MT: November 8-14, 1999

VOLUME: 23 / ISSUE: 679 / Monday – November 8, 1999
Larry Maples & Raven will be performing their Theater of Illusion Show on board the Regal Princess which will be cruising the Mexican Riviera from Nov. 9- 29.(11/8)

OHIO: Dorian Gray will perform his new close-up show Wonderland on Nov. 10 at 8:30pm at The Masonic Temple Ballroom (910 Phillips Ave., Toledo). Tickets are $10. For more information phone Michael Night at: 419-478-8781 or e-mail:

Monday, Nov. 8
The Trash TV episode of Diagnosis Murder with Valentino on Monday Nov. 8 at 10pm ET on PXN-TV (US-cable).(11/7)
Rough Magic (1995)- See 11/3.(11/7)
Buskers episode of Grand Illusions: The Story of Magic on Monday Nov. 8 at 3pm ET on Discovery Canada.(11/7)
VOLUME: 23 / ISSUE: 680 / Tuesday – November 9, 1999
David Copperfield spends the rest of November in South Africa and Turkey: Nov. 10-14 at the Bellville Velodrome in Cape Town, South Africa, Nov. 16-21 at the MTN Sundome in Johannesburg, South Africa, and Nov. 25-29 at the Showland in Istanbul, Turkey.(11/9)

NEW JERSEY: John Calvert who is 87- years old and one of the true remaining legends in magic will be lecturing on Wednesday Nov. 10 at 8pm for JMMRT at the V.F.W. (Pennsylvania Railroad Ave., two blocks from AMTRAK station) in Linden, New Jersey. For more information phone Al Hillman at: 732-257-3456. Cost to non-members is $12. Don’t miss this it is an opportunity of a lifetime.(11/9)

Tuesday, Nov. 9
Howard Posner on the Donny & Marie Show on Tuesday Nov. 9 at noon ET on FOX-TV (US). This show is syndicated and may appear at different times and channels — check local listings.(11/9)
Magique Dominque the 10-year old magician from Florida appears on “Despierta America” (Wake Up America)  on Tuesday Nov. 9 at 9am and 9:38am ET with two different segments on UNIVISION-TV (US-Spanish speaking). To find out more about Ms. Dominque click: HERE.(11/9)
Robert Lansing (who was a magician) appears in the magic themed episode of Kung Fu: The Legend Continues: Magic Tricks where Kwai Chang goes under cover at an exclusive club to find a magician suspected of murdering one of his students on Tuesday Nov. 9 at 3pm ET on TNT-TV (US-cable).(11/8)
The Great Families episode of Grand Illusions: The Story of Magic on Tuesday Nov. 9 at 3pm ET on Discovery Canada.(11/8)
The Magician’s Story episode of Grand Illusions: The Story of Magic on Tuesday Nov. 9 at 9:30pm, Nov. 10 at 1:30am and 5:30am, and Nov. 11 at 3pm ET on Discovery Canada.(11/8)
VOLUME: 23 / ISSUE: 681 / Wednesday – November 10, 1999
This year’s edition of It’s Magic features Harry Anderson, Rick Thomas, Dana Daniels, Huber Marionettes, Michael Grandinetti, and Fukai & Kimika on Nov. 11-14 at the Alex Theater Glendale (216 No. Brand Ave., Glendale, CA). Tickets are $20-$30 and are available by phoning: 800-233-3123. For more information click: HERE.(11/10)

Ten magicians competed at the Magic Circle’s annual Close-Up Magician of the year competition on Nov. 8. First prize and The Devano Trophy went to Richard Pinner. Marco Pusterla came in second and Bruce Munton finished third.(11/10)

GEORGIA: The 25th Atlanta Harvest of magic on Nov. 11-13 features Paul Gertner, Paul Cummings, Gene Anderson, Oscar Munoz, Bob Bloenk, Bob Kohler, and many others. The convention takes place at the Atlanta Northwest Hilton (2055 South Park Place – 770-953-9300) in Atlanta. For more information phone Diane or Jim Maney at: 770-487-2598 or e-mail:

Wednesday, Nov. 10
Fairy Tale: A True Story stars Harvey Keitel as Houdini on Wednesday Nov. 10 at 9:05am ET on MAX2-TV (US-cable).(11/9)
The Great Canadians episode of Grand Illusions: The Story of Magic on Wednesday Nov. 10 at 3pm ET on Discovery Canada.(11/9)
The Magician’s Story- See 11/9.(11/9)
VOLUME: 23 / ISSUE: 682 / Thursday – November 11, 1999 
The William Larsen, Jr. Memorial Rose Garden is being opened and dedicated on Thursday Nov. 12 at 1pm. The garden, which contains a fountain and some special effects, will face the Magic Castle entrance in Hollywood, CA. Siegfried & Roy will be doing the ribbon cutting ceremony and many other dignitaries are expected to be on hand.(11/11)

Jeff McBride in An Evening Of Mystery, Magick and Strange Rituals on Thursday Nov. 11 at 8pm at the A.O.H. Hall (104 Boston St.) in Salem, MA. Tickets are $20 each and are available by phoning: 978-744-0582.(11/11)

CALIFORNIA: The Sixth Los Angeles Conference on Magic History on Nov. 11-13 in North Hollywood will once again feature some incredible lectures and performances which will pay homage to Magic’s rich history. The event which is produced, every other year, by Mike Caveney, John Gaughan, Joan Lawton and Jim Steinmeyer is by invitation only and sells-out as soon as the dates are announced.(11/11)

Thursday, Nov. 11
Houdini: Unlocking His Secrets with performances by Lance Burton, Brett Daniels, David Williamson and the Pendragons on Thursday Nov. 11 at 10pm ET on FAM-TV (US-cable).(11/10)
The Magician’s Story- See 11/9.(11/10)
VOLUME: 23 / ISSUE: 683 / Friday – November 12, 1999
Larry Hass who teaches a course that blends the art of magic with the theory behind it is featured in USA today. The article focuses on perception and direction. Victor Walter explains it, “For a sudden split-second, spectators are aware of their unreliable perceptions and false assumptions. In that epiphany, the nature of reality is questioned.” The article also includes a side bar quoting Eugene Burger and Robert Fellows who stress that the real secret is how you present the magic and not its mechanics. To read Mary Beth Marklin’s Oct. 26 article titled “Truth about magic is in the cards” click: HERE.(11/12)

Glen Gerard’s Comedy and Illusion show appears in Wisconsin this month at the Falls Auditorium in Menomonee Falls (Nov. 13), Riverside Ballroom in Green Bay (19), Club Bil Mar in Manitowoc (20), Skate Country in West Bend (21), and at the Homestead Auditorium, Mequon (27). All seats are $6. For more information phone: 262-250-1234.(11/12)

A second article by Ms. Marklein titled “Wording controls psychic abilities” appeared the same day in USA Today. Robert Fellows is the main feature of the article as he discusses the many verbal techniques used by psychics, mediums and mentalists to make you believe that they can read your mind. To read the article click: HERE.(11/12)

Friday, Nov. 12
Penn & Teller on the Donny & Marie Show on Friday Nov. 12 at noon ET on FOX-TV (US). This show is syndicated and may appear at different times and channels — check local listings.(11/11)
A young magician on Kidsongs – I Can Put On a Show on Friday Nov. 12 at 3pm ET on WNET-TV (US-PBS). This show is syndicated and may appear at different times and channels — check local listings.(11/11)
The classic 1953 Houdini- See 11/1.(11/11)
The Future Of Magic episode of Grand Illusions: The Story of Magic on Friday Nov. 12 at 3pm, Nov. 16 at 9:30pm, and Nov. 17 at 1:30am and 5:30am ET on Discovery Canada.(11/11)
VOLUME: 23 / ISSUE: 684 / Saturday – November 13, 2000
Major magic auction at Butterfield & Butterfield (7601 Sunset Blvd.) in Los Angeles, CA on Monday Nov. 15 at 1pm. 365 items are being offered for sale. The items are composed of three categories: Tons of original Houdini items which survived the Niagra Falls Houdini Museum fire, Original props and paper from the Raymond show, and Walter Gibson’s working library. Many items have estimates in the thousands and tens of thousands. It should be a very exciting event. The 60+page, full-color catalog is beautiful — if you can’t make the auction you should get the catalog. All items can also be viewed on their website by clicking: HERE.(11/13)

Saturday, Nov. 13
The Linguini Incident (1992) features a waitress who dreams of becoming an escape artist on Saturday Nov. 13 at 9pm, and Nov. 14 at 1:30am ET on ROMCL-TV (US-cable).(11/12)
VOLUME: 23 / ISSUE: 685 / Sunday – November 14, 2000
CALIFORNIA: Meir Yedid will be performing his last lecture of the century on Monday Nov.15 at 7:30pm at T.C. Tahoe’s new magic shop, Mind Over Magic (2214 Burbank Blvd.) in Burbank. For more information phone: 818-562-1921 or e-mail:

Michael Chaut, Tom Durnan, Jeff Moche, and Todd Robbins appear at Monday Night Magic on Nov. 15 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: (212) 307-4100.(11/14)

TEXAS, LA, OK: Abb Dickson takes his Foxy lecture on the road in November: Baton Rouge, LA (Nov. 15), New Orleans, LA (16), Houston, TX (17), Rio Grande Valley, TX (18), Dallas, TX (21), Austin, TX (22), San Antonio, TX (23), and Tulsa, OK (24). For more information about these lectures you can e-mail Bob Karlebach at:

Sunday, Nov. 14
Penn & Teller on the Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder episode of The Simpsons on Sunday Nov. 14 at 8pm ET on FOX-TV (US).(11/13)
The Linguini Incident (1992)- See 11/13.(11/13)
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