MT: January 7-13, 2002

VOLUME: 49 / ISSUE: 1,470 / Monday – January 7, 2002
Rabbi Abraham Abraham who was inspired by David Blaine to freeze himself in a shack of ice in Brooklyn lasted for 54 hours and 54 minutes. According to a Jewish Week article “Although Rabbi Abraham was fully dressed and not in direct contact with the ice, he said the temperature inside his ice hut was 30 degrees colder than the 40-or so degrees outdoors. ‘There were holes in the sides that let the wind in, and that made it like a freezer,'” The Rabbi who is obviously a character said that “…he refused an offer from a local Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet to be photographed holding some of its fast food. ‘I don’t eat treif,’ he said.” To read the Jan. 4 article by Adam Dickter titled “Rabbi On The Rocks” click: HERE.(1/7)

Moe Greengrass (Jan. 11, 1917 – Jan. 1, 2002) who was a longtime member of the New York magic clubs died on Jan. 1 of congestive heart failure at the age of 84. In New York he was well known as Manhattan’s “Sturgeon King” due to his popular restaurant on 86th street, which was frequented by Irving Berlin, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Marilyn Monroe, Jerry Seinfeld, Brad Pitt, Jascha Heifetz, and many others. A New York Times obituary pointed out his magic, “With the slightest encouragement, he delighted in pulling out a deck of cards and performing tricks.” To read the Jan. 5 obituray by Douglas Martin titled, “Moe Greengrass, 84, King of a Sturgeon Shrine, Dies” click: HERE. (Members only site).(1/7)

Criss Angel’s Mindfreak is reviewed in the New York Daily News where it is called “…a fun, fast-paced show…” To read the Jan. 4 review by Robert Dominguez titled “Old Hat, Sure, But What a Rabbit!” click: HERE.(1/7)

Flip, Tommy Wonder, Peter Fogel & Ronald Moray, Dan LeFay, Herman Koster, Mike Elkan, Ted Winkel, and J.C. Dunn appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Jan. 7-13. Flip Hallema lectures on Sunday Jan. 13.(1/7)
Gerry McCambridge pictured with Howard Stern at Stern’s New Year’s Eve party at a penthouse in New York City where McCambridge performed. (Photo: Gerry McCambridge).(1/7)
VOLUME: 49 / ISSUE: 1,471 / Tuesday – January 8, 2002
“I believe I am producing a new form of entertainment combining music, pyrotechnics, illusion, and movement that really pushes the envelope,” an enthusiastic Criss Angel told MagicTimes as he traveled in a car from his home in Long Island to the World Wrestling Federation Theater in the heart of Times Square. Angel’s Mindfreak has received fine reviews and full audiences since the previews began in late November. The limited run through the end of January may not be so limited. “Word of mouth has been great” the illusionist said. …Go to full story.(1/8)

David Copperfield’s agents, the Lawsons Marketing Management, Ltd., who arranged his performances in Hong Kong are being sued over a cancelled show due to a Typhoon warning. To read the Jan. 5 South China Morning Post article titled “Copperfield show agents sued” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(1/8)

The “Masters Of Magic” show starring Typhoon Lou has been running for the last six months in the 240-seat Masters Of Magic Theater on International Drive on Orlando, FL. It is a 90-minute illusion show. For more information click: HERE.(1/8)
VOLUME: 49 / ISSUE: 1,472 / Wednesday – January 9, 2002
Denny Haney told MagicTimes that his new magic shop, also called Denny & Lee Magic Studios, opened for business in Las Vegas on Jan. 1. The shop is being run by his new partners Scott and Jenny Alexander who regularly perform all over Las Vegas and used to tour with Haney. The shop will feature a wide array of magical apparatus, books and videos and will cater to professional and amateur magicians. It has already become a hangout for the magicians of Vegas. The store, located at 5115 South Industrial #104, opens Monday through Saturday from 10am-5pm. The local phone number is: 702-740-3500. The Denny & Lee store in Baltimore will continue to be run by Denny and will handle all mail orders.(1/9)

According to a Las Vegas Sun article David Copperfield’s Disappearing Inc. “…sued its former post production editor, Jeffrey U’Ren, alleging he overbilled the company for a television program called ‘Tornado of Fire.'” To read the Jan. 7 article titled “Lawsuits for January 7, 2002” click: HERE.(1/9)

Andre Kole tours with his full-evening illusion show in January with stops in Colorado Springs, CO (719-591-6849) on Jan. 11, Parker, CO (303-841-2273) on Jan. 13, Little River, KS (620-897-6413) on Jan. 16, Belle Plaine, KS (314-308-3328) on Jan. 18, Concordia, KS (785-243-1154) on Jan. 19, Wayne, NE (402-944-7222) on Jan. 22, O’Neill, NE (402-336-3263) on Jan. 23, Lincoln, NE (402-730-6271) on Jan. 24, Columbus, NE (402-564-5853) on Jan. 25, and Norfolk, NE (402-371-3850) on Jan. 26.(1/9)
VOLUME: 49 / ISSUE: 1,473 / Thursday – January 10, 2002
As David Copperfield begins touring his Portal show in the US later this month he will be including an exhibit of magic from his vast collection and museum which will be on display prior to each of the live shows. The main pieces on display will be Houdini handcuffs, props, a voice recording and his first magic wand. Also on tour will be lithographs and props from other well known magicians or as Copperfield put it, “The Art of Magic is best experienced live. Not only will you get to experience my best work in this show, but you’ll have a once in a lifetime chance to enter a “portal” in time, and see the tools and personal effects of the Greats of the past.” As part of the tour launch Copperfield will be all over TV on Tuesday Jan. 15 where he is scheduled to appear on the Today Show, The View, and Extra.(1/10)

Penn & Teller will be touring their show for the rest of January with appearances at the Classic Center in Athens, GA (Jan. 10), Robert Ferst Center For The Arts in Atlanta, GA (11-12), Lucas Theatre in Savannah, GA (13), Saenger Theatre in Mobile, AL (17), Peace Center in Greenville, SC (18), Tennessee Performing Arts Center in Nashville, TN (20), and the Lyric Opera House in Baltimore, MD (Jan. 29 – Feb. 3).(1/10)

NEW JERSEY: Torkova lectures on Monday Jan. 14 at 8pm for SAM #161 at The Willows (1013 Washington Avenue) in Greenbrook. For more information click: HERE.(1/10)
VOLUME: 49 / ISSUE: 1,474 / Friday – January 11, 2002
NEVADA: The 25th Anniversary of the World Magic Seminar takes place on Jan. 13-16 at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Competing in the “World Challenge Invitational Stage Competition” are Richard Forget, Lee Eun Gyeol, The Hamners, Bin Lin, Roxanne, and Yuji Yasuda. Performers include: Brett Daniels, Kevin James, Fielding West, Martin Lewis, Gazzo, Chef Anton, Whit Haydn, Lior Manor, Scott Cervine, Marvyn & Carol Roy, Jonny Lonn, Boris Wild, Steve Beam, Tim Ellis & Sue-Anne Webster, Kenji Minemura, Ray Pierce, Terry Seabrooke, Vanni Bossi, and Dan Garrett. As usual Lance Burton and Siegfried & Roy will be presenting awards and making an appearance. Registration is $195 per person. For more information click: HERE.(1/11)

Ricky Jay’s  “Jay’s Journal of Anomalies” is reviewed on CNN where they called the book a “…lavishly illustrated and beautifully presented. It is as much a feast for the eyes as it is a delight for the mind.” To read the Jan. 8 review by L.D. Meagher titled “Entertaining ‘Anomalies’ from Ricky Jay” click: HERE.(1/11)
–To buy the book at a specially discounted price of $28 click: HERE.

Tom Mullica’s “A Tribute to Red Skelton” is mentioned in a Commercial Appeal article where they discuss his upcoming performance at the Bartlett Performing Arts and Conference Center. To read the Jan. 10 article by John Semien titled “Skelton tribute to begin BPACC spring season” click: HERE.(1/11)

Chuck Jones & Company, Ed Alonzo, Amos Levkovitch, and Dana Daniels appear in the Stars of Magic show on Saturday Jan. 12 at 8pm at the Robert B. Moore Theatre (Orange Coast College, 2701 Fairview Road) in Costa Mesa, CA. tickets are $29 per person and are available by phoning: 714-432-5880.(1/11)

The Abracadabra Cafe in Fairfield Ohio is the subject of a Cincinnati Post review that pointed out, “In our case, the magic show made a regular dining experience a special occasion.” To read the Jan. 3 article titled “Magical atmosphere makes for fun at Abracadabra Café” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(1/11)
VOLUME: 49 / ISSUE: 1,475 / Saturday – January 12, 2002
David Thornburg who presents his “Magic with Humor and Style” shows on Saturday is profiled in a Capital-Journal article, which looks at how he uses his magic for business. Thornburg, an insurance company CFO, pointed out that it “provides a good ice-breaker at business meetings” and also said that it makes people remember you. Commenting about the difference between performing for adults and children he said, “…if youngsters like what they see, they usually respond more enthusiastically than an older crowd.” To read the Jan. 11 article by Bill Blankenship titled “Financial wizard also does magic” click: HERE.(1/12)

The “Méliès the Magician” DVD is scheduled to be released on Jan. 15 and is being reviewed in the New York Times where they call it “a fascinating look at Georges Méliès, a filmmaker who spun himself off into wonderfully inventive worlds of fantasy, using techniques of his own invention. Fifteen of Méliès’s films, among them the famous ‘Trip to the Moon,’ are also on the disc.” To read the Jan. 11 article by Peter M. Nichols titled “Each a Wizard in His World” click: HERE.(1/12)
–To buy the DVD for $22.46 click: HERE.

MASSACHUSETTS: Rocco, Todd Robbins, and David Garrity will perform at the annual “Holiday Bash” awards banquet on Sunday Jan. 13 in Newton for the John Calvert, Boston S.Y.M. Assembly #29. Adult Director, David Oliver told MagicTimes, “It’s a memorable day where the kids get recognition for the benefit work they do all year long. They can bring their families and their friends for an afternoon of fun and surprises.” (1/12)
VOLUME: 49 / ISSUE: 1,476 / Sunday – January 13, 2002
Criss Angel is described as “Houdini meets Marilyn Manson in a new magic show called ‘Mindfreak,’ which made its debut in New York City in November.” The NY1 article quotes Angel, “First of all, I think magic is behind the times and I wanted to present magic with many other art forms that would seamlessly meld – from gymnastics to creatures – and not present your typical magic show… In fact, I don’t use the term magic. It’s more the art of illusion.” To read the Jan. 11 review by Paul Lombardi titled “‘Mindfreak’ Takes Magic To A New Level” click: HERE.(1/13)

Andre Kole in a Wichita Eagle article that quotes him saying that “since Sept. 11, he has noticed that people are looking for a greater purpose in their lives.” To read the Jan. 12 article by Brian Lewis titled “Magician points to life’s bigger questions” click: HERE.(1/13)

Darren Romeo is currently rehearsing at the Mirage and hopes to open his afternoon show on Valentines Day. According to a Las Vegas Sun article the location of the show has still not been settled but a deal “will be inked in coming weeks.” To read the Jan. 11 article by Kate Maddox titled “Flamingo to fly by Knight” click: HERE.(1/13)

Tenko Hikita (Princess Tenko) receives a Pungsan (dog) from North Korean group according to the Kyodo News. To read the Jan. 12 article titled “N. Korea gives traditional pet to Japan magician Hikita” click: HERE.(1/13)

Goldfinger & Dove, Bruce Cervon, Danny Cole, Handsome Jack, John George, Danny Archer, Mr. Mysto, and David Skale appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Jan. 14-20. Danny Archer lectures on Sunday Jan. 20.(1/13)
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