MT: November 19-25, 2001

VOLUME: 47 / ISSUE: 1,421 / Monday – November 19, 2001
Marc Salem’s “Mind Games, Too” begins previews on Tuesday Nov. 20 at the Duke Theatre (229 West 42nd Street) in New York City. The new 90-minute show (with no intermission) officially opens on Dec. 3 and will run through Jan. 13, 2002. Since Salem’s first critically acclaimed show opened in New York it has been in demand around the world where the shows have been selling-out and getting incredible raves in the local newspapers. You owe it to yourself to see this show if you are in the New York area during the holiday season. Tickets are $45 per person and are available through Tele-charge by phoning: 212-239-6200 or by clicking: HERE.(11/19)

Tony Clark, Doug Malloy, Lorenzo Clark, Lou Serrano, Bill Chaudet, Fitzgerald, and Doug Hoover appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Nov. 19-25.(11/19)

Zigmont’s “Forbidden Magic: Secrets of the Mummy’s Tomb 2001 Illusion Show” won the Best Production award at the Nov. 14 “Big E awards” ceremony (given by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions -IAAPA) which honored the best Theme park shows worldwide.(11/19)

The Clark County Commission is scheduled to vote for and approve, on Tuesday, adding Siegfried & Roy’s names to the street signs on Koval Lane between Sands Avenue and Flamingo Road. To read the Nov. 16 article by Kate Maddox titled “Akashia made a name for herself” click: HERE.(11/19)

IBM Ring 193 in Utah performed a benefit for the Cancer Wellness House on Oct. 29 and received press in a Salt Lake Tribune article. To read the Nov. 18 article by Judy Magid titled “Judge Memorial, Wellness House Celebrate; Museum Donors Honored” click: HERE.(11/19)

Seems like Britney Spears may have “borrowed” some segments for her concert from the Siegfried & Roy show. A Las Vegas Review-Journal article commented, “So maybe it’s just one of those wacky showbiz coincidences?  Probably not. Spears attended the Siegfried & Roy show at The Mirage about a year ago. To read the Nov. 16 article by Norm titled “Siegfried & Roy cast notes similarities in Spears scenes” click: HERE.(11/19)

FLORIDA: Tommy Williams lectures on Monday Nov. 19 for IBM Ring #303 in Fort Myers.(11/19)
VOLUME: 47 / ISSUE: 1,422 / Tuesday – November 20, 2001
David Copperfield will be featured on an NBC TV special on Tuesday Dec. 4. The special titled “In Style Celebrities at Home” will feature Copperfield’s New York City apartment, which is being renovated. A Zap2it article quotes Copperfield, “I travel so much, that I just told them to go in there. It was a renovation. This is a unique situation, because my place was a total disaster area, like a war zone. They took some ‘before’ pictures, and they took ‘after’ pictures.” He kept an eye on the apartment while on tour through the internet, “I would get pictures every day of the renovation. It was pretty cool. I’m really glad I wasn’t there for it. Seeing pictures wasn’t as stressful as being there every day,” said Copperfield. To read the Nov. 19 article by Kate O’Hare titled “At Home with David Copperfield” click: HERE.(11/20)

Rob Zabrecky is featured in a Los Angeles Times article where he stated “I relate magic to music.” Zabrecky is one of a handful of alternative rock musician’s who are now doing magic. As he explained it, “For artists, magic is just another venue to express yourself.” Another reason he gave to be a magician was funny, “You can grow a lot older as a magician than you can as a musician… I’d rather see a 60-year-old guy doing card tricks than see, say, Mick Jagger or Steven Tyler.” To read the Nov. 18 article by Mara Schwartz titled “When Rockers Get That Magic Touch” click: HERE.(11/20)

INDIA: The Shankars’ World of Magic Udupi will hold the second GILI GILI 2001 convention in Udupi, South India on Nov. 23-25. Headlining the convention are Franz Harary and Dean Gunarson, For more information click: HERE.(11/20)
VOLUME: 47 / ISSUE: 1,423 / Wednesday – November 21, 2001
Ayala and Tanya who appear at Caesars Magical Empire in Las Vegas are featured in a Showbiz story, which looks at Joaquin Ayala’s career. The article asked what makes him stand out, “He said his style differs from other magicians because he relies less on high-tech devices, preferring more elemental, ancient objects from Mexican culture. It’s a strategy he says works well with audiences who have figured out many modern magic tricks.” To read the Nov. 25-Dec. 1 article by Greg Cheeseman titled “The Empire Strikes Back With A Passion” click: HERE.(11/21)

Uri Geller in The Herald about his “You Only Live Once” television appearance and an overview about his career. To read the Nov. 20 article titled “Does he also bend the truth?” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(11/21)

Siegfried & Roy sing in a commercial made to invigorate tourism in Las Vegas. According to a Showbiz article the TV ad will run in Southern California, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston and San Francisco. It can also be seen at To read the Nov. 25-Dec. 1 story titled “Siegfried & Roy Let Their Voices Show” click: HERE.(11/21)

IBM Ring #8’s convention in Columbia, MO is featured in a Columbia Daily Tribune article which mentions magicians: Doug Clark, Joe Cole, Professor Zappo, Carl Macon, Todd Lamanske, and David Klachko. To read the Nov. 17 article by Mary Jo Feldstein titled “Amateur Magicians’ Group Gathers for Weekend Convention in Columbia, MO.” click: HERE.(11/21)

David Silverman performs at the annual pecan sale and Holiday party for the Pennington Seed and Supply Co. To read the Nov. 20 State Gazette article by Kathy Krone titled “Magician David Silverman earns applause” click: HERE.(11/21)
VOLUME: 47 / ISSUE: 1,424 / Thursday – November 22, 2001
Criss Angel’s “Mindfreak” begins previews on Friday Nov. 23 at The World Underground Theatre (WWF New York, Broadway at 43rd Street) in New York City. Angel told MagicTimes that he created “An experience unlike anything the world of magic has ever seen.” The 160-seat theater is unique, as the audience completely surrounds the small stage. The intimate setting allows Angel to bring the magic into the audience and makes them an integral part of the show. Angel’s character and vision is very unique and the illusions, special effects and magic he presents should “freak the minds” of most who see the new show. The show runs a little more than an hour with ten performances per week. Doors open 45-minutes before show time where an exceptionally attractive staff will be serving drinks. The official opening is scheduled for Dec. 6. Tickets range from $15-$55 per person and are available by phoning: 212-307-4100 or by clicking: HERE.(11/22)

Hans Klok accidentally set his assistant (Debbie Verheij) on fire during a show in Nijkerk, Holland. A Ananova article quotes Klok, “We have indeed a dangerous profession… This accident has been caused by not being attentive. We’ve done the act so many times we forgot about safety.” To read the Nov. 21 story titled “Master magician sets assistant on fire” click: HERE.(11/22)

Carter Beats the Devil by Glen David Gold is reviewed in The Sunday Telegraph where they concluded, “Gold has captured the high-wire excitement of the age when the thrills and spills of vaudeville were about to be overtaken, but not eclipsed, by the wonder of television.” To read the Nov. 18 review titled “Tricks and questions” supplied by Infoseek and Yellowbrix click: HERE.(11/22)
VOLUME: 47 / ISSUE: 1,425 / Friday – November 23, 2001
Tony Blanco is featured in a View article chronicling his career from the age of 15 to his current engagements in Las Vegas. To read the Nov. 21 article by Emmily N. Bristol titled “Magician enjoys putting creativity into work” click: HERE.(11/23)

PENNSYLVANIA: Robert Baxt will headline Bob Little’s Super Sunday on Sunday Nov. 25. Featured performers include Todd Charles, Joe Holliday, Jason Bishop, and Francis & Randy. Admission is a very low $25 per person for this 12-hour (10am-10pm), one-day convention held at The Warrington (Route 611) in Warrington. Events include a lecture by Robert Baxt, auction hosted by Hank Moorehouse, free Champagne, cake, and homemade chocolate. For more information phone: 215-672-3344.(11/23)

Ben Robinson entertains police, FBI and EMT at the Command Center near Ground Zero. The photo was taken at 5am on October 4, 2001. (Photo: Ben Robinson).(11/23)
VOLUME: 47 / ISSUE: 1,426 / Saturday – November 24, 2001
The popularity of Indian street magic is said to be fading. Chand Baba, who at 85 may be India’s oldest street magician, said in a BBC article that he “…is struggling hard to keep his ancient art alive as people are more interested in watching television than seeing street magic shows.” Shankar Jr. who is the organizer of a magic convention taking place in Udupi this weekend said that “…the number of street magicians in India has dwindled over the past decade.” To read the Nov. 23 article by Habib Beary titled “Indian magicians fear for future” click: HERE.(11/24)

Michael Chaut, Peter Kougasian, Simon Lovell, Todd Robbins, Jamy Ian Swiss, Asi Wind and Frank Brents appear at Monday Night Magic on Nov. 26 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(11/24)

Eric Brouman gets stuck inside a pair of thumb cuffs and goes to the fire department and hospital to have them removed. To read the Nov. 20, The Plain Dealer, article by Regina Brett titled “An old trick can dog you” click: HERE.(11/24)
VOLUME: 47 / ISSUE: 1,427 / Sunday – November 25, 2001
Marvin Berglas opens a new Marvin’s Magic shop at the Toys “R” Us toy centre located at the heart of New York City. The new multi-million dollar, 110,000 square foot, multi level Toys “R” Us store, known as “Centre of the Toy Universe” features a 60-foot Ferris Wheel and a 20-foot LED screen that will occasionally transmit magic demonstrations. The magic section is staffed with trained demonstrators that use state of the art audiovisual equipment to enhance their presentations. There will also be an interactive ‘live’ video stream where Marvin Berglas can appear to perform magic from London. More than 1.5 million people visit Times Square every day – many of them will be able to catch a live magic demonstration and possibly be inspired to pursue the study of magic.(11/25)

Adam Christing who presents the Family Comedy Revue at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts in California on Sunday is featured in the Press Telegram. To read the Nov. 23 article by Vicki Smith Paluch titled “People, people who throw people” click: HERE.(11/25)

Johnny Ace Palmer, Puck, Danny Cole, Andrew Goldenhersh, David Yee, George Tovar, Mark Haslam, and Rick Fisher appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Nov. 26-Dec. 2. Rick Fisher lectures on Sunday Dec. 2.(11/25)
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