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Two Timely Magic Plays In New York City

Richard Steven Cohn, Mark Greenberg and Igor presented a showcase of magic at the “13th Street Repertory Company” in New York City, on February 19 where they presented two original magic plays.

Mark Greenberg and Richard Cohn presented “The Mystery of Marco Monteverdi” and Igor showcased his “Memories From The Future.”

“Memories From The Future” is a 45-minute play where a scientist, using magic, conducts experiments in time travel. The show is in a lecture format where Igor explains his theory of time travel and uses magic to visually substantiate what he is saying. Igor also incorporated the award winning acts he has been using at magic conventions for the past few years.

“The Mystery of Marco Monteverdi” is an original production, written and performed by Mark Greenberg and Richard Cohn. Greenberg portrays Marco Monteverdi, a purported Rip Van Winkle/huckster/magician character who has been trapped for 80 years in the vault of a vanished Times Square magic shop.

“The Professor,” played by Cohn, is an ethnomusicologist/theater historian/magic buff and performer who is the man re-introducing Monteverdi to the world. Together, Monteverdi and The Professor, create the fantasy of a long past era, during the course of their diverse magical demonstrations.

Richard Cohn told MagicTimes that, “The purpose for the showcase presentation of the two magic plays was to cultivate new venues and new audiences for magicians in New York. Several other programs and dates are being scheduled.”

—Meir Yedid

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