MT: September 25 – October 1, 2000

VOLUME: 33 / ISSUE: 1,001 / Monday – September 25, 2000
Dante, Oscar Eliason, who was born in 1869 in Salt Lake City is featured in a Salt Lake Tribune article. The article is an interesting biography garnered from the newspaper’s archives. We find out that his “…debut performance (for the benefit of the Young Ladies’ Aid Society at the Twentieth Ward) ‘created a furor’ in March 1889.” He turned pro in 1893 and is currently buried in Australia and is part of Waverley Cemetery’s “Walk Through History” tour. This is part one of a two part story which will continue next week. To read the Sep. 24 article by Will Bagley titled “The Great Dante Lies Down Under: Utah ‘Wizard’ Lies in Aussie Cemetery.” click: HERE.(9/25)

Keith Baldinger and his “corporate magic” business are featured in the Sun-Sentinel. Discussing the state of magic he said, “Magic isn’t what it used to be… “It’s not just kids’ birthday parties. It’s become very big business and gaining in popularity every minute.” His approach to magic is interesting, “When he’s hired, Baldinger specifically asks his clients not to reveal his identity. He puts on his smartest suit and mingles with a crowd, very much like a salesman, gradually gaining their confidence.” To read the Sep. 23 article by Alfredo Soto titled “Magic a tricky business for Parkland man” click: HERE.(9/25)

Fernando Keops, Tom Ogden, Dan Birch, Steve Silverman, Peter Tappan, Bruce Gold, Danny Cole, Bill Perron appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Sep. 25 – Oct. 1. Tom Ogden lectures on Sunday Oct. 1.(9/25)

Michael Chaut, Robert Baxt, Jeff Moche, Jamy Ian Swiss, Frank Brents, and Simon Lovell appear at Monday Night Magic on Sep. 25 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(9/25)
VOLUME: 33 / ISSUE: 1,002 / Tuesday – September 26, 2000
Dr. Phineas’ Phantom Phrolics starring George Sprague is a horror illusion show which runs on weekends through Oct. 22 and daily from Oct. 27-31. It is part of  Thrillvania at the Verdun Manor in Terrell, TX. The show which features geek type magic and major illusions is described as, “Doctor Phineas and Lady Cassandra’s performances include scenes such as the live cremation… and are not recommended for the faint of heart. New illusions are added each year, so guests will find that Dr. Phineas’ Phantom Phrolics will still shock and amuse them.” The shows run every hour in the evening and are included as part of the theme park’s admission of $22 per person. For more information click: HERE.(9/26)
VOLUME: 33 / ISSUE: 1,003 / Wednesday – September 27, 2000
Steve Wyrick’s new show at the Sahara in Las Vegas finally opened in a custom built theater costing $24 million plus another $6 million on the show, where he has been signed to an eight year contract. The theater is designed to look like an airplane-hangar where he produces a twin-engine plane, walks through a 747-turbine engine, and appears hanging from a helicopter hovering over the audience. The Las Vegas Sun’s verdict: “He has managed to do things differently and to mix the intimate bits nicely with the huge, bombastic illusionary accomplishments.” The Las Vegas Review-Journal verdict was: “If you’re a family on a budget, taking the youngsters to their first big magic show, then Steve Wyrick’s new production at the Sahara is the one. Both reviews mentioned the close-up sequences with Sam The Bellhop and a Three Shell game as highlights.
–To read the Sep. 22 Las Vegas Sun review by Joe Delaney titled “Move to Sahara a good one for Wyrick’s magical show” click: HERE.
–To read the Sep. 22 Las Vegas Review-Journal review by Mike Weatherford titled “Wyrick’s new show should appeal to families: Magician’s friendly tone mixes well with straight-faced illusions” click: HERE.(9/27)

Lance Burton was inducted into the Casino Legends Hall of Fame on Friday Sep. 22 at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino. Larry Lee speaks about why Burton made it in, “Lance Burton has personalized magic and brought his unique style to the Las Vegas Strip… “Due to his determination and hard work he now has one of the successful shows in the city, and truly is one of the legends in the industry.” To read the Sep. 26 Las Vegas Review-Journal article by Deana DiDio titled “Burton now appearing at Casino Legends Hall of Fame” click: HERE.(9/27)

“Magie: Las Vegas,” a French television special hosted by Sylvain Mirouf featuring Lance Burton and Rick Thomas has been taping in Las Vegas. To read the Sep. 25 Las Vegas Review-Journal article titled “‘Rat Race’ filming in and around The Venetian; ‘Magie’ begins work” click: HERE.(9/27)

Scott Sparling enters a Survivor type event and wins $10,000. He is quoted in the News Tribune, “I’m very glad, extremely glad to be out… “It’s one of the funnest things I’ve ever done. Also one of the most sadistic things I’ve ever done.” To read the Sep. 26 article by Sean Robinson titled “Top ‘Star-vivor’ glad he’s out WINS $10,000: Network of supporters, energetic wife give him the edge in final public vote done online” click: HERE.(9/27)

Aaron Radatz performs his show at the HalloWeekends Festival at the Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, OH on Sep. 29-Oct. 1, Oct. 6-8, and Oct. 13-15 at the Centennial Theatre. The 25-minute show is free with park admission and repeats three times on Fridays, six times on Saturdays and four times on Sundays. For more information on the show click: HERE. For information about Radatz click: HERE.(9/27)

Magician “Big Daddy Cool” appears in John Pyka’s SWING! on Sep. 29 and Oct. 2 at 8pm at the Stardust Theater in Nashville, TN. Tickets are $10-$17 and are available by phoning: 615-889-2992.(9/27)
VOLUME: 33 / ISSUE: 1,004 / Thursday – September 28, 2000
Memories For Sale
Memories were sold at the largest sale of its kind: In a factory warehouse hundreds of posters, magic catalogs, magazines, books, apparatus, ephemera, and related thaumatological goods were available to change hands as Mike Caveney and George Daily conducted a sale and auction motivated by their acquisition of Dave Price’s Egyptian Hall Museum of Magic. The field day for collectors took place Sep. 23 and 24 in New Oxford, PA. Attendees were assailed by an eye popping display of wares offered — with more than $400,000 being spent at the auction everyone went away with a piece of history. …Go to full story.(9/28)

David Blaine teaches Paul Newman a card trick and Dick Cavett performs a rope routine at a party. To read the Sep. 27 USA Today article by Jeannie Williams titled “Celebrities synchronize September celebrations” click: HERE.(9/28)
VOLUME: 33 / ISSUE: 1,005 / Friday – September 29, 2000
Jeff McBride opened at the Claridge Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City On Sep. 27 with a brand new full-evening show called “AbracaDazzle.” Produced by Tobias Beckwith the show “…is themed as a journey around the world and through time, discovering the many faces of magic.” Joining McBride in the show are Abbi Spinner, Scott Hitchcock & Joan DuKore. The show will feature classic McBride pieces such as “Transformation,” “King of Cards,” “Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” and “Shapeshifter,” with new featured pieces “Voodoo People,” and “Land of the Rising Sun.” Hitchcock & Dukore will be presenting their high energy “Magic Feets.” The show is scheduled to run till Nov. 16 with shows every day except Friday. Tickets are $15-19 and are available through the Claridge Box Office by phoning: 609-340-3700.(9/29)

David and Dania appear in the 23rd season of the Big Apple Circus which runs at the Dulles Town Center in Maryland through Oct. 9. Dania also performs a separate hula-hoop act. To read the Sep. 28 Washington Post article by Pamela Sommers titled “Big Apple Circus: No Lions but Lots of Laughs” click: HERE.(9/29)

Dr. Pius Chukwuemeka Ezeife has a unique life which includes producing a coin from an orange. To read the Sep. 23 Vanguard Daily article by Chioma Anyagafu titled “Ezeife Unmasked: Why I Love Women – Ezeife” click: HERE.(9/29)

Basil Smith who will perform at the 20th annual Poca Heritage Day on Saturday is featured in a Charleston Gazette article. To read the Sep. 28 article by Mary E. Sansom titled “Poca Heritage Day promises to be magic,” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix, click: HERE.(9/29)

Penn & Teller performed at the ATHENAs (Award To Honor Excellence in Newspaper Advertising) awards show on Sep. 21 in New York City. To read the Sep. 22 company press release click: HERE.(9/29)
VOLUME: 33 / ISSUE: 1,006 / Saturday – September 30, 2000
NEW JERSEY: Magic Funday on Sunday Oct. 1 from 10am-10pm at the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Somerset. Headlining this year are: Dick Stoner, Ice McDonald, Joe Festa, Sam Sandler, Richard Forget, Joshua Phillips,, Matthew Dwinnels, and Matthew Furman. The day includes three lectures, a close-up show, auction, a contest, an evening show and many exhibitors. Cost is $35 for the entire day for more information and directions click: HERE.(9/30)

Harmony Korine who was the segment director on the recent David Blaine TV special released his own movie titled Julien Donkey-Boy which is reviewed in The Guardian. To read the Sep. 29 review by Peter Bradshaw titled “julien donkey-boy” click: HERE.(9/30)
VOLUME: 34 / ISSUE: 1,007 / Sunday – October 1, 2000
New York City’s leading, and only, magic venue presents a special Monday Night Magic All-Star Show featuring a showcase of the MNM regulars: David Oliver, Jamy Ian Swiss, Todd Robbins, Rocco, Peter Samelson, and Simon Lovell on Oct. 2 at 8pm at the Sullivan Street Playhouse. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(10/1)

Balloons Across America is a day in which “Balloon Twisters” all over the world plan to donate their time performing for free at local non-profit organizations. More than 200 people have agreed to participate on Wednesday Oct. 4. If you can make a “balloon doggie” and would like to participate you can register by clicking: HERE.(10/1)

AUSTRALIA: Danny Archer lectures in Auckland New Zealand (Oct. 2), Palmerston North, New Zealand (3), Wellington, New Zealand (4), Christchurch , New Zealand (5), Brisbane, Australia (8), Sydney, Australia (15), Melbourne, Australia (16), Adelaide, Australia (17), and Perth, Australia (18). For more information check with your local magic clubs or e-mail the Magicians Lecture Network by clicking: HERE.(10/1)

CANADA/IDAHO: Gary Norsegian lectures in Vancouver, BC on Oct. 1 and in Des Moines, ID On Oct. 3. For more information check with your local magic clubs or e-mail the Magicians Lecture Network by clicking: HERE.(10/1)

MICHIGAN/OHIO: Joe Riding lectures in Grand Rapids, MI on Oct. 1 and in Columbus, OH on Oct. 2. For more information check with your local magic clubs or e-mail the Magicians Lecture Network by clicking: HERE.(10/1)
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