MT: February 1-7, 1999

VOLUME: 14 / ISSUE: 399 / Monday – February 1, 1999
Bob Fitch who has been a magic consultant to many of the more successful stage magicians in the US will be conducting an exclusive “Performance Workshop for Magicians” on July 16-24 in Quebec, Canada. Space is limited to 12 magicians who are serious about improving their shows. The price for this weeklong workshop is less than one tenth of what it should be. For more information e-mail:

Hank Lee’s retail store on 127 South Street in Boston will move across the street on Feb. 1 to 112 South Street. This is the first time the store will be on ground level. Look for a brand new magical store-front.(2/1)

Eugene Burger, John Shryock, Jonathan Levit, Dimmare, and Bill Perron appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Feb. 1-7. Eugene Burger lectures on Sunday Feb. 7.(2/1)

Just Alan will join Michael Chaut, Steve Cuiffo, Gerry McCambridge, and Simon Lovell to celebrate the 75-show anniversary of Monday Night Magic on Feb. 1 in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: (212) 307-4100.(1/31, 2/1)

Penn & Teller guest star in the “Knee Deep” episode of Home Improvement where the Tool Man becomes the subject of the magicians’ trick on Tuesday Feb. 2 at 8pm ET on ABC-TV (US).(2/1)

Orson Welles performs magic with Lucille Ball on “I Love Lucy” on Tuesday Feb. 2 at 11pm and on Wednesday Feb. 3 at 4am ET on NICK-TV (US-cable).(2/1)
VOLUME: 14 / ISSUE: 400 / Tuesday – February 2, 1999
David Blaine is featured in the February issue of Paper Magazine. The article briefly mentions his connection with celebrities and discusses some of the things Blaine will do on his upcoming TV special. Effects like pulling a piece of string from his skin, a selected card is written on a spectator’s chest, a voodoo ceremony in Haiti, and ripping off a chicken’s head. Blaine also mentions his current project, his biographical movie, and talks about his childhood. To read the article by Peter Davis click: HERE.(2/2)

A memorial service for Ricki Dunn is scheduled for Tuesday Feb. 2 at 3-5pm at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV.(2/2)

Penn & Teller’s live shows in February take them all over the US. Feb. 1-10 at the Hollywood Theatre in the M.G.M. Grand in Las Vegas, Feb. 12 at the Merrill Auditorium in Portland, ME, Feb. 13 at the Capitol Theatre in Concord, NH, Feb. 14 at the Flynn Theatre in Burlington, VT, Feb. 19-20 at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, CT, and Feb. 21 at the State University of New York in Purchase, NY.(2/2)
VOLUME: 14 / ISSUE: 401 / Wednesday – February 3, 1999
Joe Hernandez appears on Images/Imagenes, which is New Jersey’s public affairs show. Hernandez will be talking about his upcoming “Stars of Magic” show as well as performing some close-up magic. Hernandez is also the founder of the International Latin Music Hall of Fame and will talk about the upcoming induction ceremonies. The show will air on Thursday Feb. 4 at 6:30pm and again Sunday Feb. 7 at 12:30pm ET. Locally the show airs on NJN, NJB, and NJT-TV, check local listings for stations near you.(2/3)

German legal officials closed a probe into press reports that claimed the relationship between David Copperfield and Claudia Schiffer was a paid business agreement. Schiffer’s lawyer stated that documents produced by the press were fake.(2/3)

David Copperfield can be seen live in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace from Feb. 1-19 and at the Buell Theatre in Denver Colorado on Feb. 26-28.(2/3)

Penn & Teller appear on “Wild on the Vegas Strip” which features the sights and people on the strips in LA and Vegas on Thursday Feb. 4 at 9pm and Saturday Feb. 6 at 12am ET on E!-TV (US-cable).(2/3)
VOLUME: 14 / ISSUE: 402 / Thursday – February 4, 1999
David Acer, Eric Buss, Ben Caesar, Bob Gibbons, Brian Gillis, Goldfinger & Dove, Ken Groves, Max Howard, Phil Kaiser, Chad Long, Kenrick “Ice” McDonald, Chris Mitchell, John Montefusco, Jr., Brian Moore, Hank Moorhouse, Jim Princeton, Jessica Reed, John Rogers, Silly Billy, Mark Wade, and The Wilsons at the 68th Annual Columbus Magi-Fest on Feb. 4-6 at the Holiday Inn inWorthington, OH. For more info. contact Jep Hostetler by phone: 614-299-8995 or by e-mail: You can also visit their website by clicking: HERE.(2/4)

“Lance Burton, Master Magician: Top Secret” has been scheduled to air on Feb. 27 on NBC-TV.(2/4)

Vincent Price stars as a magician in 1954 Black & White movie “The Mad Magician” on Friday Feb. 5 at 11am and on Thursday Feb. 18 at 9am ET on AMC-TV (US-cable).(2/4)

Bill Irwin plays the “flying man,” while Chris becomes captivated by the mysteries of magic in the “Get Real AKA Magic” episode of Northern Exposure on Friday Feb. 5 at 12pm and again at 6pm ET on A&E-TV (US-cable).(2/4)
VOLUME: 14 / ISSUE: 403 / Friday – February 5, 1999
Siegfried & Roy recently performed their 4,000th show at the Mirage since the hotel-casino opened in 1990. They performed for 6 million people and the show has grossed $500 million. Now that is magic!(2/5)

Al Garber, Infantino, Mike Maione, Jeff Miller, and Terry Parrett will be presenting an evening of magic to benefit the “Make-A-Wish” foundation. In addition to the stage show the audience will be treated to strolling magicians: Robert Herritt, Dr. Mitch, Vinnie Moccia, and Joie J. Fadde. The goal is to raise $10,000 for the Make-A-Wish chapter of Suffolk County NY, which uses donations to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses. The show will be held at the Hauppauge High School on Saturday Feb. 6 at 7:30pm. Tickets may be purchased at the door: $6.50 for adults or $3.50 for anyone under 18. For more information, e-mail:

Le Grand David’s Anthology of Stage Magic will appear on Saturday Feb. 6 and 20 at 2pm at the Larcom Theatre in Beverly, MA. Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for children under 12. For more info and tickets call: 978-927-3677.(2/5)
VOLUME: 14 / ISSUE: 404 / Saturday – February 6, 1999 
Magic Tips is a new weekly video feature in Richard Robinson’s Magic Show. Following the successful “Talk About Magic” broadcast hosted by Jim Sisti, this new show hosted by Richard Robinson will feature tips about stage and close-up magic for magicians. A new show appears every Friday in Magic Show. To go to Magic Show click: HERE.(2/6)

Le Grand David Spectacular Magic Company, now in its 23rd year, performs every Sunday in February at 3pm at the Cabot St. Cinema Theatre in Beverly, MA. Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for children under 12. For more info and tickets call: 978-927-3677.(2/6)

Lance Burton, Omar Pasha and Mark Kalin discuss the secrets of magic on the “Hidden Secrets of Magic” on Sunday Feb. 7 at 5pm ET on FAM-TV (US-cable).(2/6)
VOLUME: 14 / ISSUE: 405 / Sunday – February 7, 1999
“Magicians” is a new movie which begins production later this month. It is an ensemble comedy about two untalented magicians who make their way to Las Vegas from New York City in the hopes of becoming the next Siegfried & Roy. The budget for the project is less than $10 million and will star: Alan Arkin, Claire Forlani, Til Schweiger, and Fabrizio Bentivoglio. It will be produced by James Merendino.(2/7)

R.J. Lewis, The Evasons, Jamy Ian Swiss, Rocco, and Todd Robbins appear at Monday Night Magic on Feb. 8 in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: (212) 307-4100.(2/7)

Ricky Jay can be seen in the 1997 James Bond movie “Tomorrow Never Dies” on Monday Feb. 8 at 8pm and on Friday Feb. 12 at 8pm ET on SHOW-TV (US-cable).(2/7)
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