Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Magic At The Toy Fair

Throughout the miles of displays at Toy Fair there is a dichotomy in the way in which magic is perceived and utilized.

Marvin’s Magic Moves into Midtown

New U.S. Division Opens Showroom at International Toy Center in NYC. Roger Dreyer named CEO.

Magic Politically Correct?

20 wizards serve close-up sorcery at Bush inauguration dinner soirees.

William Doerflinger, Author of “The Magic Catalogue” dead at 90

Magic lost a notable champion in the death of William Main Doerflinger on December 23, 2000.

Brother John Hamman died

Brother John Charles Hamman, S.M. (Sep. 3, 1927- Dec. 5, 2000) died on Dec. 5 at the age of 73. Bro. Hamman has made major contributions to the art and craft of card magic with several classic sleights and routines bearing his name.

Blaine Bound In Block Of Ice On Broadway

David Blaine has revived the spectacular outdoor stunts of an earlier day, now tricked out with 21st century technology.

David Blaine On Ice

The hundreds of fans, tourists and curiosity seekers who came to visit were truly from all walks of life. They all had one thing in common though -- they wanted David Blaine to succeed.

David Blaine’s “Frozen In Time” …Timeline

This page will be a living document which will be updated at least once a day -- most likely several times a day -- as we get new information.

Martinka Moves To Internet

America's oldest magic dealership, The Flosso-Hornmann Magic Co., incorporating Martinka & Co., has been sold by longtime proprietor Jack Flosso to Ted Bogusta of New Jersey.

Swann Magic Auction

The annual Swann Magic Auction took place on Thursday October 26, 2000 at their newly renovated 5th floor auction hall and gallery.
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