MT: July 23-29, 2001

VOLUME: 43 / ISSUE: 1,302 / Monday – July 23, 2001
Murray Hatfield and Teresa are profiled in The Edmonton Journal story which looks at the evolution of their show and career. Hatfield explained, “By the time I was 18, I had invested thousands of dollars into my show… Within about 10 or 15 years, I had over a quarter-million dollars worth of equipment.” Hatfield performs on the CFCW stage every day at 3pm, 6pm and 9pm during the Klondike Days (through Jul. 28). To read the Jul. 22 story by Scott Foster titled “This won’t hurt a bit, dear!” click: HERE.(7/23)

David Blaine tips what his next endurance stunt will be to the New York Post’s Page Six. According to the article “David Blaine is preparing for his next feat. The magician, …told us he’ll stand on top of a 50-foot-tall pillar for 48 hours straight with no net to break his fall.” To read the Jul. 22 article by Richard Johnson, Paula Froelich and Chris Wilson titled “Next Feat” click: HERE.(7/23)

Lou Marin who performs under the name Typhoon Lou is featured in an Orlando Sentinel story which reports on his new “Masters of Magic Show” which he described as “It’s a cultural experience because you get to experience different cultures in the past, present and future…” To read the Jul. 20 story by Jamie J. Anderson titled “No illusion — feel-good production is pure magic” click: HERE.(7/23)

Aldo Colombini, Fernando Keops, Bob Bolivar, Mark Hendrickson, Steve Dacri, Bruce Gold, Tyler Knight, and J. C. Dunnat the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Jul. 23-29. Mark Wilson lectures on Sunday Jul. 29.(7/23)
VOLUME: 43 / ISSUE: 1,303 / Tuesday – July 24, 2001
Penn & Teller have been appearing in Las Vegas for many years without being snatched by a casino as their “house” show. A Las Vegas Sun article commented, “Penn & Teller have proven their consistency as a year-round Las Vegas attraction and deserve a showroom such as the Rio Samba Theatre where they, too, can perform 40 weeks a year.” Teller pointed out, “We’ve been around long enough that people are beginning to discover us. We believe completely in what we do. I think that people can feel this. Penn is concerned with plot; my area is themes and ideas. Our differences are really one of our strengths.” To read the Jul. 20 article by Joe Delaney titled “Penn & Teller settle in for longer run at Rio” click: HERE.(7/24)

Arturo Brachetti opened his show “The Man With A Thousand Faces” (L’Homme Aux Milles Visages) at the Casino de Paris (16 rue de Clichy) in Paris on Jul. 5. The show is scheduled to run through Sep. 30 at which time a US tour is planned. Shows run on Tuesday – Friday at 8:30pm, Saturday at 3:30pm and 8:30pm. For more information click: HERE.(7/24)
VOLUME: 43 / ISSUE: 1,304 / Wednesday – July 25, 2001
Doug Henning’s “The Magic Show” DVD is now available at most, if not all, major DVD retail outlets in the US. This edition, which was shot in 1981 at the Queen Elizabeth Theater, Exhibition Palace in Totonto, Canada does not try to authentically reproduce the original Broadway show, which opened on May 28, 1974. The magic featured in the show consists mostly of Henning’s favorite routines from his touring show. You get to see him perform a motorcycle transposition, Elephant vanish, the Rabbit’s Revenge, and many other illusions not seen in the original show. New music sequences include “It’s Gonna Take A Magician,” and “The New Magician In Town,” while some of the catchiest tunes such as “Sweet, Sweet, Sweet” and “Solid Silver Platform Shoes” were not included. The movie is nowhere near as good as the original play but you do get to see Doug Henning in his prime performing some of his best stuff with his contagious likeability and charm. The DVD contains the original movie with 18 scene selections and the choice of listening to it in Dolby 2.0 or 5.1. Magicians mentioned in the credits are Charles Reynolds as magic consultant and Jules Fisher for lighting design. Running time is 1:44:48.(7/25)
To buy the DVD for $14.99 click: HERE.

Norman Beck and Matthew Grover are mentioned in a Wall Street Journal article, which looks at the investigation and accusation by The American Contract Bridge League that John Blubaugh, was cheating during a tournament. Beck, after studying surveillance video, pointed out that after repeated shuffles by Blubaugh an ace was kept on the bottom of the deck and dealt to his partner. The Jul. 17 article by June Kronholz is titled “John Blubaugh Blames Pig Accident For Shuffle That Caused ‘Cheat’ Cries.”(7/25)

Wayne Minge is featured in an Inland Empire story which chronicles 60-year career as a magician. Minge commented that, “The job of the magician hasn’t changed over the centuries, he said. It all comes down to selling a notion that seems to defy the laws of physics and common sense. It’s got to be done with a sense of drama and flair. The more passionate the magician, the greater the audience’s willingness to suspend reality and go along with the illusion. To read the Jul. 24 article by Joe Vargo titled “Nearly 60 years as illusion master” click: HERE.(7/25)

Young magicians Nancy R. dosSantos and Nancy S. Goncalves are profiled in a Union News story which quotes dosSantos, “I like doing tricks for my brother (George) because it’s fun to watch someone who’s 21 not know how something’s done.” To read the Jul. 24 article by Kathleen E. Moore titled “‘Magical Nancys’ amaze young crowd” click: HERE.(7/25)

PC. Sorcar Jr. continues to get press on his proposed magic school. An Insight on the News story quotes him, “…one of India’s most celebrated illusionists, said that he’s now going to teach students who want to learn his craft. He told Reuters his institute would fill a void. ‘Young magicians don’t have any place to go to hone their skills.'” To read the Jul. 23 story titled “Magic academy” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(7/25)

Friedhoffer presents his Magic of Science show at the Newark Museum (49 Washington Street) in Newark, NJ on Jul. 27 at 1pm. For more information phone: 973-596-6550.(7/25)

VOLUME: 43 / ISSUE: 1,305 / Thursday – July 26, 2001
Phil Matlin and Romaine have once again join forces to present “Back In Time” which recreates a vaudeville show that promises a bygone era’s worth of magic, music, ventriloquism and comedy. Both are accomplished entertainers with more than 70 years of combined experience. You can catch “Back in Time” on Saturday Jul. 28 at 7:30pm at the historic Haskell Opera House (1 Church Street) in Stanstead, Canada. For tickets phone: 819-876-2471. For more information click: HERE.(7/26)

Doug Henning’s dream of creating the Veda Land theme park came one step closer to happening yesterday when Vedic City was incorporated in Iowa. According to a Vedic City press release, one of the future plans for this new city is “Maharishi Veda Land, an indoor family theme park with high tech illusions created by master magician the late Doug Henning, and a Maharishi Vedic Observatory, a full-scale outdoor astronomical observatory based upon principles of ancient observatories found around the world.” To read the Jul. 25 press release titled “Vedic City Established Wednesday, July 25, 12:30PM” click: HERE.(7/26)

Beatrice Huntley who was John W. Frye’s magic assistant for 43 years celebrated her 95th birthday on Tuesday. An Akron Beacon Journal article about her life quoted her, “We worked the vaudeville circuit with some of the best in showbiz, people like the Four Aces and some from the Lawrence Welk show. We also worked with Burt Lancaster, who did an acrobatic act long before he got into the movies. …Ours wasn’t any half-baked act. We worked very hard at what we did.” To read the Jul. 25 story by Jewell Cardwell titled “Magic tints woman’s life with delightful surprises” click: HERE.(7/26)

Kalita will perform his full-evening magic show on Saturday Jul. 28 at 7pm at St. Mary’s Parish Hall (217 S. Lincoln St.) in Niles, MI. The Niles Daily Star explained that the benefit is “…to help produce $2,000 for the Viking cheerleaders for new uniforms and funds for camp.” To read the Jul. 25 article titled “Magic show to help produce funds for cheerleaders” click: HERE.(7/26)

Clarence Dale Bowersox “Budda the Great” is profiled in the Montreal Gazette where he explained why he performs for the elderly, “Most seniors only have only X number of years left… They need entertainment, they need to feel young again and be acknowledged.” To read the Jul. 21 article titled “Magician finds trick to staying young” supplied by YellowBrix and Infoseek click: HERE.(7/26)

Dustin McCrickard who performs at Ozark Empire Fair in Springfield as a “street magician” is featured in the Herald-Free Press. The article explained, “He and other street performers will be entertaining fairgoers as they walk along the main thoroughfare.” To read the Jul. 25 story by Judy Kallenbach titled “Magic act paying off” click: HERE.(7/26)

Ed Popielarczyk’s show at Lincoln Grove Park is covered in MassLive. To read the Jul. 25 article by Pamela H. Metaxas titled “Magician conjures up some fun” click: HERE.(7/26)
VOLUME: 43 / ISSUE: 1,306 / Friday – July 27, 2001
Jenny Alexander stars in a new Las Vegas show at The Plaza Hotel & Casino, which opened a couple of weeks ago. “Le Cabaret” is described as “…a trio of talented young newcomers each with their own unique specialty and style. Vocal impressionist Larry G. Jones, singer/dancer Sarafina and magician Jenny Alexander blend their talents seamlessly into an evening of music, magic, comedy and dance.” Shows run Tuesdays through Sundays at 8pm and 10pm tickets are $28.95 per person.(7/27)

Paul Daniels presents his new show “An Audience with Paul Daniels” on Sunday Jul. 29 at 7:30pm The Pavilion Theatre in Weymouth, England. Tickets are £6-12 per person. For more information phone: 01305 783225.(7/27)

Lou Walston who is described as “…a lifelong magician, clown and magic-shop proprietor” is featured in a New York Times story about his life. He will be making his farewell appearance at the 20th annual Funhouse Big 3 Convention, which he produces. He expects to continue running his Baltimore magic shop for another year. Walston who is 77-years old commented, “…you never tell the secrets involved… You keep the secrets, protect the art.” To read the Jul. 25 story by Francis X. Clines titled “Magician Prepares to Hang Up Black Hat” click: HERE. (Members only site).(7/27)

David Copperfield has been asked to be one of the presenters at the “53rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards,” scheduled to air live on Sep. 16. To read the Jul. 24 Zap2it article titled “Parker, Copperfield Among Emmy Presenters” click: HERE.(7/27)

Victorian Magician Mr. Davis performs this weekend at the Strawbery Banke Museum. To read the Jul. 26 Fosters Online article titled “A summer’s worth of intriguing fun at Strawbery Banke” click: HERE.(7/27)

VOLUME: 43 / ISSUE: 1,307 / Saturday – July 28, 2001
The Amazing Johnathan show at the Golden Nugget is reviewed in the Las Vegas Sun where he is described as “If Howard Stern were to become a magician, he would be the Amazing Johnathan.” The review concludes with a strange endorsement, “Johnathan will be at the Nugget at least through Oct. 31, Halloween being an appropriate target date for a man who can be downright scary. Don’t miss his act. His tricks are full of treats.” To read the Jul. 27 article by Jerry Fink titled “Amazing Johnathan mauls magic at Golden Nugget” click: HERE.(7/28)

David Copperfield reported to Yahoo Entertainment News that the Chinese government changed their laws, which forbid performers from going into the audience, in order to “help prove to the world they could be flexible.” To read the Jul. 19 story by Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith titled “Sarandon Juggling Film Work and Family Time/’Big Brother’ Producer’s Words Back To Haunt Him” click: HERE.(7/28)

John Bundy and Morgan will appear in “Magic of the Night” at the Fantasy Island Amusement Park in Beach Haven, NJ on Jul. 30-Aug. 9. The shows, which run at 7:30pm, 8:30pm, and 9:30pm, are free with park admission. For more information click: HERE.(7/28)
Siegfried, Tammy and John Calvert, and Roy pose for a picture during Calvert’s visit to their show, where he was introduced to the audience and brought up on stage for an ovation. Lynette Chappell, S&R’s main assistant, began her career as Calvert’s assistant. (Photo: Siegfried & Roy).(7/28)
VOLUME: 43 / ISSUE: 1,308 / Sunday – July 29, 2001
Houdini on the cover of the July, 2001 issue of WE&T magazine. Some wonderful and scarce photographs of Houdini from the Kevin Connolly collection are interweaved through the pages of the magazine, which has nothing to do with magic. The Houdini angle is explained “His success also depended on his ability to look at his situation and see possibility where others saw restrictions. This is a useful skill to develop, especially for those of us working in a regulated filed like water quality management.” Another Houdini reference, “If you dive right into the optimization process (figuratively speaking), you may discover a Houdini-like ability to conjure more treatment capacity.” Like I said – nice photos.(7/29)

The Fellowship of Christian Magicians annual convention in Marion, IN is featured in the Indianapolis Star. Some of the magicians mentioned in the article are Kelvin Chun, Steve Varro, Diana Payne, Wanda Pelton, Ricky Henson, Dawn Nix, and Markly Anderson. To read the Jul. 28 story by Lisa Hanson titled “Faith-based illusion” click: HERE.(7/29)

Robert Baxt’s appearance at J.R.’s Comedy Club in Valencia, CA is promoted in the Los Angeles Daily News where he is described as, “With his unique sense of humor and spectacular magical ability, Baxt creates wonderment and merriment as he commands the attention of audience members of all ages.” To read the Jul. 27 article titled “Briefly Swing, Blues Band Set To Take Stage” supplied by YellowBrix and Infoseek click: HERE.(7/29)
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