MT: November 20-26, 2000

VOLUME: 35 / ISSUE: 1,057 / Monday – November 20, 2000
David Blaine’s website produced by iCast continues to be enhanced. Some promotions and events which are of interest is a live chat with Blaine scheduled for Nov. 22 at 9pm ET and around the clock live coverage of his Frozen In Time stunt on Nov. 27-29. Also of interest is a contest to win an autographed David Blaine Poster. You can signup for a Blaine newsletter and even chat with some Blaine fans.
–For info on the live chat click: HERE.
–For the live chat on the 22nd at 9pm click: HERE.
–For the Poster contest and newsletter click: HERE.
–To chat with other Blaine fans on a bbs click: HERE.(11/20)

Dana Daniels, Allan Hayden, Tom Ogden, Handsome Jack, David Yee, David Zirbel, The Laramores, Aldo Colombini appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Nov. 20-26.(11/20)

JAPAN: Lee Asher will be lecturing throughout Japan: Rodo Square in Tokyo on Nov. 23, Takashimaya Annex in Yokohama on Nov. 24, Hama Hall in Hamamatsu on Nov. 25, Nagoya-shi Geijyutsu Sozo Center in Nagoya on Nov. 25, Sanseikinen Fukushi Kaian in Osaka on Nov. 26, and Yamaguchi Grand Hotel on Nov. 27.(11/20)
VOLUME: 35 / ISSUE: 1,058 / Tuesday – November 21, 2000
Blaine begins getting press with a USA Today feature. David Blaine who held a press conference on Monday Nov. 20 to announce the details of his being encased in ice for 58 hours received much press with two USA Today features as well as photos and stories by Reuters and the Associated Press. Expect much more in the next ten days. …Go to full story. (11/21)

David Blaine who will freeze himself for 58 hours in Times Square starting next Monday is featured in USA Today. Blaine describes what he is about to do as, “This is no illusion, no trick, no escape act… ”What I call it is a challenge, an endurance experience, a feat.” Quoted in the article are Peter Monticup and James Randi, and Bob Spencer. To read the Nov. 20 article by Ann Oldenburg titled “He’s an ice guy, that David Blaine Magician to be frozen for 58 hours” click: HERE.(11/21)

Robert Ruden who is David Blaine’s medical consultant is the subject of a USA Today story where he discusses what Blaine could be facing while frozen in ice. To read the Nov. 20 article titled “Medical consultant is trying to make the dangers vanish” click: HERE.(11/21)

David Blaine’s stunt scheduled for Nov. 27th on Broadway at West 44th Street in New York City is the subject of a Reuters story. Blaine makes a request, “Now, I ask well-wishers to lend me their warmth and support by visiting and touching the block of ice in which I will be frozen.” To read the Nov. 20 story titled “New York Magician to Encase Himself in Ice” click: HERE.(11/21)

An Associated Press photo and caption by Tina Fineberg from the Nov. 20 David Blaine press conference can be viewed by clicking: HERE.(11/21)

A Reuters photo and caption by Peter Morgan from the David Blaine press conference can be seen by clicking: HERE.(11/21)

A second Reuters photo and caption from David Blaine’s press conference. To read a Nov. 21 photo and caption titled “New York Magician to Encase Himself in Ice” click: HERE.(11/21)
VOLUME: 35 / ISSUE: 1,059 / Wednesday – November 22, 2000
Pete Smith, a management lecturer, uses magic as a tool to teach team-building and other management strategies. Quoted in The Scotsman he points out that “Magic became a useful way of communicating – it transcends prejudice and gets people interested in what you’re doing.” To read the Nov. 21 article by Matt Warren titled “My Working Life: Management Mindreader” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(11/22)

David Blaine who will be facing, perhaps, his most difficult challenge to date is profiled in The New York Post. Blaine describes what he might go through, “I’ll be thinking about my mother when she had cancer and was laying in bed for months… “It’s the same thing for me, but it’s only for three days, so I have nothing to complain about.” To read the Nov. 21 article by Clemente Lisi titled “Magician’s Next Stunt Is Chilling” click: HERE.(11/22)

David Blaine’s previous endeavors are retold and the precautions taken for his upcoming stunt are described, “His heartbeat will be monitored by doctors and he has worked out eye signals to use in case of an emergency.” To read the Nov. 21 BBC story titled “Ice block trial for magician” click: HERE.(11/22)

Zap2it runs a story covering the David Blaine being frozen in a large ice cube. To read the Nov. 20 story titled “Blaine Entombed In Ice For TV Special” click: HERE.(11/22)

ABC News runs a Reuters story with an Associated Press photo about David Blaine’s upcoming ordeal. To read the Nov. 21 story titled “Frozen Magic New York Illusionist David Blaine to Encase Himself in Ice” click: HERE.(11/22)

Fox News runs the David Blaine story from the New York Post. To read the Nov. 21 article titled “Magician’s Next Stunt Is Chilling — Literally” click: HERE.(11/22)

Richard Guy Brausa who performed at the Jay Shideler Elementary School is featured in The Capital-Journal. A brief biography of his career is recounted and his style of educating while entertaining. To read the Nov. 16 article by Ann Marie Bush titled “Do you believe in magic? Topekan shares talents with local schools” click: HERE.(11/22)
VOLUME: 35 / ISSUE: 1,060 / Thursday – November 23, 2000
An outstanding article about David Blaine in the Los Angeles Times where explained that he would like to bid on some Houdini items at the Swann auction house, “I have a real problem… I want to bid on some of this stuff, but I’m going to be in a block of ice all day tomorrow, 12 to 18 hours.” The article chronicles Blaine’s childhood and career with some never before written about stories including a description of a performance he did for the writer. To read the Nov. 19 article by Marnelle Jameson titled “The Houdini of the Hoi Polloi” click: HERE.(11/23)

iCast which runs David Blaine’s website ( announced on Nov. 22 that they plan on having “…Daily chats with David from within his ice tomb” on Nov. 27 and 28 at 8pm ET.(11/23)

Bury him or freeze him, magician David Blaine vows to survive is how the Reuters story begins about Blaine’s upcoming 58-hour ordeal. To read the Nov. 21 Reuters story titled “Magician to Encase Himself in Ice” click: HERE.(11/23)
VOLUME: 35 / ISSUE: 1,061 / Friday – November 24, 2000
David Copperfield is featured on the cover of the Los Angeles Times Weekend Calendar with an in-depth story and photos. Copperfield is described as “…arguably the most popular magician in the world and definitely the richest, earning $50 million last year.” Copperfield also explains what drives his career, “I’m driven by fear, driven by the fear of failure… I’m also driven by the fear of not staying relevant. …I’m still not satisfied, absolutely not… There are moments where I say, ‘That’s pretty good.’ But other moments where I say, ‘I wish I could do that again.’ It’s great to have that little bit of an edge. It’s important not to be that satisfied. When that happens, it’s pretty much over.” We also learn that Copperfield’s next big illusion is to walk into a tornado which appears on stage. Copperfield’s new show, “Unknown Dimension,” will be appearing throughout Southern California in the next few weeks. To read the Nov. 23 Los Angeles Times story by Greg Braxton titled “What’s Up His Sleeve?: Master magician David Copperfield is flying high–in more ways than one.” click: HERE.(11/24)

Penn & Teller who are appearing at the Curran Theatre in San Francisco through Dec. 3 are featured in a San Francisco Chronicle article. This is their “Silver-Tour” celebrating 25 years of performing together. They are described as “After a quarter-century, florid blabbermouth Penn and neat-as-an-embroidery- pin Teller mesh like an old married couple. …They go about their business efficiently, cooperating when they need to, ignoring each other much of the time.” To read the Nov. 23 article by Steven Winn titled “Old Pros Show How It’s Done Penn & Teller’s magic is in showmanship” click: HERE.(11/24)

Franz Harary will star in “The Magic of Christmas” on Dec. 12 on PAX-TV the show will also feature performances by other magicians. The show is expected to rerun a week later.(11/24)

Steve Harmer is featured in the Calgary Herald in recognition of his magic shows which are geared to deliver a message to youngsters. He explains “Magic captivates the imagination . . . There is a mystery that intrigues (children). Because they are intrigued, they are more likely to remember the message.” To read the Nov. 23 article by Colette Derworiz titled “Abracadabra — bully’s gone” click: HERE.(11/24)

“Magic On Ice” starring Steve Wheeler is mentioned in The New Straits Times. It is described as “Illusion at its best on ice, beauty and precision of champion ice skaters, astounding special effects – these are the exciting acts which await you at Genting Highland’s, the biggest entertainment extravaganza in Asia…” To read the Nov. 23 article titled “Illusion on ice by top class artistes” and supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(11/24)
VOLUME: 35 / ISSUE: 1,062 / Saturday – November 25, 2000
An exclusive David Blaine “Frozen In Time” timeline. On Nov. 29 David Blaine’s “Frozen In Time” TV special will culminate with a live segment from New York City where Blaine will be removed from a huge block of ice where he has been encased for three days. As in the past we will try to keep you abreast of all the pertinent details and exclusive information as it becomes available. We have created a living document which will be updated at least once a day — most likely several times a day leading to the event. …Go to full story.(11/25)

David Blaine is featured in the Nov. 25-Dec. 1 issue of TV Guide with a two page story by Ian Parker. The story titled “License To Chill” covers Blaine’s career and the new genre of magic he has created which the author termed “Unreality TV.”(11/25)

David Blaine is quoted in a People story, “This is not a trick or illusion, but a skill of endurance. It’s going to be tough — no doubt about it.” To read the Nov. 21 story by Stephen M. Silverman titled “Magician’s Chilling Stunt” click: HERE.(11/25)

The “Channing Pollock in Conversation with John Fisher – Your chance to meet a true living legend of magic” which was hosted by the Magic Circle and took place last Sunday is described in this week’s edition of MagicWeek. To read the Nov. 25 article by Duncan Trillo click: HERE.(11/25)

NEW YORK: Docc Hilford will lecture on Thursday Nov. 30 at 7:30pm at the “Party Jungle” room in Commack, NY (Long Island). For directions and more information phone Terry Parrett at: 631-724-2433 or e-mail:
VOLUME: 35 / ISSUE: 1,063 / Sunday – November 26, 2000
Brett Daniels who has appeared at the $12 million Millennium Theatre at the Gold Strike Casino in Tennessee for the past three years will be closing next month when his contract runs out on Dec, 31. According to an article in The Commercial Appeal, Daniels’ “…show stands among some of the greats, boasting a cost of more than $2 million and more tricks than almost any other out there. His keys to success are simple, sort of. Be original, be good and, if at all possible, be rich.” Explaining how he put together the show he said,  “I invested everything I made or won for years into my show and just kept building it.” The story concludes, “His next production after he leaves the Memphis market will be larger and more elaborate than all his past, he says. To read the Nov. 25 article by Donnie Snow titled “Disappearing Act: Magician Brett Daniels ends his three-year run at Tunica’s Gold Strike Casino next month” click: HERE.(11/26)

It seems that iCast which hosts David Blaine’s website and will conduct the live feed from the event in NYC will go out of business right after the Blaine stunt is concluded. A DM News story sites the CEO of CMGI (iCast’s parent company) saying that, “It is not optimal for CMGI to continue funding extended time lines to reach market leadership and profitability.” A message told users: “Following the Webcast, iCast will no longer be a functioning Web site.” To read the Nov. 17 article by Shaun McCormack titled “CMGI Cans iCast” click: HERE.(11/26)

Franz Harary designed the illusions for “Cinderella” which launches a live tour beginning this week in Florida. Expect to see “…illusions that will transform Cinderella into a princess, mice into horses and a pumpkin into a golden carriage.” The year long tour will end at Madison Square Garden in New York City. To read the Nov. 24 News Coast article by Jay Handelman titled “New-look ‘Cinderella’ comes to Tampa” click: HERE.(11/26)

David Blaine who “loves to risk death” is featured in a lengthy Washington Post article where he is described as, “Listening to Blaine describe his plans, he seems too focused — and far too serious — to be foolhardy. Still, he refused to add a layer of fat beforehand…” Blaine also explained what he would like to do next, “…a bridge drop, and he plans to walk from China to New York City, which he figures should take three years.” To read the Nov. 26 article by Hariet Winslow titled “Magic or Madness? Exploring the Mind of the Death-Defying David Blaine” click: HERE.(11/26)

Entertainment Tonight set-up a David Blaine page on Nov. 20 which features video clips from the upcoming TV special. To view the clips and read about Blaine click: HERE.(11/26)

Patrick Slaughter, Docc Hilford, Todd Robbins, Jamy Ian Swiss, Carl Mercurio, Simon Lovell and Michael Chaut appear at Monday Night Magic on Nov. 27 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(11/26)

David Blaine’s TV special and stunt is reported as highlights in the November sweeps period in a Detroit News article. To read the Nov. 24 article by Dave Mason titled “‘Titanic’ and ‘Frozen in Time’ are cool treats for ‘sweeps'” click: HERE.(11/26)
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