MT: January 24-30, 2000

VOLUME: 25 / ISSUE: 756 / Monday – January 24, 2000
Meznor Management Group is looking for a Magician for the touring company of Terry Houston’s “Burnin’ Up!” the high energy Las Vegas review. The magician should be male, with stage presence, between the ages of 20-35 and be able to do two 7 minute acts. The pay is US $1450 per week plus per diem. You can send your promo material and demo video to: Meznor Management Group, Att: Cameron Bradley, 8581 Santa Monica Blvd., #219, Los Angeles, CA  90069.(1/24)

John Carney, Steven Youell, Whit Haydn, Megan & Susan Murphy, David Avadon, Danny Cole, Larry Volz, and David Groves appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Jan. 24-30.(1/24)

NEW JERSEY: Andrew Wimhurst lectures on Wednesday Jan. 26 at 8pm for JMMRT at the V.F.W. (Railroad Plaza, two blocks from the NJ Transit – Linden train station) in Linden, New Jersey. For more information phone Al Hillman at: 732-257-3456. Cost to non-members is $12.(1/24)


Monday, Jan. 24
A new Houdini biography debuts as part of PBS’s American Experience Series. Narrated by Mandy Patinkin the show features interviews with David Copperfield, James Randi, Ken Silverman, Dorothy Young, David De-Val, E.L. Doctorow, Don Wilmeth, and Al Hirschfeld. Bob Fellows will be recreating some of Houdini’s most famous feats. In conjunction with the special PBS has created an extensive website promoting the show. The site contains transcripts to all the interviews, film clips, poster and book reproductions and much more. To visit the site click: HERE. The show airs on Monday Jan. 24 at 9pm, Jan. 27 at 12:30am and Jan. 30 at 7pm ET on WNET-TV (US-PBS). This show is syndicated and may appear at different times and channels — check local listings.(1/22)
Salty’s Lighthouse – It’s Magic!/One Bad Day -See 1/12.(1/22)
VOLUME: 25 / ISSUE: 757 / Tuesday – January 25, 2000
Ken “Kendrake” Drake who owns and operates Kendrake the Magician’s magic shop in Lomitais, CA is featured in an LA Times article. Asked if he likes what he does, he commented,  “If I won the lottery, I would still be doing magic… Not only magic, I’d still be doing shows, magic shops and lessons.” To read the Jan. 20 Deborah Paul article click: HERE.(1/25)

Tuesday, Jan. 25
Johnny Mysto Boy Wizard -See 1/4.(1/23)
VOLUME: 25 / ISSUE: 758 / Wednesday – January 26, 2000
David Blaine is being advertised all over the radio and on TV for his upcoming appearance on ABC during their Super Bowl pre-game telecast on Sunday Jan. 30 from 2-6pm ET. Executive producer John Filipelli said, “We are looking for water cooler stuff for the next day.” Which is where Blaine comes in as he is scheduled to perform magic for the players. In a media event yesterday Blaine performed magic with St. Louis running back Marshall Faulk where a selected card ended up in an impossible location. To read Bill Barnard’s Jan. 25 AP story on the subject click: HERE.(1/26)

PENNSYLVANIA: Andrew Wimhurst lectures on Thursday Jan. 27 at 7:30pm for Marc DeSouza in Gulf Mills. For more information phone: 610-941-4132 or 6l0-668-9300.(1/26)

Wednesday, Jan. 26
David Copperfield appears on the Be Yourself episode of Mister Rogers on Wednesday Jan. 26 at 11:30am on WNET-TV (US-PBS) and at 2pm ET on WNJN-TV (US-PBS). This show is syndicated and may appear at different times and channels — check local listings.(1/24)
Eternally Yours (1939) stars David Niven as a magician with Paul LePaul and Fred Keating appearing in the movie on Jan. 26 at 4am ET on A&E-TV (US-cable).(1/24)
–To purchase this movie for $4.99 click: HERE.
The corpse of an escape artist vanishes from the coffin in the In God We Strongly Suspect episode of Moonlighting on Wednesday Jan. 26 at noon and 7pm and Jan. 27 at 2am ET on BRAV-TV (US-cable).(1/24)
Magic episode of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman titled Never on Sunday on Wednesday Jan. 26 at 9am ET on TNT-TV (US-cable).(1/24)
VOLUME: 25 / ISSUE: 759 / Thursday – January 27, 2000 
Jay Sankey will tape two magic specials titled MagicTV next month which are pilots for BRAVO-TV. The shows which will consist of sleight-of-hand magic will feature guest magicians from Montreal, Vegas and L.A. Sankey will be the writer and host of the show. Sankey’s second book Zen And The Art Of The Monologue, the sequel to his Zen And The Art Of Standup, is soon to be released to the general public. This weekend he can be seen at Yuk Yuk’s Superclub in Toronto. Find out more in the Jan. 25 article by Jim Slotek from the Toronto Sun by clicking: HERE.(1/27)

Thursday, Jan. 27
Nicholas Knight & Kinga appear on Martin Short on Thursday Jan. 27 at 1:37am on CBS-TV (US). This show is syndicated and may appear at different times and channels — check local listings.(1/25)
Hidden Secrets of Magic with Lance Burton, Omar Pasha and Mark Kalin on Thursday Jan. 27 at 10pm ET on FAM-TV (US-cable).(1/25)
American Experience: Houdini – See 1/24.(1/25)
VOLUME: 25 / ISSUE: 760 / Friday – January 28, 2000
David Blaine was featured in a live chat on the Web on Jan. 26 at 4pm where he answered some questions from the audience. The most interesting statement was at the end where he commented about his next TV special: “My show that comes out on the end of May should be great. It’s the hardest I’ve ever worked for anything.” The chat was a promotion for Blaine’s appearance on ABC’s Super Bowl XXXIV Pregame show on Sunday at 4pm ET. To read a transcript of the chat provided by click: HERE.(1/28)

Le Grand David’s Anthology of Stage Magic will appear on Saturday Jan. 29 at 2pm at the Larcom Theatre (13 Wallis Street) in Beverly, MA. Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for children under 12. For more information and tickets phone: 978-927-3677.(1/28)

ENGLAND: A special auction of the Howard Peters magic collection on Monday Jan. 31at the Magic Circle in London. This Meeting is for magicians only.(1/28)

Friday, Jan. 28
World’s Greatest Magic I, featuring Lance Burton, Alain Choquette, Brett Daniels, Greg Frewin, Franz Harary, Max Maven, Melinda, The Pendragons, Princess Tenko, and Topas reruns on Friday Jan. 28 at 6pm ET on FAM-TV (US-cable).(1/26)
VOLUME: 25 / ISSUE: 761 / Saturday – January 29, 2000
Penn & Teller featured in the Boston Globe where they are described as “…Funny magicians? Scientific conjurers? Existential entertainers? Whatever you call it, it has been successful for the duo that started out 25 years ago as street entertainers in Amherst. What they do best is think. They out-think the audience.” Penn describes what they do, “…I practice science and there’s a scientific basis for everything we do. The humor and surprise comes from, in some cases, explaining everything we do and still leaving the audience baffled.” You will also learn Teller’s full name. To read the Jan. 28 Michael Blowen article click: HERE.(1/29)

Saturday, Jan. 29
James Brandon is scheduled to appear on Destination Stardom on Saturday Jan. 29 at 8pm ET on PAX-TV (US).(1/28)
Greatest Magician: Houdini on Saturday Jan. 29 at 5pm ET on TLC-TV (US-cable).(1/27)
Science of Magic -See 1/22.(1/27)
Assistants episode of Grand Illusions: The Story of Magic on Saturday Jan. 29 at 7am ET on Discovery Canada.(1/27)
Collectors episode of Grand Illusions: The Story of Magic on Saturday Jan. 29 at 7:30am ET on Discovery Canada.(1/27)
The Business Of Magic episode of Grand Illusions: The Story of Magic on Saturday Jan. 29 at 7:30am ET on Discovery Canada.(1/27)
VOLUME: 25 / ISSUE: 762 / Sunday – January 30, 2000
Le Grand David and His Own Spectacular Magic Company featured in the Boston Herald. The show that has been running for 23 years with more than 2,000 performances is described as a “…glittering extravagance of a 19th century family carnival. In this alternate world, guests are greeted by jesters, mimes sell popcorn, gold-turbaned actors hawk programs and a player piano clamors in the background.” The article also mentions other magic venues in the Boston area like, Magicians and Spirits, Hank Lee’s Magic Factory, Magic Arts Studio, Society of American Magicians,  and the International Brotherhood of Magicians. To read the Jan. 9 article supplied by NewsReal click: HERE.(1/30)

Tom Durnin, Chris McDaniel, Simon Lovell, and Todd Robbins appear at Monday Night Magic on Jan. 31 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: (212) 307-4100.(1/30)

Sunday, Jan. 30
David Blaine is scheduled to perform on Sunday Jan. 30 on the  Super Bowl XXXIV Pregame show which airs from 2pm to 6:15pm ET on ABC-TV (US). Blaine has been slotted to appear around 4pm ET.(1/28)
The Amazing Jonathan on a rerun of Lounge Lizards on Sunday Jan. 30 at 10:30pm ET on COM-TV (US-cable).(1/28)
American Experience: Houdini – See 1/24.(1/28)
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