MT: September 17-23, 2001

VOLUME: 45 / ISSUE: 1,358 / Monday – September 17, 2001
Magic Cruise 2002 is the latest event planned by David Sandy who produced the magic shows for the presidential inauguration and was the organizer of the highly praised magic Workshop that ran five sold-out years. His attention to detail and his all out effort to gather the best possible talent at a given event should make the February 11-17, 2002 cruise a gathering not to be missed. Sandy told MagicTimes “I’m going all out to make it an incredibly fun and memorable vacation.” Already booked for the Valentine’s Day cruise are Tom Mullica, Michael Ammar, Michael Finney, Falkenstein & Willard, Steve Bedwell, John Shryock & Mari Lynn, and many others to be announced. The good news is that due to the initial response Sandy was able to add more cabins and extend the registration deadline till Oct. 10. For more information and reservations click: HERE.(9/17)

Tom Mullica takes his Red Skelton Tribute show on the road for the rest of the month with shows in Pinehurst, NC on Sep. 18 (Sand Hills Community College, 480-837-8558), Plantsville, CT on Sep. 20 (Aqua Turf Country Club, 860-243-1630), New Braunfels, TX on Sep. 22 (Brauntex Performing Arts Theatre, 830-907-2991), and in Jackpot, NV (Casino Showroom, 816-233-4177).(9/17)

VOLUME: 45 / ISSUE: 1,359 / Tuesday – September 18, 2001
David Regal who is co-producer on the new sitcom “According To Jim” starring Jim Belushi and Courtney Thorne-Smith has been helping out with the warm-up on every episode. Regal performs a magic routine during the taping of each show. He is taking this opportunity to develop new material each week and premiering it in front of the live studio audience. Regal told MagicTimes “It may not be the largest audience I ever performed for but it certainly is the widest. Due to the layout of a soundstage, it feels like a half-mile between the spectator on the far left and the spectator on the far right.” The TV show debuts on Wednesday Oct. 3 at 8:30pm ET.(9/18)

André Kole tours his full-evening show with performances in Mt. Vernon, OH on Sep. 18 (Nazerene College, 740-397-6862), Willoughby, OH on Sep. 19 (W. Hills EFC, 440-944-1026), Medina, OH on Sep. 22 (Heartland Comm. Ch., 330-725-1948), Detroit, MI on Sep. 26 (Faith Covenant Church, 248-661-9191), Wabash, IN on Sep. 27 (Christian Alliance, 219-563-8503), Granger, IN on Sep. 28 (Grace Baptist Church, 219-272-2040), Ft. Wayne, IN on Sep. 29 (Trinity Community, 219-484-1039), and St. Joseph/Stevensville, MI on Sep. 30 (Lakeshore Baptist, 616-429-5611).(9/18)

The International Herald Tribune runs the New York Times review of Glen David Gold’s Carter Beats The Devil. To read the Sep. 18  review by Janet Maslin titled “Carter Beats The Devil” click: HERE.(9/18)
–To buy the book at a specially discounted price of $17.46 click: HERE.

CALIFORNIA: David Groves gives a seminar on Getting Publicity For Magicians at Mind Over Magic in Burbank on Thursday Sep. 20. For more information phone: 818-562-1921.(9/18)
Chris Capehart in action working the crowd after his stage performance at the Rouclere Banquet and Show on September 14th in Little Falls, New Jersey. (Photo: MagicTimes).(9/18)
It has been one week since the vicious terrorist attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania and the world around us is still in a daze. Yesterday while driving through Manhattan I saw many people who were going about their business but at the same time aware of the missing buildings and the thousands of people in them. The skyline from the George Washington Bridge was very sad — with two helicopters hovering over lower Manhattan where these monuments once stood.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the MagicTimes readers who took the time out to e-mail and phone us to see if everything is OK and I would also like to extend my heartfelt wishes to the many readers whose lives have been affected.

Most of us will never be the same again, but we must try to be better.

Meir Yedid
September 18, 2001
VOLUME: 45 / ISSUE: 1,360 / Wednesday – September 19, 2001
David Copperfield is described as “…an eyewitness to one of the airplane attacks on the World Trade Center from his Manhattan condominium” in a Las Vegas Review-Journal article. Copperfield cancelled the first four shows of his MGM Grand run because he was unable to fly to Las Vegas. The show, which was scheduled to resume on Monday night was going to be an improvised one due to many of the props being in transit or in storage. The featured illusion of the current show, “Unknown Dimension,” where he sends an audience member Hawaii had to be replaced until the equipment arrives from his warehouse in Mexico City. To read the Sep. 18 article by Mike Weatherford titled “Schedule changes, benefits mark Las Vegas entertainment scene” click: HERE.(9/19)

Geoffrey Durham’s wife Victoria Wood is featured in a This Is London article which looks at her very successful career and quotes here about getting an audience for Durham while they were starting out, “Geoff and I were doing a show in Sheffield. We could only do it if we got 16 people in – any less and we’d have to rope in the usherettes to be the volunteers for his act. But we were quite happy with 16; it seemed like a lot. Eleven wasn’t any good and 20 was amazing.” Wood performs at the Royal Albert Hall for the next week. To read the Sep. 18 story by Rachel Cooke titled “The funny thing is…” click: HERE.(9/19)
VOLUME: 45 / ISSUE: 1,361 / Thursday – September 20, 2001
Aaron Radatz performs at the Centenial Theater at the Cedar Point Amusement Park (One Cedar Point Dr.) in Sandusky, OH as part of their Halloweekends celebration on Sep. 21-23, 28-30 and every weekend in October. The 25-minute show is described as, “Everything from close-up magic to grand illusion will be part of Aaron’s award-winning show. Whether he’s being squeezed into a 12″ tall person or defying gravity by becoming lighter than air…you’ll have to see it to believe.” For more information click: HERE.(9/20)

Carter Beats the Devil by Glen David Gold is reviewed in the Christian Science Monitor where it is described as, “In a book full of conjurers, Gold emerges as the best magician of all, pulling surprises out of his hat throughout this wildly entertaining story, which captures America in a moment of change and wonder. The third and final act alone is worth the price of admission, but I’d rather face the devil himself than reveal any details about that part of the show.” To read the Sep. 20 review by Ron Charles titled “Pulling history out of a hat” click: HERE.(9/20)
–To buy the book at a specially discounted price of $17.46 click: HERE.

Debbie McGee’s dance company Ballet Imaginaire begins a three-month tour on with its new production Phantom. A Femail article quotes McGee “This will be a wonderful evening of music and dance, I promise.” Her husband, Paul Daniels, created the special effects. To read the Sep. 20 article by Isobel Fox titled “A touch of magic at the ballet” click: HERE.(9/20)

Adam Steinfeld’s former assistant, Kelly Gaudet, is representing Florida in the 81st annual Miss America Pageant scheduled to air on Sep. 22 at 8pm ET on ABC-TV.(9/20)
VOLUME: 45 / ISSUE: 1,362 / Friday – September 21, 2001
Ricky Jay began a magazine in 1994 about the subjects that interest him. Mainly: conjurors, cheats, hustlers, hoaxters, impostors, pretenders, sideshow calligraphers, mechanical marvels, popular entertainments and eccentric characters. The subscription was priced at $90 per volume of four issues, which kept it out of the hands of the mere curious and quickly made the issues, with the many tipped in color photos, sought after collectibles. Earlier this month a bound, hardcover edition of all seventeen issues with color reproductions of all the tipped in material and a complete index was published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux for a fraction of what a single subscription would have cost. MagicTimes received permission to reprint, for our readers, an excerpt from the book. It is the very first article from the first issue of “Jay’s Journal of Anomalies.” …Go to full story. (9/21)
VOLUME: 45 / ISSUE: 1,363 / Saturday – September 22, 2001
Monday Night Magic will present a special benefit show on Sep. 24 at 8pm which will feature an all-star lineup of MNM regulars, Frank Brents, Michael Chaut, Bob Elliott, Alex Feldman, Simon Lovell, Carl Mercurio, David Oliver, Todd Robbins, Rocco, Will Shaw, Belinda Sinclair, Jon Stetson, Jamy Ian Swiss, Torkova and other surprise guests. All profits from the show will be donated to the New York Firefighters 9-11 Disaster Relief Fund and the WTC Police Disaster Relief Fund. Tickets are available from TicketMaster by phoning: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(9/22)

The House of Magic shop opens in Stourbridge, England with a guest appearance by Wayne Dobson on Saturday. Owners John Milner and Tracie told the Evening Mail – Birmingham that they are hoping to succeed due to “…the renewed interest in magic since American magician David Blaine became so popular.” To read the Sep. 20 article titled “Magic shop out to conjure up success” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(9/22)
VOLUME: 45 / ISSUE: 1,364 / Sunday – September 23, 2001
A live Houdini séance will be broadcast on the web on Oct. 31 from the Houdini Museum ( in Scranton, PA. This year marks the 75th anniversary of Houdini’s death. Dorothy Dietrich will once again conduct the traditional séance, which she has been a part of for more than 20 years. The Houdini Museum was originally located on the third floor of The Magic Towne House in New York City and later moved and greatly expanded in its current location. In the weeks leading to Halloween the museum will feature “Houdini Spook-tacular Magic Show” which is open to the public. To read the Sep. 21 press release titled “Halloween – Houdini Museum to Conduct the 75th Official Halloween Houdini Seance October 31” click: HERE.(9/23)

Lance Burton is one of the Vegas celebrities who will be selling newspapers to aid in raising money for the World Trade Center disaster relief funds. Burton talks about his feelings toward the subject in a Las Vegas Review-Journal story, “Around the country people are just pitching in. The way this country has reacted to this tragedy has made me really proud to be an American.” Also pitching in are Mac King, Rick Thomas, Steve Wyrick, and The Amazing Johnathan. To read the Sep. 22 article by Sonya Padgett titled “Lending a Helping Hand” click: HERE.(9/23)

Paul Gertner, Jonathan Levit, Loren C. Michaels, Ully Loop, Ken Noyle, Howard Hale, Dan Birch, and Bill Perron appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Sep. 24-30. Paul Gertner lectures on Sunday Sep. 30.(9/23)
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