MT: June 8 – 14, 1998

VOLUME: 6 / ISSUE: 161 / Monday – June 8, 1998
Marvin’s Magic Shop, from England, will be selling their magic sets, props and toys on QVC-TV (US-cable-shopping), on Tuesday Jun. 9 at 11am ET for one hour.(6/8)

Appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, June. 8-14 are: Bruce Cervon, Fr. Jim Blantz, John Lovick, Michael Hack, Woody Pittman, Dale Hindman, Luna Shemada, and Bob Markwood.(6/8)

A magic themed “Home Improvement” episode with a last-minute baby sitter-magician. Airs on Tuesday Jun. 9. Syndicated, check local listings (5pm on WNYW-TV in NYC).(6/8)

Added to MagicTimes on Jun. 8 is a David London interview with Alain Nu and new tour dates for June.(6/8)
VOLUME: 6 / ISSUE: 162 / Tuesday – June 9, 1998
David Blaine told MagicTimes this weekend that his next TV special is scheduled to air around November of this year. He promises it will be much better and more magical than the last and will probably cause much controversy in the magic world.(6/9)

David Copperfield appears on “Model” which features Claudia Schiffer on Wednesday Jun. 10 at 5:30pm ET on E!-TV (US-cable).(6/9)
VOLUME: 6 / ISSUE: 163 / Wednesday – June 10, 1998
Meir Yedid lectures for the Delaware Knights of Magic at the Delaware Ass’n. of Police Hall (2101 Lancaster Ave.) on Thursday Jun. 11 at 8pm. The evening will start with Yedid performing his close-up act, followed by a close-up contest and then Yedid’s Magical Wishes lecture. For more info call Sam at (302) 658-5946 or e-mail:

“The Secret World of Magicians and Mentalists” airs on Thursday Jun.11 at 9pm and midnight on TLC-TV (US-cable).(6/10)

Bruce Bernstein lectures for JMMRT at the VFW on Wednesday Jun. 10 at 8pm. For more info contact Al Hillman at 732-257-3456.(6/10)

A magician murders a blackmailer on “Columbo” while on stage performing his “water tank” illusion. Thursday Jun. 11 at 2pm ET on A&E-TV (US-cable).(6/10)
VOLUME: 6 / ISSUE: 164 / Thursday – June 11, 1998
The July, 1998 issue of the Brooklyn Bridge Magazine which will go on sale around June 17 will feature an article about Houdini and Singer & Singer Hardware where Houdini and his brother Hardeen bought their chains and locks. Article written by Richard Cohn with photos from the Stanley Palm collection. For more information about the magazine visit their website at:, although the site is a few months behind the magazine.(6/11)

On Apr. 3 MagicTimes broke the story of the new TNT movie about Houdini. Here is some more information you will read here first: The movie is tentatively titled “Houdini/Believe,” it is scheduled to air on Oct. 31, Johnny Thompson is the magic consultant and Jim Bently is consulting on the escapes. Johnathon Schaech who plays Houdini opted to do all his own stunts and perform the magic himself.(6/11)
VOLUME: 6 / ISSUE: 165 / Friday – June 12, 1998
Le Grand David Spectacular Magic Company, now in its 22nd year, performs every Sunday in June at 3pm at the Cabot St. Cinema Theatre in Beverly, MA. Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for children under 12. For more info and tickets call: 978-927-3677.(6/12)
VOLUME: 6 / ISSUE: 166 / Saturday – June 13, 1998
“World’s Greatest Escape Artists” on Saturday Jun. 13 at 9pm and midnight ET on TLC-TV(US-cable).(6/13)

Robert Gallup on “How’d They Do That? Extreme Escape” on Sunday Jun. 14 at 8pm and 11pm and Saturday Jun. 20 at 5pm ET on TLC-TV(US-cable).(6/13)
VOLUME: 6 / ISSUE: 167 / Sunday – June 14, 1998
The Mad Magician (1954), starring Vincent Price, Mary Murphy and Eva Gabor airs on Monday Jun.15 at 9:30am ET on AMC-TV (US-cable).(6/14)

Multimillionaire magician Alan “Ace” Greenberg (who was honored last week at Magic On Manhattan II) donated $1 million worth of Viagra prescriptions for people who can’t afford them. Associated Press reports that Greenberg said Wednesday that he consulted his wife before deciding on the Viagra donation. “She said, `You’re usually nuts, but if you really want to do it, go ahead!”’ His donations may not end with $1 million. “Depending on demand, I might add to it,” Greenberg said. “It can only go up, not down.” Last Year Bear Stearns’ profits jumped to $613 million. Greenberg shared in the good fortune with a $20 million bonus.(6/14)

“Houdini,” the classic 1953 movie starring Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh airs on Monday Jun. 15 at 6:30am ET on MAX-TV (US-cable).(6/14)

The Amazing Randi is the keynote speaker at Usenix ’98 (an organization of Unix experts). On Jun. 15-19 in New Orleans, LA.(6/14)
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