MT: February 8-14, 1999

VOLUME: 14 / ISSUE: 406 / Monday – February 8, 1999
Claudia Schiffer beats the French magazine Paris Match in court for their allegations that her engagement to David Copperfield was arranged to get publicity. A French court determined the “contract” was fake and awarded Schiffer damages. It seems that Schiffer uses two signatures one for contracts and one for autographs. The signature on the “engagement contract” had a signature from her pin-up calendar. Copperfield has a separate $20 million suit against the magazine. To read an article about this by Daniel Frankel on E! Online click: HERE.(2/8)

Eugene Burger, Loren C. Michaels, Mystina, Danny Scott, John Shryock, Jeff Martin, Enrico De La Vega, and Jim Kopperman appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Feb. 4-10. Paul Cummins lectures on Sunday Feb. 14.(2/8)

Lance Burton is scheduled to appear on the Howie Mandel show on Tuesday Feb. 9 at 3pm ET on CBS-TV (US). This show is syndicated, check local listings in your area.(2/8)
VOLUME: 14 / ISSUE: 407 / Tuesday – February 9, 1999
Psychic Ghost Theatre, which has been running in Wheaton, MD for almost a year, gets a terrific write-up in the Jan. 28 issue of The Journal Newspaper. The article by Sara Wildberger describes the Psychic Ghost Theatre as “…an intimate evening of chamber magic in a painstakingly created performance space… But the emphasis is on the ‘good’ in good fright, as there’s at least as much laughter and applause as gasps and screams.” In addition to a review of Susan Kang and Barry Taylor’s show the article also talks about women in magic.(2/9)

David Oliver, Jon Stetson, Steve Kradolfer, Marcelo Contento and Mike Bent appear in “Magicians & Spirits” at The Green Street Grill in Cambridge, MA on Tuesday Feb. 9. Show starts at 10pm, bar magic at 9pm. All seats $10. For more info phone: 617-876-1655.(2/9)
VOLUME: 14 / ISSUE: 408 / Wednesday – February 10, 1999
“Lance Burton, Master Magician: Top Secret” has been rescheduled for Wednesday Feb. 24. Highlights include vanishing a B2 Stealth Bomber while it is surrounded by 50 armed military personnel, an escape while tied to the tracks of the US’s largest roller coaster, and appearing on a chandelier hanging over the audience at the Monte Carlo. For more detailed information on the special visit Ultimate TV by clicking: HERE.(2/10)

Penn & Teller on a Saturday Night Live rerun from the 1985-86 season, episode #444, on Friday Feb. 12 at 12pm ET on Comedy Central (US-cable).(2/10)
VOLUME: 14 / ISSUE: 409 / Thursday – February 11, 1999
Rocco “Mr. D’Lite” is not dead. This past Saturday morning I received a phone call asking me if I heard the rumor that Rocco is dead. I don’t like to deal in rumors but MagicTimes has received many e-mails and phone calls since then wanting to know if it is true. Spoke to Rocco the other day and he flatly denied that he was dead – and I don’t think he was lying. He also told me that he will probably be on the next World’s Greatest Magic.(2/11)

“The Houdini Girl” is a new book by Martyn Bedford whose main character, Fletcher Brandon is a professional magician who tries to investigate the cause of death of a woman he performed for. To read and excerpt from the book click: HERE.(2/11)
VOLUME: 14 / ISSUE: 410 / Friday – February 12, 1999
Meir Yedid Muses #56 titled “Vintage Muses” appears this week in Richard Robinson’s Magic Show. Featured in this month’s column is a preview of an upcoming Houdini auction, the latest news about FISM2000, Phil Matlin’s new CD, and the Ricky Jay feature in Forbes. To go to Magic Show click: HERE.(2/12)

“Ragtime Magic” is a new music CD by magician Phil Matlin. If you would like a copy of the CD you can get it directly from Perfect Magic in Montreal by calling their toll free phone number: 800-665-3754 (US & Canada), or 514-738-4176 (everywhere else). The price is $20 postpaid to anywhere in the world.(2/12)

Jerry Lewis stars as a magician who stumbles from one chaotic situation to the next when he joins a U.S.O. tour in the 1958 movie, “The Geisha Boy,” on Saturday Feb. 13 at 6pm and midnight ET on AMC-TV (US-cable).(2/12)
VOLUME: 14 / ISSUE: 411 / Saturday – February 13, 1999 
Peter Pit has been diagnosed with Leukemia and is at the Kaiser Permanente in Los Angeles being treated with chemotherapy. He is expected to spend around a month at the hospital. We wish him all the best. If you would like to send your best wishes you may e-mail him at: or send get well cards to: Peter Pit c/o The Magic Castle, 7001 Franklin Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90028.(2/13)

Comedy magician Glen Gerard headlines at the Comedy Cafe in Milwaukee, WI for a special Valentine’s Day show on Sunday, Feb. 14. Admission is $10 per person. For reservations phone: 414-271-5653.(2/13)
VOLUME: 14 / ISSUE: 412 / Sunday – February 14, 1999
Professor Padmarajan performed the legendary Indian Rope Trick at the Durbar Hall grounds in Cochin, Southern India last Wednesday. One of the oldest and rarest magic effects it was performed outdoors before a crowd of 1,000 at a conference on Indian magic. Anthony Owen called it, “…one of the world’s great tricks, conjuring up images of Jack and the Beanstalk and strange connections between Heaven and Earth.” After the performance Padmarajan was quoted as saying, “I am still experimenting with the trick, …I am working on making the child disappear and cutting up his limbs.” An article by Jon Stock and Sarath Nair about this can be read in the Sydney Morning Herald by clicking: HERE.(2/14)

Rich Marotta, Bob Friedhoffer, Larry Maples & Raven, and Simon Lovell appear at Monday Night Magic on Feb. 15 in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: (212) 307-4100.(2/14)

Magic themed King of the Hill titled “Sleight of Hank” on Tuesday Feb. 16 at 8pm ET on FOX-TV (US).(2/14)
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