MT: May 21-27, 2001

VOLUME: 41 / ISSUE: 1,239 / Monday – May 21, 2001
Richard Ross (Richard Rozenboom, February 10, 1946 – May 19, 2001) died on Saturday of a massive heart attack at the age of 55. Ross is best remembered for his beautiful and innovative Linking Rings Routine and the manipulative act, which he used to win FISM twice (1970 and 1973). He was a “class act” who toured throughout the world performing in nightclubs and on many television specials. He also owned the 60-seat theater Magic Art Center in Bennebroek, Holland where magic was regularly featured. Most recently he received a Performing Fellowship from the Academy of Magic Arts and Sciences on April 20, 2001 in California where he also performed.(5/21)

Mahka Tendo, Chuck Fayne, Rocco, John Shryock, Jeff Parmer, Fitzgerald, Chris Mitchell, and Bill Perronappear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on May 21-27. Chuck Fayne lectures on Sunday May 27.(5/21)

CARACAS/CHILE: Rafael Benatar lectures for Abracadabra in Caracas on May 24 at 8pm (phone: 2841472) and gives a workshop on May 26 (e-mail: Carlos Osuna at On May 30 Benatar lectures in Santiago de Chile (e-mail: Senén at
VOLUME: 41 / ISSUE: 1,240 / Tuesday – May 22, 2001
Adam Williams is featured in a Los Angeles Times article which looks at how he uses the internet to grow his business. The article is full of solid advice on how to market yourself and your shows. He explained that, “For a magician, the key to booking shows has always been the ability to go to the people. …With the Internet, I am able to find my audience, go to them and speak to them with information they would not have access to otherwise.” To read the May 21 story by Karen E. Klein titled “Net Takes Magic to New Heights” click: HERE.(5/22)

David Copperfield gets together with Denis Kovkiv who won an opportunity to perform for Copperfield on Saturday. According to a Philadelphia Daily News story, “Kovkiv snagged the honor after beating out about 35 other aspiring conjurers at the Magician Auditions, which the Franklin Institute held last month.” To read the May 21 story by Dana DiFilippo titled “This is no illusion: Boy’s dream comes true” click: HERE.(5/22)

Scott Wagoner who performed at a Family Fun Day is mentioned in a Daily Press article which describes the card routine he did. To read the May 21 story by Judith Malveaux titled “Day of fun celebrates families” click: HERE.(5/22)

FLORIDA: The 36th Annual Florida Magicians Convention takes place on May 25-27 in Tampa where they managed to put together an outstanding array of magical talent featuring: Norm Nielsen, George Schindler, Carl Cloutier, Juan Mayoral, Enric Magoo, Danny Cole, Anton, James Swain, General Grant, Dan Garrett, Jay Sterling, Mike Miller, Ron Geoffries, Lupe, Jon Racherbaumer, Alfonso Guerra, and Joseph Constantine. The event takes place at the DoubleTree Hotel Tampa-Airport. Registration is around $90 per person. For more information click: HERE.(5/22)

OHIO: Sal Piacente will be presenting his lecture on card technique and gambling on May 24 at 7pm at Haines House of Cards (2514 Leslie Ave) in Cincinnati. The lecture is sponsored by IBM Ring #71. For more information phone Ryan Swigert at: 513-236-9802.(5/22)
George Schindler, Jay Sterling, John Calvert, David Oliver, and Todd Charles backstage at the annual Salute to Magic show where Calvert received the Magician of the Year honor from the Parent Assembly of the Society of American Magicians on Saturday April 28 in New York City. (Photo: David Oliver).(5/22)
VOLUME: 41 / ISSUE: 1,241 / Wednesday – May 23, 2001
One of Abbott’s Magic manufacturing buildings burned down last Wednesday (May 16) morning at 8:30am when it was hit by lightning. Greg Bordner commented on the incident in a South Bend Tribune article where he pointed out that, “I want to emphasize that we are open for business here at the store in town, on South St. Joseph Street behind the library. If they want a magic trick I’ll sell it to them… I have plenty of retail stock in this building. …(The fire) isn’t a total loss; just a setback.” To read the May 17 article by Deb Perrin titled “Blaze at Colon magic firm called ‘a setback'” click: HERE.(5/23)

John Calvert is featured in an Augusta Chronicle article where he commented that at the age of 89, “Walking out on that stage braces me up and gives me spunk.” Speaking on the state of live entertainment he said, “I’m very unhappy with things in all entertainment… Filth and smut are not funny. I see no entertainment in off-colored material.” His view on magic on Televison, “You only can do it before a live audience or else you are cheating the public… A camera can do a lot of cheating.” To read the May 11 story by By Charmain Zimmerman Brackett titled “Magician loves to perform in front of a live audience” click: HERE.(5/23)

Tim Ellis and Sue-Anne Webster will be appearing at The Mystery Lounge in Melbourne, Australia on Saturday May 26 at 7pm (sold-out), 9pm and 11pm. Tim Ellis told MagicTimes that, “The Mystery Lounge is an intimate close up venue, with red velvet Victorian decor, where everyone has a front row seat.” Tickets are $22 per person and are available from Ticketek by clicking: HERE.(5/23)

Kirby VanBurch in an article about the well being of performing animals in Branson. VanBurch told the Springfield News-Leader that taking care of his animals included “…a root canal recently for his 16-year-old leopard, Spot, whom he has owned for 14 years.” To read the May 22 article by Kathryn Buckstaff titled “Watching over wildlife” click: HERE.(5/23)
VOLUME: 41 / ISSUE: 1,242 / Thursday – May 24, 2001
Harry Anderson’s home in Pasadena is featured in a Los Angeles Times article which describes it as “Built in 1907 for the Freeman A. Ford family, this classic Greene & Greene is one of only a few homes that truly perpetuate the Arts and Crafts style of architecture in the Los Angeles area.” Now that Anderson has moved to New Orleans his home is up for sale and the asking price is $3,995,000. It has six bedrooms, 4.5 baths swimming pool, spa and 9,000 square feet of space on 1.3 acres, which are hidden behind a gate and bushes. Interested parties may phone: 310-786-1844. To read the May 20 story by Ruth Ryon titled “Arts and Crafts, Front and Center” click: HERE.(5/24)

The “It’s Magic” show, which is produced by Milt Larsen and has run in the California area for many years, will be appearing at the Hawaii Theatre Center (1130 Bethel Street) in Honolulu, Hawaii this weekend. This special show stars Shimada, Rudy Coby, Juliana Chen, Ed Alonzo, Dana Daniels, and Christopher Hart on May 25-27 with shows on Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 2pm. Tickets range from $20-$27.50 and are available by phoning: 808-528-0506.(5/24)

Brian Foley will present his “Doc Eureka Wonder’s Snake Oil Spectacular” at the Wild West Show at The PA Renaissance Faire (Route 72) in Cornwall, PA on May 26-27. The show will run throughout the day between 11am and 7pm. Admission to the faire is $7.95 – $16.95 per person. For more information click: HERE.(5/24)

Chang and Fak Hong’s “A Night In Tokyo” lithograph is prominently displayed on the set of the Broadway show “The Tale of The Allergist’s Wife” starring Linda Lavin, Tony Roberts and Michelle Lee.(5/24)
VOLUME: 41 / ISSUE: 1,243 / Friday – May 25, 2001
The auction of the collection of Dr. Etienne Marteret on May 21-22 in Paris turned out to be the largest magic auction ever — with the 677 lots fetching around 5,000,000 French Francs (about US $714,000 excluding buyers premium). The highlight of the auction was, item number 631 (Pendule à automate en bronze Époque Romantique), a Robert-Houdin automation/clock which was built by his son and was sold for 600,000 FF (when you add the 11% buyers premium it came to US $94,285). A second Robert-Houdin automation/clock (item number 643) sold for 400,000 FF. Mario Carrandi, an authority on antique magic, told Magic Times, “This was the true collectors’ sale of the century with mostly one of a kind items.” Many magicians from all over the world attended the two-day event. An itemized list of results can be found by clicking: HERE.(5/25)

Terry Commons’ Mystique Theater in Idaho is featured in a Journal story that tells how Commons came up with the idea while recovering from a ski injury. The new venue will feature close-up magic and ghost stories in a 300-seat theater. To read the May 24 story by Penelope Reedy titled “New Mystique Theater poised to open drawbridge and entertain” click: HERE.(5/25)

Paul Daniels is once again haunted by his statement in 1997 that he will leave England if the Labour party won the election. To read the May 21 BBC article titled “Are you still here?” click: HERE.(5/25)

Penn & Teller perform at the Samba Theater at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on May 25 through Jun. 10. Tickets are $49.50 per person and are available through Ticketmaster.(5/25)
VOLUME: 41 / ISSUE: 1,244 / Saturday – May 26, 2001
Stage Hypnotist Phil Damon lost a lawsuit in England for causing a woman to become, “a suicidal ‘zombie.'” According to a BBC News story she also said that, “…the hypnotist’s routine had reawakened memories of sexual abuse when she was eight years old.” The Judge pointed out that “This case is not about whether stage hypnosis as a form of entertainment carries with it inescapable risks of danger – let alone whether it should be banned or regulated in some manner beyond that which presently represents the law.” Margaret Harper, the founder of an anti-stage hypnosis movement (yes, there is such a thing) told the paper “…the case would help her efforts to secure an absolute ban.” To read the May 25 story titled “Court victory for hypnosis woman” click: HERE.(5/26)

Vito Lupo, Master Lee, Simon Lovell, Jamy Ian Swiss, Rick Franceschini, JB Benn, and Frank Brents appear at Monday Night Magic on May 28 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(5/26)
VOLUME: 41 / ISSUE: 1,245 / Sunday – May 27, 2001
MARYLAND: Phoenix Gathering 2001 takes place on May 31-Jun. 3 in Owings Mills where Hiawatha will be the guest of honor. The convention highlight is on Saturday Jun. 2 at 7:30pm when they present their public show, “The Language of Magic,” starring Alain and Tatiana Nu, Hiawatha, Ben Caesar, Margaret Steele, Just Alan and a few surprise guests. The show takes place at the Gordon Center for Performing Arts and tickets are available for $10-$20 per person by phoning: 301-949-9483. For more information click: HERE.(5/27)

Joshua Jay who will be taking over the trick section in MAGIC, which was previously written by John Racherbaumer and Richard Kaufman, told MagicTimes, “You can expect a lot of changes in the trick column. We’re playing with a whole new format.” The first installment, which premieres in September, will feature magic by: Lance Burton, Paul Harris, Max Maven, Harry Lorayne, Jay Sankey, and David Williamson. Jay is currently appearing in El Salvador performing at an Earthquake Victim’s Benefit Show.(5/27)

R. Paul Wilson, Gregory Wilson, Tom Ogden, Andrew Wimhurst, Jeffrey Steele, Jorge Blass, Loren C. Michaels, Bob Stone at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on May 28-Jun. 3. R. Paul Wilson lectures on Sunday Jun. 3.(5/27)
Torkova teaching a Cone & Ball routine at his lecture for SAM Assembly 25 on May 18 in Elmwood Park, New Jersey. (Photo: MagicTimes).(5/27)

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