (808) 836-1800 (Honolulu).

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